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In Discussion Anniversary Adventure Game: Anniversary Anarchy

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Jaekub, Oct 9, 2019 at 7:27 PM.

  1. For the anniversary of Mineplex, three entities are trying to take Mineplex from the owners and have it for themselves, including GOON (GWEN's evil cousin), Douglas the Dragon, and of course, the Pumpkin King. These three are teaming up together in order to take over Mineplex and it is up to you and three other players to defeat them and save Mineplex. The kits would be the same as the ones from Havoc and reviving would also be the same. When you join the lobby (would be named "AA-x"), there will be a prompt for Challenge Mode or Regular Mode, with Challenger giving 10k XP and a Diamond Sword name of Dragonslayer.

    Players will go on a journey through Mineplex, encountering the following:

    Players spawn in a garden area where you see GOON sitting on a pedestal and she monologues and sends out her garden minions in waves with Garden Zombies, Spiders, and a slime snake mini-boss (reskin of magma snake in HH). GWEN then comes down and you have to fight her yourself, with her charging at you and shooting beams at you.

    You spawn in the Castle from HH and fight Witches and Zombies for a while, and after you defeat them, Gendo comes down and you must fight him. After that, the Pumpkin King fights you.

    You spawn in an End-themed area (with some aesthetic detail) with border and no block destruction. Douglas flies around as he spawns in endermites and endermen. After defeating his minions, he spawns in a giant, which you must defeat before getting to face Douglas in battle. Killing him you grant you the win.

    With this, there would also need to be connections between these parts, and that's where I need some feedback from you guys or some ideas on how to improve what I've come up with.
    Posted Oct 9, 2019 at 7:27 PM
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