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In Discussion Anniversary Adventure Game: Anniversary Anarchy

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Jaek, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. For the anniversary of Mineplex, three entities are trying to take Mineplex from the owners and have it for themselves, including GOON (GWEN's evil cousin), Douglas the Dragon, and of course, the Pumpkin King. These three are teaming up together in order to take over Mineplex and it is up to you and three other players to defeat them and save Mineplex. The kits would be the same as the ones from Havoc and reviving would also be the same. When you join the lobby (would be named "AA-x"), there will be a prompt for Challenge Mode or Regular Mode, with Challenger giving 10k XP and a Diamond Sword name of Dragonslayer.

    Players will go on a journey through Mineplex, encountering the following:

    Players spawn in a garden area where you see GOON sitting on a pedestal and she monologues and sends out her garden minions in waves with Garden Zombies, Spiders, and a slime snake mini-boss (reskin of magma snake in HH). GWEN then comes down and you have to fight her yourself, with her charging at you and shooting beams at you.

    You spawn in the Castle from HH and fight Witches and Zombies for a while, and after you defeat them, Gendo comes down and you must fight him. After that, the Pumpkin King fights you.

    You spawn in an End-themed area (with some aesthetic detail) with border and no block destruction. Douglas flies around as he spawns in endermites and endermen. After defeating his minions, he spawns in a giant, which you must defeat before getting to face Douglas in battle. Killing him you grant you the win.

    With this, there would also need to be connections between these parts, and that's where I need some feedback from you guys or some ideas on how to improve what I've come up with.
    Posted Oct 9, 2019
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  2. I really like the idea!
    A big +1 for me!
    Posted Oct 22, 2019
  3. Heyo!

    I think this is an interesting idea! It has been suggested in the past for an anniversary game to be put in play, which I honestly wouldn't mind too much. Possibly for next year or the year after that this idea could be considered and taken into further evaluation, but for now I think we could live without it and putting forth time towards bugs and things like that. Besides this, I think the idea is great and I really like the storyline you have set up for it as well. I'll just got ahead and leave my feedback now.

    The game itself seems exactly like HH, so maybe changing it up and not having a challenge and normally mode would work better as well. For rewards, I think maybe you could also obtain a title like Area 51, and maybe one for every kit. If not, then for winning the game mode itself would be fine.

    I like the storyline you have layed out here, I think it is good foundation for the game itself but definitely would need some editing. In between these fights, I think there should be some other little puzzles and mazes that take all aspects from all of the "Mineplex Villian's games", but I don't have much else to say about the storyline by itself.

    Overall, I'm going to leave this at a +1 as I would love to see this added one day, but don't believe it is needed as of now. Great suggestion however, have a nice day!
    Posted Oct 22, 2019
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  4. Hey there! I really like this idea and think it has a lot potential to be a fun yet challenging game. There is one problem I see with the game, and that is that it closely mimics HH. You fight the same zombies, and then the same bosses and continue on. I think there's some room to change the idea up a little bit and provide some things that make it different from the other games, but I really like the theme and then concept.

    Posted Oct 22, 2019
  5. The storyline of the game is pretty good, though the first think that came to my mind, as the others have said, it seems very similar to Halloween Havoc. The kits are fine as they are, as they would probably work well. Rewards also seem very close to HH, but I think keeping the 10k exp is fine, and I quite like the sword name. As for the parts in between, I quickly thought of a simple archery type game. Players would need to hit targets from a distance, accumulating some points withing a specific time. If they cant, then it would restart. Another suggestion I thought of is adding beacon capture points, where players would have to stand on beacons points to capture (similar to cake wars). Whilst doing this, they would have to fight various mobs.

    I'd like to see this game next year, as I think it would fit in quite well. This obviously needs more building with the parts in between, but also needs some tweaking in order to make it much more different the HH. I'll give this a +0.5 as there's a lot of time to explore this further, as It would probably be for next year.

    Thanks for your idea.
    Posted Oct 22, 2019
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    wow! total+1 for me!
    Posted Oct 22, 2019
  6. More people that four, maybe six or more, I always loved the games with large amounts of players.
    Posted Oct 22, 2019
  7. Hellooo

    I really like this idea. Mineplex hasn’t ever implemented an event game for their anniversary before, so I think something like this would be a unique and fun idea.

    I really like the bosses you described. They all relate to Mineplex and provide interesting and unique challenges. Like said above, I would say that it sounds a bit too similar to HH. Part of having event games is that they’re all very unique and haven’t been done before.

    For something this big with multiple bosses, I would say kits and abilities should probably be added as well. It’ll help make the game balanced and will make the game more interesting as well.

    Overall, this is a really nice idea. I would just say there needs to be some edits/tweaks c:
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
  8. Howdy! c:

    While I think this is a good idea, I should probably play devil's advocate for the sake of argument. While a holiday game might be fun, Mineplex already has a fair amount of seasonal games for holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. Perhaps the dev teams' time and resources could be better placed into developing permanent games? Maybe on Mineplex's anniversary devs could just release a new permanant game.

    Posted Oct 23, 2019
  9. Hey!

    This looks like a really cool game! The storyline is very good, and I really think that it would be fun playing against these bosses that you've come up with. However, I think that it's too similar to the Halloween Havoc with all the mobs that you'll fight against, and having the same castle from HH wouldn't be such a good idea in my opinion. I would like to have something different this time with new maps and new types of mobs, and I think that other players would think the same. Otherwise, the game would be a little bit boring.

    Overall, I like the idea of having an Anniversary game at Mineplex, and it could be a lot of fun. As long as it wouldn't be too similar to Halloween Havoc, and I'm all up for this. +0.5
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
  10. Hey, I like the idea of having an anniversary game in Mineplex but this idea is far too similar to Halloween Horror in a number of senses.
    For starters, the rewards give almost the exact same as Halloween Horror does. 10 thousand experience and a diamond sword name for defeating the challenger mode (whereas HH has a normal and challenger mode as well).
    You also go through almost the same amount of bosses while playing. On Halloween Horror you have Gendo, Magma Slime, and the Pumpkin King (not including the Pumpkin Prince or the giant), resulting in three major bosses, same as this.

    Although this is the case, I really like the characters for bosses that you have put in. They represent Mineplex and I really feel they are appropriate for a sort of anniversary such as this. I just feel that it would get boring to have yet another Hallowen Horror game (except revamped) as an event game. It'd just get boring. I'm going to leave this at a +/- 0.
    Posted Oct 23, 2019

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