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Any good song you know?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jango_55, Nov 8, 2019.

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  1. 1. Post Malone -Hollywood’s Bleeding Album
    2. Arizona Zervas- Roxanne, Zone
    3. Khalid- Talk
    4. Travis Scott- Highest In The Room
    5. Lil Skies- Magic
    6. Chris Brown- No Guidance
    7. Drake- Money In the Grave, Gods Plan, In My Feelings
    8. Half an Orange- Sunscreen
    9. Macklemore- Marmalade
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  2. I'm currently in love with Lofi/Chillpop, so most of my recommendations are a little more mellow <3
    • Galdive - Dear Matias
    Anything by Galdive, really. Potsu is also a really good artist, along with Kupla. Kupla - Tiger is nice.
    • Jinsang - Summer's Day [Version 2] is based off of the theme song for "Spirited Away", which puts it high up on my personal list.
    • Epik High - Lullaby fro a cat, one of my top picks as well, based on it's mellow beat and nice vocals.
    • Lastly, Letskey - memories. I'ts a really chill song with a nice piano/synth beat.
    • RUDE - Angel's Youth.
    • jpn - bloom.
    One of my all-time favorites, though, has to be nohidea x killedmyself - and then, it swallowed me. That song has really thoughtful lyrics, and it's always been nice to listen to on a rainy evening :)
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  3. I personally would recommend The Beatles, they are my favorite band; here are some songs by them that I would suggest you listen to (seperated by album). I would also recommend that you listen to several of their songs, as early Beatles (Please Please Me - Rubber Soul), middle Beatles (Rubber Soul - Magical Mystery Tour), and Late Beatles (White Album - Let it Be), are almost three completely different bands. Songs with double asterisk (**) are some of their highlights

    Album: Song
    Please Please Me: Love Me Do
    With the Beatles: All My Loving**
    A Hard Day's Night: If I Fell
    Beatles For Sale: Eight Days a Week**
    Help!: Yesterday**
    Rubber Soul: In My Life**
    Revolver: Eleanor Rigby**
    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: A Day in the Life**
    Magical Mystery Tour: Strawberry Fields Forever**
    The Beatles (aka The White Album): While My Guitar Gently Weeps**
    Yellow Submarine: Hey Bulldog
    Abbey Road: Abbey Road Medley (Composed of the songs You Never Give Me Your Money, Sun King, Mean Mr. Mustard, Polythene Pam, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window, Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End, and Her Majesty, all in that order, with gapless playback)**
    Let it Be: Let it Be (Title Track, the songs "Let it Be" has two versions, the one on Past Masters, and the Album Version, I personally like the one on Past Masters)**
    Songs not released in an album: Hey Jude, and Lady Madonna are some fantastic songs

    I know that The Beatles are an old band (1962-1969), and that not many people today listen to their music; however, being old doesn't mean that your music is bad. The Beatles are a timeless band, and I am sure that you would enjoy listening to their music. "The children of the 21st century would be listening to The Beatles" - Brian Epstein
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  4. Lol every time I now hear beatles I think of Yesterday the movie lmao
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
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  5. Hey!
    I find Post Malone a very good artist who makes some really amazing songs. He is more of a pop/rap type of musician, however if you like that type of music I would definitely check him out. He has songs that I listen to when I'm happy, sad and everything in between. Overall he is a talented singer who has some awesome songs. You should check him out sometime.
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  6. I know I'm strange but I really like ABBA and I absolutely love 80s music. There are your classics like Dancing Queen but some of my favourites are The Winner Takes It All and Super Trouper. I also like With Or Without You by U2, I have some personal memories attached to that one. Another song I like by U2 is Pride. It's pretty interesting seeing how people's taste varies!
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  7. Hey!

    Very sorry to inform you but I have to recommend a couple Ariana Grande songs on this list. Walk into them with an open mind if you have never heard them before :) Going to try go for the most obscure songs that people probably have never heard before.

    The list of the bops:
    -bad to you by Ariana Grande, Normani and Nicki Minaj
    -successful by Ariana Grande
    -sweetener by Ariana Grande
    -bloodline by Ariana Grande
    -Sometimes by Ariana Grande (my favourite song of all time)
    -the water fountain by Alec Benjamin
    -boy in the bubble by Alec Benjamin
    -jesus in LA by Alec Benjamin
    -must have been the wind by Alec Benjamin
    -swim by Alec Benjamin
    -gotta be a reason by Alec Benjamin
    -Birthday Party by AJR
    -Karma by AJR
    -Three Thirty by AJR
    -Woody Allen by AJR
    -Pitchfork Kids by AJR
    -Burn The House Down by AJR
    -Come Hang Out by AJR
    -Finale by AJR
    -Next Up Forever by AJR
    -Overture (The Click) by AJR
    -In2 by Wstrn
    -Bullseye by K-Drew
    -Chanel (Shibuya Remix) by Frank Ocean
    -Yellow Hearts by Ant Saunders
    -Helter Skelter by The Shapeshifters
    -3 Nights by Dominic Fike
    -Magic In The Hamptons by Social House
    -Let It Lie by Common (from Smallfoot)
    -No Love Allowed Rihanna

    Okay I think you have enough there.
    In conclusion, I love Ariana Grande, Alec Benjamin and AJR. Listen to them and give them a chance! <3
    Posted Nov 17, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 17, 2019
  8. 7 Rings is pretty good
    Posted Nov 17, 2019
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  9. Tchaikovsky's violin concerto in D major
    Posted Nov 18, 2019
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  10. Hey!
    Personally, I really enjoy rap, including Lil Tecca, Stormzy and more! I also enjoy Post Malone, Coldplay and Maroon 5. I really enjoy old music too, such as Queen, and Heaven 17. Good thread, interested to see others replies!!
    Posted Nov 18, 2019
  11. Waltzing Back- The Cranberries
    Look at Your Game Girl- Charles Manson
    Funeralopolis- Electric Wizard
    I’m so Glad- Entrance
    Agony- Yung Lean
    Jars- Chevelle
    Say Hello 2 Heaven- Temple of the Dog
    Metal- Gary Numan
    Now I’m Sad (Boo Hoo)- Crywank
    Scream- Black Flag
    Bus Money- The Chats
    Cowboy Dan- Modest Mouse

    I have the best music taste of maybe anyone you will ever come across. If you don’t like the music I gave, you have a BAD music taste. All of y’all sound like 12 year olds. Love, me!
    Posted Nov 18, 2019
  12. Hello!

    I listen to a lot of different music. My primary interest is in rap, but then again I like a little diversity. One genre that seems to be well suited for everyone is alternative rock or indie music. Bands anywhere from Foo Fighters to Twenty One Pilots seem to be well liked by a wide range of people. Here are some suggestions for you:

    1. Ride - Twenty One Pilots
    2. Dreaming - smallpools
    3. Death of a Bachelor - Panic! At the Disco
    4. Sky is a Neighborhood - Foo Fighters
    5. Take a Walk - Passion Pit

    Hope these are somewhat helpful for you! These are some songs I’ve enjoyed in the past and I’ve found that many others have too.
    Posted Nov 18, 2019
  13. Hey there!

    I listen to a lot of genres of music, but my go to is country and western a lot of the time. Although I like other genres, and a close second favourite would be pop punk or rap. I'll drop some suggestions below.

    1. Beer Never Broke My Heart - Luke Combs
    2. Jet Lag - Simple Plan
    3 City Of Angels - Thirty Seconds To Mars
    4. Hell Right - Blake Shelton
    5. Whatever USA - Hoodie Allen

    Hopefully these help you, if you need some more suggestions feel free to send me a message on the forums
    Posted Nov 18, 2019
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