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In Discussion Adding /stats command

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by CombustedLog519, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. Adding this command will allow people to view their profile, and see how much hours they have played on mineplex. On bedrock this would be helpful because when applying for staff you need to show how much hours you have played mineplex.
    Posted Dec 28, 2019
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  2. Stats are already planned for the future. I'm not sure about that in the trainee application, perhaps you should contact a recruiter and ask them.
    Posted Dec 28, 2019
  3. Hey!
    I think this is a great idea, but I have a few things to add. I agree that you should be able to check your stats, but not just for how long you’ve been online. You should be able to check how many wins you have in each game. This would be super helpful to anyone who’s trying to get on a leaderboard. Another thing that this command could show you is how many games you’ve played for each game, and your total amount of games played. It would also be helpful if this command showed you what your favorite game is and how many wins, loses, and total games played you have for your favorite game. Overall, I think this would be an excellent idea, if my above suggestions were added to this command, have a good day!
    Posted Dec 28, 2019
  4. I'm pretty sure they are going to add it in the next update
    Posted Dec 28, 2019
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  5. I thought you were talking about Java sorry.
    Posted Dec 28, 2019
  6. I agree with your suggestions xGetRektedx.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 29, 2019
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  7. “In bedrock ideas”
    Posted Dec 29, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 29, 2019
  8. ...? I'm dumb so I don't understand the point your making xD
    Posted Dec 29, 2019
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  9. I agree with this idea. I feel like for a future /stats command on bedrock, it should contain numbers of games played (for specific game mode), number of wins, number of loses, etc. This could especially be useful for those that are trying to get on the leaderboard when they wonder how many wins they are from getting onto the leaderboard.
    Posted Dec 29, 2019
  10. The section of where the thread is.....
    Posted Dec 30, 2019
  11. Also, I don’t know how many times were gonna ask for this and not get it.
    Posted Dec 30, 2019
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  12. I totally agree with this idea. On Java, players can just do a quick /stats to see basically everything that they have done on Mineplex ever. It's a nice way to make sure that all of your statistics can be logged in one simple place and not need to leave your game just to see them. I believe that Bedrock stats are already planned for the future, so this is definitely something that I'd love to see to be put in game. The only thing that I might think would be a little more challenging on the end-user would be actually navigating through the GUI. On Java, I find that the GUIs are much simpler and easier to navigate. However, on Bedrock, I find that I make much longer to navigate. Sure, it could just mean that I am more used to Java, but I have heard similar things from other players, too.

    Please (OP) correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that the OP is suggesting to include all stats like wins/losses and show how much time players have on the server like it does on Java so players do not have to guess when they have enough time to apply for Trainee, so I think that the OP was just giving an example for how it could be used. Overall, I totally agree with this suggestion and would love to see it implemented.
    Posted Dec 30, 2019
  13. a
    Posted Dec 30, 2019
  14. Extraordinary insight! Keep up the excellent feedback!

    As for a /stats command, I'd love to see it. It should be made similar to Java's, with a GUI containing each of the games, and hovering over would show wins and which achievements you've obtained. Clicking on it would show more details, such as kills, gems earned, and more. +1
    Posted Dec 30, 2019
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