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Implemented alert when your thread gets deleted

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by ScarletBlood37, Jul 25, 2020.

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  1. I've seen many threads that have been archived, and unlike warning points, you don't get a notification. No private message, not even an alert, nothing. As you may know, there's Thread Lock/Archive Reasons which I'll show below. These obviously do not break any forum rules that will give a warning unless they have a combination of both. But you don't get any sort of reason as to why exactly your thread was archived... no explanation, nor do you know who archived it, so you can't even message them. Forum Ninjas get many private messages a day, they're busy people and do a ton of work behind the scenes so sometimes.. your PM gets ignored. You don't know what FM to message.

    Since these people don't know what happened to their thread... some people just decide to repost it, thinking it's an issue or bug with the forums, OR there's those people that get mad and call mineplex corrupt, or bash the forums team. Some probably don't care too much about it... and then they get warned for Reverse Staff Action. This rule states that if "any content you post on the website is removed by a Mineplex staff member, and/or “locked” (as applicable to a thread) in a definitive way with the outlined intention to specifically end the discussion" you cannot repost the content.
    Definitive way?
    Outlined intention?

    I don't understand. Not knowing what happened to your thread and finding it to just be "gone" is not an outlined intention.

    I'm proposing a new guideline that all FMs/FNs have to alert someone when they delete a thread of theirs, either through a private message they write themselves or through something Wanderer codes to send an automated message. Since the warned person knows who gave them a warning, they can message the person who gave them the warning in case they would like to dispute it or just ask questions. The system already sends something for warnings, I don't see why not for archived posts that don't warrant warning points? It would at least allow the person to know their thread has been deleted and they are not allowed to repost it without approval, and can prevent Reverse Staff Action warnings in the future.

    It'll take some time and it's definitely not a top priority but I just think it would be a good addition for the forums, whether it be forum staff sending messages by themselves, or having a system similar to the warning points. It wouldn't be fun for the forum staff to have to send out PMs by themselves so I would much rather have a system that sends a PM automatically, but that's obviously not for me to decide. I've drafted a message that I'll add in a spoiler below.

    EDIT: got notice that the forum staff can choose to alert a person about a deleted post. This addresses some issues, but not all. It alerts someone that their post has been deleted, but not by who and they still do not know who to contact. I think it should be mandatory for FMs/FNs to alert someone, instead of having to check the box, it can automatically send a PM like the drafted message below. Or, they should at least provide a very clear explanation as to why their thread was deleted in the alert. Thank you @Klobby <3

    The OP has deleted the original post.
    The OP or staff member has requested a thread lock.
    The thread has been necro-posted on.
    The question/concern has been addressed.
    The OP breaks major forums rules; archive if OP is banned from that thread or if the thread is not fit for public viewing.
    The thread has turned into a flamewar.
    The thread contains hate on staff/community member/Mineplex written in a way that is not constructive or in a positive manner.
    Threads that are about "I quit" or "I'm leaving".
    Threads that are directly attacking or criticising staff including but not limited to calling staff corrupt.
    Threads which are not titled appropriately (click-bait).
    Threads which are in violation of the forums guidelines.
    Threads containing topics that have been brought up and discussed repeatedly.
    Any other threads that the forums staff deemed unnecessary or unfit for public viewing.
    Threads that do not encourage (constructive, healthy) discussion within the community (as determined by the Forum Moderation team).

    If any content you post on the website is removed by a Mineplex staff member, and/or “locked” (as applicable to a thread) in a definitive way with the outlined intention to specifically end the discussion, you may not recreate and repost the content without explicit approval from the Forum Staff, even if the content is altered.

    In the case of suggestions or ideas, if your thread is not locked with the definitive reasoning to end the discussion, you may change or rewrite your idea in a new way adding new aspects and repost it.

    Conversation Name: Deleted Post Notice
    Hello (username),
    Your post has been deleted based on the content that you have posted in (link to thread/post)
    Please read through the Thread Lock/Archive Reasons, which you can find at www.mineplex.com/rules
    (name of the forum staff who sent the message)
    Posted Jul 25, 2020,
    Last edited Jul 26, 2020
  2. Hey!

    I agree with this idea. As you have already said, if a new user of the forums saw their post had "disappeared", they would want to know what happened to it. If they didn't, they could repost their thread, potentially leading themselves to a punishment. +1
    Posted Jul 26, 2020
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  3. When I was on the forums team back in 2018, we were required to send the User a message detailing why it was removed and which rule they broke in order to have it removed/archived. Not sure when or why that was removed, but it certainly should be added back.

    I remember about a month ago (Unironically, you were the one I messaged to deal with it) I had one of my comments/threads removed and wasn't told why, when or what had happened to it, it was just no longer there. I actually had to PM you to find out exactly why it was removed, and even then it was still confusing. - Also note that not everyone knows how to do this, nor would they think to. It was just because I knew what the process was that I actually DM'd you.

    If they don't plan on adding that back, I don't think they should be warning people who simply just post it again if it's obvious they don't know what happened to it, because otherwise, you're simply being way too harsh on people that have no clue what's happening.
    Posted Jul 26, 2020
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  4. We will be putting in a system that auto checks the box to alert the person that their post/thread was deleted. It more than likely will copy the reason the FM/FN entered as the full delete reason (I'll make sure to add this part to the card). Easier on everyone.
    FM Mentoring also mentioned that it is somewhat a requirement, but it just wasn't written anywhere, so they will be fixing that.

    Since we aren't looking for any more feedback on this I'll be locking the thread. Message me with questions or concerns.
    Posted Jul 26, 2020
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  5. Update:
    You should always get notified that your thread has been deleted now. If your thread gets deleted and you were not notified at all, please let an FM Mentor.

    Idea will be marked as implemented.
    Posted Aug 2, 2020 at 6:15 PM
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