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Any good song you know?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jango_55, Nov 8, 2019.

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  1. Any artist but Ariana Grande
    Posted Nov 8, 2019
  2. Heyo!

    The first thought that came to mind when I saw the title was "Ariana Grande", but since that doesn't seem to be your taste, I'll leave a few recommendations down below.

    As for artists, I like really anything created by Blackbear, Twenty One Pilots, NF, or a majority of rappers out there (but my taste in music is primarily rapping). If you're interested in rappers or just artists in general, those are some go-to ones I always am interested in whenever new music drops. Some of their songs like anxiety, stressed out, time, but in general it's really up to what you like and what you want to listen to. Just keep in mind some songs may not be the most appropriate, but those ones I listed should be clean. Hopefully you're able to find some good music, I don't have the best taste but that's just personally what I enjoy. Anyways, have a nice day!

    Edit: Queen is also good if you're into old music :)
    Posted Nov 8, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 8, 2019
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  3. Any post malone song from Hollywood’s Bleeding Album
    Posted Nov 8, 2019
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  4. Musicals are my suggestion. I didn't like them until recently, when I switched high schools. My new friends are Drama kids, so it kind of goes with the territory. Take a step back, get rid of your preconceptions, and listen. The music's really beautiful.

    Here are some top musicals to listed to on Spotify, in no particular order. Favorite song in brackets:
    - Miss Saigon (The Movie in my Mind = Favorite)
    - Beetlejuice (Jump in the Line = Favorite)
    - In the Heights (No Me Diga = Favorite)
    - Moulin Rouge (El Tango De Roxanne = Favorite)
    - The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Rose Tint My World = Favorite)
    - Les Miserables (Bring Him Home = Favorite)
    - Heathers (Freeze Your Brain = Favorite)
    - Be More Chill (Michael in the Bathroom = Favorite)
    - Waitress (When He Sees Me = Favorite)

    Even if you don't want to check out those musical's albums, listen to a couple of the songs. You definitely won't regret it. Those are the BEST of the BEST in each album (according to my superior opinion).

    Not into musicals? Not everyone's cup of tea. I've also got a personal taste for old music.

    Here are some random songs I like from the "Old" genre:
    - That's Life (Frank Sinatra)
    - New York, New York (Frank Sinatra)
    - Come Fly With Me (Frank Sinatra)
    - My Way (Frank Sinatra)
    - Let it Be (The Beatles)
    - Yellow Submarine (The Beatles)
    - Kickstart My Heart (Motley Crue)
    - Carry on Wayward Son (Kansas)
    - Jessie's Girl (Rick Springfield)
    - Any Way You Want It (Journey)
    - American Pie (Don McClean)
    - Fat Bottomed Girls (Queen)
    - Radio Ga Ga (Queen)
    - Don't Stop Me Now (Queen)
    - You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)

    Here are some songs from the Michael Jackson Era:
    - Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)
    - Smooth Criminal (Alien Ant Farm)
    - Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson)
    - Somebody's Watching Me (Michael Jackson)
    - Hotel California (Eagles)

    Some songs from contemporary rock, circa @mepman9 :
    - Boys Will Be Bugs (Cavetown)
    - Devil Town (Cavetown)
    - Visitation of the Ghost (The Brobecks)
    - Stella (All Time Low)
    - Out for Blood (Sum 41)
    - Mr. Big Shot (Anarbor)
    - Anything from Hollywood Undead (Bullet = Best Song)

    This should get you started. Enjoy!!!
    Posted Nov 8, 2019
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  5. I listen to a variety of artists. Some suggestions I can give is Jeremy Zucker, EDEN, flume, Post Malone, Blackbear, Stephen and Khalid. Just give them a try and see how it goes. There aren't any specific songs I recommend listening to, just search em up and they'll be there. Enjoy your music.
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  6. Haywyre
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  7. Hey! I like a variety of songs, but here are the ones on my Spotify playlist :P

    Liar - Camila Cabello
    Find U Again - Mark Ronson Ft. Camila Cabello
    10,000 Hours - Dan + Shay
    ** If Only You Knew - Ollie [EXPLICIT]
    Congratulations - Post Malone, Quavo [EXPLICIT]
    Better Now - Post Malone [EXPLICIT]
    **Rewrite the Stars - Zac Efron, Zendaya
    Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers
    ** Takeaway - The Chainsmokers Ft. Lennon Stella
    ** Lucid Dreams - Juice WRLD [EXPLICIT]
    ** You Don't Even Know Me - SLANDER, RIOT
    ** Head Above Water - Avril Lavigne
    Lie - NF
    Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes
    Lost in Japan - Shawn Mendes

    ** => my favorites out of these
    Posted Nov 9, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 17, 2019
  8. Hey!

    My favorite song would have to be Rescue me by one republic.
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
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  9. What?
    --- Post updated ---
    I like John Prine so all my preconceptions are already gone.
    --- Post updated ---

    Found this LOL
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 9, 2019
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  10. I think we need to talk about how beautiful that sentence right there was. :clap:
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  11. Hey!

    I prefer I believe I can fly by R. Kelly. It's amazing and I've listened to it so many times. It's such a good song to sing along to and I just adore it.
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  12. Hey,
    My suggestion is either Pink Floyd or Queens. Hope you like them. Cya :)
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  13. Any and every song from queen, Michael Jackson, Dave Matthews, or AC/DC. For newer songs, maroon 5 and imagine dragons
    Posted Nov 9, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 9, 2019
  14. Any song by EDEN I like, I would highly recommend that you listen to some of his songs.
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  15. Anything by Slipknot, or Korn. Linkin Park... Shinedown... Fall Out Boy... etc...
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  16. Kygo...

    Midnight Remix Coldplay
    Take On Me Remix
    Cut Your Teeth Remix
    ***ual Healing Remix
    Dirt Paws Remix
    Jakubi Can't Afford it all remix
    Stole the Show
    Passenger and Ed Sheeran No diggity remix
    I see fire Remix Ed Sheeran
    Passenger Caravan Remix
    Matt Corby Resolution Edit
    Higher Love
    Passenger Let her go remix
    M83 Wait remix
    Younger Remix
    Electric Feel Remix
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  17. I know a few nice songs that I've listened to over the past few months.
    1: Fly Away - TheFatRat
    2: I Took A Pill In Ibiza - Mike Posner
    3: JPB - All Stops Now (feat. Soundr) [NCS Release]
    Hope you like the songs :)
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  18. I kind of listen to songs in bulk in time periods where I like them - the one that I listen to quite a bit right now is 'Orphans' by Coldplay. I really like the melody of it and I think it's genuinely a really nice song and helps me focus on work!​
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
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  19. Heyo!

    I like to listen to songs by Billie Eilish because in my opinion, she's a great singer, some of her songs I like from her are "bellyache", "bad guy", and "strange addiction." Though some other singers I like are Mabel, specifically "Don't Call Me Up," I like the upbeat songs and pop genre in general, another song I would suggest is "Circles" by Post Malone because it's so GOOD! Anyway, that's just my opinion.

    Posted Nov 9, 2019
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  20. Most songs my Coldplay or Imagine Dragons are pretty good, just my opinion anyway
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
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