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Anti-Cheat and Hackers

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by 1wl, Jun 30, 2021.

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  1. So as many of you may know, the anti-cheat used on this server is easily bypassed with new mods and clients growing stronger every day. That being said, I pay $6.99 a month plus I paid $25 for the Eternal rank. Cake Wars and many other games on this server are very competitive where experienced and talented players are challenging themselves and their friends while being legit. There are ranked members and high-level members who toggle and have things like anti-kb, reach, auto click, and so much more that are just not caught through the anti-cheat system. This wouldn't usually be a problem if the staff were present more often and more willing to take direct reports to better the gameplay on this server for the people who pay to play on this server and support it. Now I understand that the staff is busy and many are very kind and helpful when needed, but if the anti-cheat system isn't doing its job, I feel like the staff should put more effort into saving the server since we are losing players like flies.

    I am only saying this because I have been on this server since its first days.. yes, I'm old lol. I want to see its full potential and I would like to reach mine when it comes to playing cake wars and other games like nano games and such. I wish that I could ban these people myself most days. Unfortunately, this is what differentiates mineplex from hypixel and I've always enjoyed mineplex more but its every game I play and there is someone hacking. People who are the best of the best don't play the game anymore and most of us have immortal subscriptions and permanent ranks.

    I hope that this problem will be resolved as soon as possible feel free to add to anything I missed and again, this has no ill will but something needs to be done.
    Posted Jun 30, 2021
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  2. Rather than blaming staff, blame the tools we are given. We work very hard to remove cheaters, sadly, that's not enough: no matter how hard we try. A large percentage of moderators are online multiple hours a day banning cheaters left right and center, it doesn't really do much to impact the hacking environment.

    Some points to note:
    • /report is awfully outdated & not useful for either players or staff
    • Staffrequest is inefficient and frankly, doesn't help staff as we spend more time moderating it than moderating the server sometimes.
    • We cannot magically predict where hackers are, nor can one of us be online 24/7
    • We get a lot of people being incredibly rude 24/7, which demotivates us a lot

    It's borderline impossible to catch a large number of cheaters, people report them awfully & people expect moderators to be running around for them constantly, it's an awful environment. Change is needed, but an anti-cheat upgrade probably won't help much, as alts exist, bypasses will come along too. A lot of changes are needed, not just an anticheat upgrade, that will only go so far. Player to staff engagement needs to change drastically: players treat staff awfully, it's not healthy either.

    I'll let others make their own points, but don't attack staff, we're frustrated at the cheaters too.
    Posted Jun 30, 2021
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  3. It will help though, considering how long its been.
    I think k we just need to stop blaming the staff and actually let them do their job.
    Posted Jun 30, 2021
  4. For the first few weeks sure, but after that it won't help much.

    Once client developers hear of the update, they'll swoop in.

    I think pressure should still be put on leadership (aka developers/leaders/owners) to increase moderation tools, but that shouldn't be directed at moderators.
    Posted Jun 30, 2021
  5. Fair enough
    Posted Jun 30, 2021
  6. Hey,

    I hear you, the hacking issue is incredibly frustrating. Not just for players, but for staff members who in our best efforts cannot realistically remove all the cheaters there are on the network. If you make use of StaffRequest, forum reporting, the in-game reporting system on Java, and reporting hackers to us directly, we will try our best to deal with the situation at hand. However, like Billy mentioned, some methods of reporting are less effective than others. Sadly, there aren't any alternatives at the moment other than what I've listed above. However, moving forward, we are hoping for things to get better, which I'll address below.

    The options are limited, but it's what we have to avail of for the time being. For a guarantee at getting the punishment looked into, reporting via https://www.mineplex.com/reports with evidence is your best bet - especially in the case of closet cheaters. These reports will be escalated to Quality Assurance. Before filling out a forum report, be sure to read over the reporting guide linked here. We all understand and recognise that StaffRequest and /report have their own set of flaws. Until change happens, we have to make use of StaffRequest despite it being difficult and frustrating for players and staff alike. But it does get some hackers dealt with (even if it comes at a price), which is why we have to put up with it.

    What we're hoping at the moment is the volume of hackers will be reduced when the mandatory migration into Microsoft accounts comes into play. We're also waiting on an anti-cheat update known as GWEN V2, which has already shown positive signs being tested in primary gamemodes, and in banning closet cheaters when it was trialed during an official tournament some time ago. Anti-cheat updates are rarely announced publicly and generally take place behind the scenes, so whether we'll hear back on GWEN V2 isn't known at this time.

    As for the in-game /report system, this does need to be improved. Plenty of us moderators have contributed ideas and suggestions internally for the reporting system, ones that will significantly change it for the better, but sadly there is no guarantee when these will be implemented. No one on the moderation team, nor Admins are in control of how dev time is utilised.

    That's all I have to address the points you've made. This topic has been brought up and discussed numerous times on the forums, which is why I'll be locking the thread after I conclude this post. If you feel like any of your questions or concerns have been left unanswered, then please see this thread. It includes a response from Toki that covers everything more extensively in regards to the current hacking issue.

    I'm sorry that you've had a poor experience; so many others have too. It's honestly disheartening to see these kinds of posts so regularly, because as the moderation team reading these threads and responding to them, we know there's little we can do to solve the issue/s. They're all out of our hands, and mostly in development's. For now, I encourage you to make use of the reporting methods we have as best you can until we see change. We've done a lot on our end, what with coming up with ways to improve the /report system and being as informative as we can on these discussions. Now we're just waiting for that proposed change to become reality. There are no promises, but we're trying our best. In the meantime, we greatly appreciate you and others reporting hackers to us in spite of the limited options there are available. It doesn't go unnoticed.

    Thread Locked |
    Topic has been brought up and discussed repeatedly,
    Concern addressed.
    Posted Jun 30, 2021
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