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Not Planned among us event suggestion

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Uchica Itachi, Apr 20, 2021.

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  1. hellooo there.

    i have an among us event suggestion :)
    so among us is evidently a prominent game in universal gaming and why not have an among us event?
    heres what i am proposing:

    members of the staff and event teams will organize sub-lobbies, within these sub-lobbies, each individual who is a staff member or an events person will invite nine others to a game they have created. we can go in discord calls within the mineplex discord server (each separate, separated by sub-lobbies) and the events person or staff team will be in-charge of their accorded-for group. if there are not enough voice channels within the mineplex discord server, the events person or staff member could personally friend request each member and invite them to a 10-member private message discord group chat and from there the game can be played until a set destination time or however the events person or staff person wants to go.

    honestly this just popped up in my head and i know the description is rather vague however i feel as if the fundamental idea is there.
    feel free to add suggestions, bring up your concerns and/or statements.
    in my opinion this is a profoundly easy way to bring the community closer together and to ultimately have fun, no sweating :)

    thank you,
    ~ monke/pitato/tom

    Posted Apr 20, 2021
  2. I have a great idea!

    How about not
    If we want to make mineplex better, copying one of the most popular games is not really going to help. Honestly, I think original games are more fun and more creative. This stuff has already been done, so saying ``We just ripped off a popular game !!!!11!1!``isn't really going to help.
    Maybe I'm just grumpy and thats why I'm saying this, so don't get offended.
    Posted Apr 20, 2021
  3. all good but i meant actually playing among us...the game
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 20, 2021
  4. O

    Somehow I read through your entire description without picking up on that
    Posted Apr 20, 2021,
    Last edited by a Moderator Apr 21, 2021
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  5. I don't think it's worth the time of the Event Squad to plan and impliment such a large tournament type scenario all while playing on a game that is not even Minecraft. The point of ES and CoM is to increase community engagement within the Mineplex community, that also hopefully attract new players and increase player retention. It doesn't make sense to accomplish this while playing a completely different game.

    Two other issues with this, Among Us is nowhere near as popular as it was in the middle of 2020, it's taken quite the dip, and not as many people are interested in this game. Additionally, I would be worried about a lack of moderation on Discord, such as people yelling in calls, or being inappropriate in group chats where permissions are reduced.

    Overall, this sounds like an idea for an Among Us server, or just a group of friends to play the game on their own.
    Posted Apr 21, 2021
  6. Yes, I totally understand this. However, the predominant concept revolving around this potential event is to play a different game other than Mineplex for once. This makes it authentic, and as most events are, it's optional to attend. I feel as if new players who are on the forums can easily attend this event and within the voice chats, get to know segments of the community drastically better.

    It is certainly true Among Us isn't as prominent as recent months, however, I'd believe people would still be interested in playing the game especially with fellow Mineplex players. The lack of moderation on Discord is a potential issue, however the host of the game (events person or staff member) could ban the individual(s) who are causing issues in the game and remove them from the particular call.

    I know there's some flaws to this idea, however it could be really fun.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 21, 2021
  7. I will be marking this thread as Not Planned and locking it.

    An Among Us event that wouldn't take place on Mineplex but rather in the actual game will not happen, unless a map in the game was built specifically for the Event server and everyone could play it there. However that would be a ton of development too so this idea is not planned as of now according to Event Squad themselves.

    Thread Locked ➵ Not Planned
    Posted Apr 30, 2021
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