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Discussion in 'Arcade Games' started by Drago768, Dec 22, 2018.

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  1. MY BUILD WAS INAPPROPRIATE?!?!?!?!? the theme was mistletoe. so, I build a mistletoe but i get this message: your build was inappropriate. you will not get voted on! EXCUSE ME?! MY BUILD WAS INAPPROPRIATE?!?!? AT LEAST I DIDN'T BUILD A SYMBOL TO A GUY WHO HATED JEWS! MY BUILD WAS TOWARDS THE THEME MISTLETOE! Sorry for the caps I am just confused on what build is APPROPRIATE AND NOT APPROPRIATE!
    Posted Dec 22, 2018
  2. Hey Drago!
    Firstly I'm sorry that you had this inconvenience when trying to play Master Builders and I do understand your frustration.

    This message is usually given to a player when they either build nothing or fill their plot with water or lava. It doesn't actually have anything to do with the content as such. If you build normally without doing any of what I included above then this would be a bug. The best thing you could do in that case is go over to mineplex.com/bugs and submit a report. Make sure you provide a screenshot as evidence and a member of Quality Assurance will look into the issue and forward it if necessary. If you would like to contact a member of QA you can find a list of them here.

    If you do see any inappropriate builds I would ask that you report them at mineplex.com/reports after going through the Report Guide first. For this you will have to provide an un-cropped screenshot which shows both the inappropriate build and the name of the player that build it.

    I'll be locking this thread as the concern has been addressed, if you have any further questions feel free to message me!

    Thread Locked - Concern Addressed
    Posted Dec 22, 2018
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