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Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by LegoNick1208, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. So i made a post a few days ago, i will admit i was a bit rude and all, but everything said there was true and fact. The thread got locked 5 min after posting it, 30 min later a mod replied.
    Heres that post.
    I would go read that before going on, as right now i will reply to what the mod said, then re-state what was said in the OG post, as to make the info easier to get.
    Mods please dont lock this thread 5 min in, i want to see what the community thinks of this and you yourselves want discussions in the forums, well this could be one.

    Alright let me reply to what the mod said:
    "I'm going to be very blunt with you in this post. I don't like to sugarcoat things. Feel free for anyone to correct me if I'm wrong on anything here."
    Yet you locked the thread, therefor we cant correct you.
    "New Devs are in the process of being hired currently. I would love to imagine that when these new Devs arrive one may be assigned to do a /report update, or choose to do it if they're allowed to. Typically our Devs are given tasks by someone higher than them (typically leadership) and may not have time or be allowed to work on other things."
    Ok, so why are the leadership not doing /report, i thought they did nothing and if thats the case devs also dont do nothing, as they have no work. If leadership DOES tell devs what to do, whats more important in bedrock other than the hacking issue?
    "While the /report update may not be being worked on currently (as no one would know this besides Devs [maybe sometimes QA depending how far x project is, but considering they're all under NDA and this stuff usually isn't allowed to be said until it's released, the chances of us knowing are slim to none]), it is at the very least on a planned update/wanted feature list somewhere for the devs. For this idea specifically, as you stated yourself/saw, Gyro does want to work on it, so there's some hope there at the very least. The only problem is, other projects can come up that he must work on as per leadership or whoever else can give him projects."
    Same as above, but why has it not been worked on for over a year and a half? Its clearly needed, and cant be hard as its already on java. 1-2 weeks at MOST for one dev to do id assume.
    "And, no, we [Builders, Trainees, Mods, Sr.Mods, even Admins most of the time] cannot tell Devs what to work on next. Admins may forward things to Devs and ask for them to be planned for the future/be put on a request list at the very least. There is also a Sr.Mod team called Community Management (which also has assistance from a Community+ team called Community Council) which focuses on getting feedback and ideas for the Java and Bedrock platforms, which is why most of these ideas you see here on the forums are marked as "processed" or "denied". Unfortunately, CoM (Community Management) can process all these ideas, but that never means they'll be done in the near future/immediately (as it stands currently, some ideas may not even happen at all until more Devs come in/we have more Dev time). All it means currently is that these ideas that are processed by CoM or CCO are all things the community wants, but if a Dev was given another task by leadership or doesn't want to work on an idea on our idea boards and do something themselves, then we cannot control that. Yes, I understand CoM should be having more of a say in what the next update should be vs leadership picking and choosing. GI (Game Insights) should also be having a say in what games are getting updated next, and straight from the docs they create. In reality, this just isn't the case and we do not have the power to decide what is updated or worked on next."
    Same as above.
    "Unfortunately, I will be saying this; you have to keep waiting and hope that a Dev is either working on it or will work on it in the future. We cannot choose for them, possibly only suggest things, but they won't have to do it unless leadership absolutely tells them they have to. That's just the reality right now."
    All we are ever told is to wait, well we have waited a year and a half, how much longer are we suposed to wait for a simple command to fix mineplex's biggest issue?
    "I very much understand you're mad, and I very much understand you're feeling like no one is listening to the community. A lot of people feel this way. Even staff that have been wanting x updates aren't happy. We just need more Devs and more dev time to get us going again. Maybe after Alex is done with that hiring process we'll see a great incline in things getting done around here. I should have very much addressed your thread by this point (and yes, the /report idea for Bedrock is still planned) and because of that, it will be locked. Please message me with questions or concerns."
    Same as above.

    Alright that was what the reply was, now onto re-stating what was said in the main post.

    Lets go back to November 25, 2019.
    This post was made:

    This states a lot of things that have not came, some that have, but within it says this:
    New Command

    When players report a player then will do /report {username} and a GUI will pop up with 3 options. Hacking, Chat Related, Gameplay once the player chooses one of the 3 it will be sent off to Online Staff members. When a Staff member open's the report if it's a hacking one they will get what server they are currently on so they can watch them. If chat it will send chat logs with the report and if its gameplay it will send the server name as well. Players can only make up to 5 reports a day and Knight+ can make reports. After 2 hours a report will be deleted. When a Staff Member wants to claim a report they can do /reportclaim and it will give them a random report. If someone is abusing the report system the staff member can request to have them banned from making reports.

    So this was planned as far back as November 25, 2019.

    Then, on Feb 22, 2020,
    This post was also made, and was marked as Processed.

    So this has been processed for MONTHS before covid hit the world, before the lockdown, before everything.
    I know we only have one dev, but still, this is IMPORTANT, wanted by the COMMUNITY, and NEEDED because of the MAJOR hacking issue. I know mods cant tell devs what to do and whatnot, but you have to have contact with admins, some even have forums accounts. I know they have seen these posts. Even if they have not, you can msg them! You are mods! If you dont have contact with leadership, thats dumb.

    I have said my piece, take a look at the threads, tell me what you think. Mods, tell the admins, get things moving. What is the once dev working on thats more important than /report? Skyblock? Bug fixes? Map updates? The non-existent anti-cheat?
    Posted Jun 14, 2021
  2. i get your points, but all im gonna say is maybe its time to move on. time to move on from mineplex. they are never gonna fix these issues, they are just saying theres gonna be new updates just to give us hope. Been suggesting so many ideas over the past year, yet only a few made it. ive given up wasting my time on this deceptive server, ive moved on and found another server. Maybe you should too...
    Posted Jun 15, 2021
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  3. Yea, i have. i made my own SMP, got some friends to play. I have given up on mineplex, i just stay on the forums cause i get bored. I had hoped the server would get things moving, but after this - well screw it even if i get banned for saying this - After seeing that mods/staff have lied to the community about the most needed feature, im done. Its been so long, these threads are proof. If they had said it wont happen, or is not in development, i still would have argued and tried to get it going, but at least when i found all this i would not feel that they lied to us.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 15, 2021,
    Last edited Jun 15, 2021
  4. Occasionally ill take a little break from mineplex, but I still play it usually. Its just more fun playing with my friends, so I usually do that.
    Posted Jun 15, 2021
  5. Fix extreme lag>Add report system>Fix anticheat>other
    Posted Jun 15, 2021
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  6. g
    great way to sum it up, cant be bothered to read the original
    Posted Jun 24, 2021
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