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AK-47 Nerf

Discussion in 'Mine-Strike' started by nico, Jul 15, 2020.


Do you agree that the AK-47 needs a damage nerf?

  1. Yes

    5 vote(s)
  2. No

    11 vote(s)
  1. The Problem:
    In the current state of this game, the AK is one of the most predominant weapons used by both skilled and newer players alike. It has the mass appeal of dealing huge amounts of damage with a very fast rate of fire. In my opinion, it is the best weapon in the game as it covers all ranges and takes little to no skill to use at all. In my experience, I have seen many players of a very low skill-cap (0-50 MS wins, Mineplex level 0-20) have large success with this weapon by simply holding right click until their opponent dies. They out-frag more experienced players and even kill them if the experienced player has the slightest disadvantage. To add on to this, I see that many people who frequent the game tend to rely on the AK. They tend to always queue for the Bomber team and play passive until they can afford an AK, which then they spray their way through the game. Another thing about the AK-47 is that it makes the game incredibly stressful and irritating for other players as if an entire team is using the AK, whenever they turn a corner or try to engage in close combat, they get sprayed down by several people without being able to a thing about it.

    The Solution:
    I believe that the AK needs a base damage nerf and a damage drop-off nerf so that people stop leaning on it to do well and so that newer players find the weapon less appealing so they can start trying out other weapons like snipers, shotguns, and the scope-rifles.
    Posted Jul 15, 2020
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  2. no
    Posted Jul 16, 2020
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  3. The AK is balanced as is in its current state, if you are peeking a corner expect to have a person with an AK there. People complain about things that they themselves can fix if they just play differently and that grinds my gears. Reg and random inaccuracy can't be controlled by a player, but how and when you peek something and how you strafe to avoid getting hit is your problem. Don't say a weapon is broken just because you don't know how to deal with it. Professor Reg has spoken.
    Posted Jul 17, 2020
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  4. Give a single example where someone with 0-50 wins and level 0-20 has ever outfragged an experienced player in the middle of a game lol. People with experience know how to counter inexperienced people with AKs, it's really not that hard to do xd

    And to talk about the AK like it's this all powerful gun is incorrect. The damage of the gun doesn't need to be reduced. The reason why it's so powerful is because you can instantly switch to it in your hotbar from your pistol or knife. There are already changes being proposed that would stop you from being able to instantly switch to any one gun and this would effectively stop 1-2 spamming and people will need to think more about what guns they want to have out at a single moment.

    Have a nice day :) B) <o/
    Posted Jul 24, 2020

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