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Anticheat Bulletin

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by RubyRose__, Jul 27, 2021.

  1. Kinda funny
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Posted Jul 27, 2021
  2. goes to show how rampant cheating is on the network
    Posted Jul 27, 2021
  3. Everyone:
    "Mods don't do their jobs, and anticheat doesn't work"
    Mods and anticheat:
    Posted Jul 27, 2021
  4. Cheating is terrible, it ruins the fun for our fellow players who come to have fun and enjoy the games.
    I honestly feel sorry for the people who get their games ruined due to these hackers.
    Posted Jul 28, 2021
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  5. To be fair, a decent portion of those banned players are probably just repeat offenders on alt accounts >.<
    Posted Jul 28, 2021
  6. "Over the last week, random number between 1000 and 5000 accounts were detected ..."
    Posted Jul 28, 2021
  7. It counts individual accounts over the past week. We had 500 at that given time, but we have more than 500 joining a day - it's just during different times of the day.

    And as someone stated, most likely a large majority of them are the same person logging on again on an alt, sadly.
    Posted Jul 28, 2021
  8. You know it's bad when approximately 500% of players on Mineplex are cheaters

    Also one more thing

    "Your post in the thread Anticheat Bulletin was deleted"
    Posted Jul 29, 2021
  9. I feel like it counts the kicks and bans, and not just the bans. Plus a lot of people are logging in with alts and getting banned for it.
    Posted Aug 25, 2021
  10. Not logging in with alts and getting banned for "it" (playing on alts I assume). Its fine to play on multiple accounts, so long as you're not cheating on them. Likely all of those kicks and bans are either people false kicked (falling out of clans spawn) or a handful of people with access to hundreds of alts getting banned repeatedly.
    Posted Aug 26, 2021
  11. that's what I ment
    Posted Aug 26, 2021
  12. I feel that Mineplex should implement an ip-ban - BUT yet again people can use vpns
    Posted Aug 29, 2021
  13. Then implement a VPN blocker.
    Posted Aug 29, 2021
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  14. We don't have IP bans for a reason, it has been brought up a lot of times before but ultimately the idea has been rejected as that would mean potentially banning entire families and public places like schools. While it definitely has its benefits, it will not be happening. We do have Network Bans which work sort of like IP bans, although they are not automatic. Pretty much if an IP matches with a network banned account, it will be banned for Network Ban Evasion. As you can bypass regular bans by simply playing on another account and you won't get banned unless you argue against your punishment, Network Bans are a lot more stricter.

    We also have a system that helps us ban certain compromised account waves before they can do anymore damage. I can't get into this, though.

    We also have a VPN blocker already (@incerts) which you can read about in the Anti-VPN Rollout thread. It does need some work, but it blocks certain VPNs from entering the server.
    Posted Aug 29, 2021
  15. 1. The VPN blocker doesn't work very well as you can easily find servers on Nord and even free VPNs
    2. So Mineplex doesn't IP ban to protect families/schools, but has a system that would lead to families and schools getting banned? Seems convoluted.

    The solution here to have automatic IP "bans" where after 10 accounts are banned on the same IP any further accounts that log in get comp banned (or something similar). In order to appeal this custom ban, you'd have to appeal on your main IP, (this would be checked the same way they did this for clans). The key here is for the banning to be automatic. Network banning people does nothing when it takes an admin to IP check and manually ban a single alt.
    Posted Aug 29, 2021
  16. Making it harder to spot a cheater logging in for staff members as they swap to another vpn ip within a few seconds, leading to the hacker problem becoming even more of an issue. Ip banning literally doesn't help in any shape or form, not sure why people actually want it. Makes it harder for staff to spot people & makes it no more difficult for hackers. It's completely useless.
    Posted Aug 29, 2021
  17. This. I think if they know how to install hacks, find cracked accounts and utilise bots they'll easily find vpns to cover their ip and evade an ip ban. IP bans are definitely not as effective as people seem to think they are.
    Posted Aug 29, 2021
  18. 1. Most staff members can't IP check
    2. Most of the people getting hundreds of alts banned are using the most blatant hacks that staff can ban for in an instant, the only thing is that it takes time for staff to go into the lobby and ban those players.
    3. If every ten alts you had to switch vpn IPs you'd eventually run out of servers. Speaking from experience, finding a working VPN server took a few minutes to an hour, but once one was found I'd get hundreds of alts banned on it no problem.
    Posted Aug 30, 2021
  19. "some work" is an understatement.
    Posted Aug 30, 2021
  20. - Only admins can, we can still spot alts easily currently though.
    - We don't always know where those players are? People barely report them.
    - We don't have sufficient tools to spot that & yes, that's a major issue that should be fixed, not sure how ip banning helps though.

    No matter how good it is, you can bypass it. You always will be able to.

    There's 0 point in spending money improving something that makes moderation harder.
    Posted Aug 30, 2021

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