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In Discussion Animal War [No Animal Abuse]

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Entropy, Oct 11, 2018.


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  1. Entropy


    Animal War

    This is an idea for a new game that involves capturing animals through special events, such as Alien Abduction, Furious Flood, and Reckless Rampage. They also have cool names.

    This post is long, so be sure you have time to finish this.

    Please don’t skip any of this.

    I appreciate the feedback. If you don’t like this idea, please explain in the comments.

    If this gets enough attention, I will use your feedback and create a version 2 of this.

    The themes of this game are exploration, PvE, PvP, capturing, running, being smart, and working together.

    The goal of the game is to capture more animals than the opposing teams.

    At the spawn points, there are pens. Your goal is to carry the animals to the pens. (Spawn points will have their own section)

    The animals spawn randomly throughout the world.

    To carry an animal right-click. To place the animal press shift.

    You carry more than 1 animal, but the maximum number of animals is 3.

    When players die, they can respawn, and they don’t lose any of their items.

    The weather in the game can vary by events (Events will have their own section)

    The only way to reduce the other team’s animals is to steal them. Killing animals is not possible. (To prevent people from saying animal abuse. Of course, hostile mobs will try to kill them. But you are protecting the animals. So, no animal abuse here.)

    There are 5 types of animals: cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and rabbits

    Carrying an animal gives you an effect.

    Cow: Slowness and Resistance. Cows spawn frequently.

    Sheep: No buff. Sheep spawn frequently as well. The sheep’s wool can be used. (The Abandoned Buildings section will have more detail)

    Chicken: The player who carries the chicken will not receive fall damage. Chickens spawn less frequently than cows and sheep.

    Rabbit: Swiftness and Jump Boost. Rabbits spawn rarely.

    Pigs: No buff. Spawn rate is the same as cows and sheep.

    Once a team has claimed an animal, the team’s color will hover above the animal, and the sheep’s wool changes to the team color.

    There are 5 teams with 7 players each team. (You’ll find out why there are so many players.)

    Each player starts with a stone sword, full leather armor dyed with their team color, and a map. (The map will be explained in Terrain/World section) The player’s IGN are colored with their team color.

    The world is huge. It contains forests, 5 spawn points, 5 abandoned buildings, 7 mineshafts, and 3 mountains. From now on, I refer abandoned buildings, mineshafts, and mountains as structures when they are grouped together.

    The distance between each spawn point must be at least 175 blocks.

    The distance between a spawn point and a structure must be at least 200 blocks.

    So, the world must be huge. Every time a new game starts, the location must be different for each. In other words, the locations of the structures and spawn points are assigned randomly each game. This prevents old time players having an advantage over new-time players.

    It also saves time. Mineplex would only build 1 map and a system to randomly assign the structures and spawn points. Of course, the forests must generate after the structures and spawn points are assigned.

    The map will only show the team’s own spawn point. The player would have to explore and find the other structures. As you will see later, this is very important. (Described in Events section.)

    The map can be marked. (Explained in Shop section)

    Each spawn point has a pen where you can place your animals.

    The spawn point also has a shop villager and an upgrade villager. (Explained in Shop section).

    It also has a generator which generates 1 iron every 5 seconds. This can be upgraded by the upgrade villager. (See Upgrade section)

    Abandoned Buildings are large buildings that contain many rooms. Inside one of these rooms is a secret door that leads to the core of the building. From now on, I will refer abandoned buildings as buildings.

    The cores of the buildings are surrounded by skeleton mob spawners. In the middle of the core room, there is a wool sitting on a quartz block. You must destroy that wool and replace it with the wool from your team color.

    Once you “claim” the building, the skeletons will no longer attack you and will attack other players that are not on your team. Your team’s color will hover over the skeletons. You can buy blocks to cover the wool. (Explained in Shop section). All the buildings look different, but the rooms are essentially the same.

    There are living rooms inside the buildings and a fireplace (Netherrack) in the middle of every living room with a pen next to it. This plays a vital role in future (Witch Winter section explains this.)

    Mineshafts have 3 generators at 3 different levels. Each generator generates a different kind of ore.

    From top to bottom, the generators generate gold, diamond, and emerald.

    There is a core at each level. So, there are 3 cores in total each surrounded by mob spawners. The generators only work if you take each core.

    The gold level is protected by zombies. The diamond level is protected by cave spiders. The emerald level is protected by silverfishes. Once you taken control, your team has control of the zombies, cave spiders, and silverfishes inside that mineshaft. The team color will hover over them.

    The generators generate 1 ore every 7 seconds. To increase this speed, there is a hidden power room on 1 of the levels. You must buy a power source (redstone block) from the shop villager and place it on the quartz block. (See Shop section for more detail) The generators will now generate 1 ore every 3 second. You can use the ores to buy more items from the shop villager and upgrade your iron generator. (See Shop and Upgrade section for more detail)

    Mountains too have pens, which are on the summits.

    Unlike buildings and mineshafts, mountains do not have cores.

    They play a vital role in Furious Flood. (Explained in that section)

    The Shop is divided into subsections: Weapons, Tools, Blocks, Traps, and Armor

    Iron Sword: 1 diamond

    Diamond Sword: 5 diamond

    TNT (automatic): 3 diamond

    Fireball: 7 diamond

    Shield: 10 diamond

    Bow: 5 diamond

    Arrow: 1 iron

    Bow with Infinity: 15 diamond

    Shears with Unbreaking: 10 iron

    Markers: 5 iron

    To mark something like an enemy spawn point, stand within 20 blocks and right click it. The marker will mark it on the map. A marker can only be used once. To mark something else, buy another one.

    Poison gas: 3 emerald

    Use it infect an animal to a poison animal. (Explained in Alien Abduction)

    Gas Hemet: 25 emerald

    Wearing it makes you immune to poison. (Useful for Alien Abduction)

    Splash Potion of Water: 5 iron (Also useful in Alien Abduction)

    Anti-blind Helmet: 150 emerald (Explained in Murky Madness)

    I know the price is high, but it will be explained.

    Flint and Steel: 7 gold

    Use it to start a fire by right clicking it on the fireplace (Netherrack). (Important for Witch Winter)

    Stone Pickaxe: 3 gold

    Iron Pickaxe: 7 diamond

    No such thing as diamond pickaxe as you will see in Alien Abduction.

    Power Source (Redstone block): 25 emerald

    Used to “upgrade” generators in mineshafts.

    Wood plank (16): 5 iron

    Sandstone (16): 5 gold

    Cobblestone (16): 5 diamond

    Sticky Trap: 3 emerald

    Traps a player for 10 seconds

    Zombie Trap: 5 emerald

    Spawns a zombie with a leather cap

    Fire Trap: 7 emerald

    Sets the player on fire

    TNT Trap: 10 emerald

    The ground beneath the player explodes giving the player damage.

    Lightning Trap: 15 emerald

    Lightning will strike the player. Only works in Reckless Rampage and/or Murderous Metal. (Murderous Metal is an addon in Half-made ideas section)

    Full Gold Armor: 3 gold

    Full Iron Armor: 7 gold

    Full Diamond Armor: 25 gold

    Winter Coat: 10 gold (Used in Witch Winter)

    Sharpness I: 10 emerald

    All swords on your team have sharpness I

    Knockback I: 20 emerald

    All swords on your team have knockback I

    Generator I: 15 emerald

    The generator now generates 1 iron every 3 seconds.

    Generator II: 30 emerald

    The generator now generates 1 gold every 3 seconds.

    Generator III: 50 emerald

    The generator now generators 1 diamond every 3 seconds.

    Generator IV: 100 emerald

    The generator now generators 1 iron every 1 second, 1 gold every 1 second, and 1 emerald every 3 seconds.

    Finally, the fun part of the game! There are many events in this game: Alien Abduction, Reckless Rampage, Murky Madness, Furious Flood, Witch Winter.

    This event will start when the words Alien Abduction appear in the chat message.

    Every player teleport back to their spawn points.

    All entrances to structures are now blocked with obsidian.

    Don’t try to use your iron pickaxe.

    Aliens in their spaceships will abduct your animals and you. That’s right, you!

    Aliens will suck your animals by using their beams. Once an animal is under their beam, the animal gets sucked. To prevent this, attack the spaceships with arrows and fireballs. They are too high up to use swords.

    The alien will poison the animal and drop it somewhere. The block underneath the poisoned animal is infected and the poison will spread to other blocks. To stop this, you must kill the poisoned animal and throw a splash potion of water on the block the animals was standing (the first infected block). The poison will slowly disappear after that.

    If you are under their beam, you will be sucked. For you, you will die and respawn as normal, but the aliens have your DNA. They will create an exact zombie copy of you and release him. If you have an iron sword and full gold armor, the zombie will also have an iron sword and full gold armor. These zombies are trained to destroy humans (you and other players) and animals.

    Hiding under tree leaves won’t work. The alien spacecraft will still suck you or your animals up.

    The poison can be useful against other players. You can buy a gas helmet, which makes you immune to the poison, and carry it to the other team’s spawn points. The poisoned animal would kill the other team’s sheep and the other team members assuming they don’t have gas helmets yet. You can buy a poison gas and purposely infect a wild animal and do the same thing.

    This event lasts for about 7 minutes. After that, the aliens are gone and the obsidian barriers are removed.

    You will see how reckless this is…

    Reckless Rampage starts when the words “Reckless Rampage” appear.

    The sky will darken immediately, and the weather will change thunder.

    Meteorites will fall from the sky and crash into the world.

    Once the meteorites strike the ground, a crater is formed. In the middle of the crater is a mob spawner. The mob spawner contains Nether mobs, such as Ghasts, Zombie Pigmen, and Magma Cubes.

    The mobs in the buildings and mineshafts will now turn hostile to any player regardless of team.

    This event lasts for 7 minutes.

    After the event is over, mob spawners in the buildings and mineshafts go back to normal.

    The Nether mob spawners will disappear, but the craters are still there.

    The event starts when “Murky Madness” appears on the screen

    Every player teleport back to their spawn points.

    Then, everyone gets blindness permanently until the event is over.

    Hidden chests will now spawn containing Anti-blind Helmet.

    Wearing one makes the blindness disappear.

    This is a perfect opportunity to kill the other team’s sheep.

    Another way is to buy it for 100 emeralds.

    But that’s not all! Slimes will also spawn all over the world.

    This event lasts for 15 minutes.

    Once it is over, the slimes will despawn and the blindness effect will be gone.

    Once the words “Furious Flood” appear, you have 5 minutes to carry your animal to the nearest mountain and barricade the entrance with any type of block. If you don’t barricade the entrance, the water will slowly flow into the mountain with something.

    Slowly, the land will flood around you, and your only hope is to make to the top of the mountain. Everything else will be flooded.

    Teams will have to fight for the mountains. (There are 5 teams and 3 mountains).

    If you think that’s bad, there’s more. Guardians will spawn in the waters and will try to kill you and your animals.

    If you die, you will respawn on the mountain you were standing on.

    After the words “Survive” appear, you have 7 minutes to try to survive this event from Guardians and other teams.

    Once “Witch Winter” appears, you’ll have 5 minutes to carry your animals to the abandoned buildings, but first you must have flint and steel and a winter coat.

    It will slowly start to snow, and you will need to light the fireplace to keep your animals warm. With the winter coat, you can go outside, but your animals must be near the fire.

    Witches will start spawning when “Mhahaha…” appears. The mob spawners near the core will turn in witch monster spawners. So, you’ll have to fight witches from the inside and possibly from the outside.

    This event lasts for 10 minutes.

    Once it is over, the witches will despawn and the snow will disappear.

    (This is magical snow, so the animals will need fire even though they have fur.)

    These are ideas I am thinking into adding to this game idea.

    What do you think? Most of them are events, but some of them are not.

    Wither skeletons and a wither spawn. You and your team must defend your animals from them.

    Animals will spawn much more frequently. They are everywhere. It may even rain animals. But killer bunnies also spawn. So be careful!

    When carrying an animal, a firework will shoot from the animal with your team color.

    This makes other teams easy to find your spawn point, so be quick and make sure no one else is nearby.

    Creepers disguise as animals. If you bring the disguised creeper to your pen, it will explode damaging your animal. You check buy a Creeper Checker from the shop to find which ones are creeper, but it is not 100% accurate.

    Players cannot respawn when killed and will respawn after the event is over.

    AFK players will be kicked from the game.

    When a player leaves a game in progress, a player from another hub will be randomly selected to join the continuing game. The system only selects hubs with fewer than 30 players to prevent games from never starting.

    Spiders will spawn throughout the world and will trap you and your animals in cobwebs.

    Once you and your animals are stuck, they will attack you.

    Endermen will teleport to within 20 blocks of your spawn point.

    Walk toward your animals and pick them up.

    Then, walk back and teleport away with it.

    You and your team must defend your animals from these Endermen.

    If they cross the 20-block radius, your animal being carried by the Endermen will be gone.

    If you are carrying any metal (diamond, gold, iron), lightning will strike you more often.

    A new section called Food will appear in the shop.

    You must feed animals first before carrying them.

    If not, they will attack you.

    That’s it! Thank you for reading.

    Vote if you like this idea and comment which half-made ideas you like the best (can be more them 1).

    If you don’t like it, vote and comment why you don’t like this. So, I can improve.

    Thank you!
    Posted Oct 11, 2018
  2. xSusieLove


    First of all, how long would an average game on this last? Mineplex is mostly mini-games (so it might not fit in well) and this game seems like it would take a while. The player count required does also seem a bit high, it could potentially be hard for games to start.

    About the some of the half finished stuff:
    - some events (reckless rampage for example) sound like they could get very laggy
    - afk kicking is already a thing
    - 'taking players from hubs' do you mean other game servers of this game that aren't starting or normal lobbies?

    Anyway, pretty cool idea! it's certainly unique and interesting so good job
    Posted Oct 11, 2018
  3. Entropy


    I'm still thinking about the length of the game.
    The game could have different modes. Mode 1 only has 1 random event, Mode 2 has 2 random events, etc.
    When I mean by taking players by hub, I mean other game servers of the game that have player count less than 30.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 11, 2018

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