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In Discussion Adding a winstreak reward booster or raising rewards for nano games

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Emuky, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Emuky


    I play nano games for fun, and yea that should be the main reason why I play it, but it would be nice to get a bit more rewards. The rewards from nano games are a bit dry so I think adding a winstreak booster would be nice. What I mean by that is the higher your winstreak, the more rewards you get from each game. I'm not sure what the exact measurements would be but it could be like a 5% or 10% increase in rewards every time you increase your winstreak. This would be really nice because I've noticed a drop in rewards for nano games and now it's almost pointless to play if you want experience or shards because you could get what you get from like 30 nano games in about 2 cakewars wins. So maybe all together increase nano game rewards, or add in a winstreak booster. don't get me wrong, I love nano games, it's just that the rewards are kind of useless. Also, I'm not sure if my eternal rank applies to how many shards I get from nano games, and if it does, then I can only imagine how little shards players without ranks get.
    Posted Feb 18, 2019
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  2. Lionatthezoo



    I don't personally play Nano games often (I'm more of a skywars kind of person) given this I can't provide much input to the discussion. However, I will be moving this thread to the general idea section as it is better suited there.

    If you have any more questions please feel free to message me on the forums

    Thread Moved
    Posted Feb 19, 2019
  3. SkarmMines


    Nano Games are meant to be a quick and easy variety of minigames for users to play, meanwhile Cake Wars can take up to (not saying every game lasts this long) 20 minutes for just one round, so comparing the rewards there is kind of unjust in this situation. However, I think a win streak booster could make Nano more interesting and definitely more competitive and motivating for people to want to keep their #1 win streak. I would say maybe increase it by 2% or 3% per win because 5-10% seems a little excessive. Or if you really want to make it 5-10%, do it so it increases by every 5 wins.
    Posted Feb 19, 2019,
    Last edited Feb 19, 2019
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  4. I can win a game of cakewars on bedrock in 7 minutes
    Posted Feb 19, 2019
  5. SkarmMines


    I said "up to 20 minutes" to emphasize that Nano and Cake Wars have very different time ranges. With Cake Wars it can drag on for up to if not more than 20 minutes, but Nano has a time limit for each game (usually around the one-three minute mark), therefore the rewards will differ. This being especially because Cake Wars is one singular game while Nano is a combination of many fast paced games, making a player put more effort into Cake Wars than they would in Nano if that makes sense.
    Posted Feb 19, 2019,
    Last edited Feb 19, 2019
  6. PapiKirito


    Seems like a good incentive to me. I actually wouldn't mind seeing this for all games tbh.
    Posted Feb 19, 2019
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  7. Same here. I play on bedrock and a winstreak booster would be a great way to motivate me when I'm on a streak in skywars or skyfall.
    Posted Feb 19, 2019
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  8. ElementBear


    I actually never thought of this. This idea seems pretty cool. I would like having new rewards to show off your “skill” in certain game modes.
    Posted Feb 19, 2019
  9. Coyly.


    This is something I was planning to talk about on the forums! I am very glad someone brought it up! I agree this is something that will help with the gems and shards. I also feel like the gems xp and shards have dropped over the years. I've played for a while and I can say it has 100% dropped a lot from a long time ago. This would be a good idea to raise it up a little like the old days :P
    Posted Feb 19, 2019
  10. Animalll



    I love this idea. I play Nano games very often and after a while, the rewards do get a bit dry. I think this would really reward players, since winning two separate nano games in a row is extremely hard. I think this change would be extremely useful. From what I've seen, most people play 5-30 nano games in a row before leaving, I think that adding a winstreak booster would be really good for all players, since it would inspire players to want to win even more, because they know the reward would be bigger. Overall, this is a great idea and I think it is necessary to have, as getting a winstreak in nano games is extremely difficult, so it would be good to reward players who have managed to do this. +1
    Posted Feb 20, 2019
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  11. xJon


    Hey there!

    I personally play LOTS of Nano games, and most of the time I end up just leaving because there's really no point in staying on if the rewards are dry. and the games can get pretty repetitive, so I'm gonna have to agree with this!
    Posted Feb 20, 2019
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  12. _Berner_


    This is a really good idea as Nano Games are pretty hard to win. I do agree with this but personally I wouldn't do other games.
    Posted Feb 20, 2019
  13. james610


    Yeah I'll +1 this. Some streaks leaderboards wouldn't go amiss, either.
    Posted Feb 20, 2019
  14. flawsome


    Definitely something I'd love to see on Nano. With the nerf of rewards, I know I've personally lost a bit of interest in the game simply because I know other games could provide me better rewards, and this is probably the case for other players as well. Yes, while enjoyment should be a priority, giving better rewards as an incentive to keep playing isn't necessarily a bad idea as well.

    5% also seems to be a good maximum for each increase in win, as 10% seems a bit too much. Tracking of win streaks would also be a good incentive for competitive players who wish to get the highest possible streak (maybe a leaderboard category for this?).

    Posted Feb 20, 2019
  15. Maxxehh


    This is a really interesting idea! As a Nano Games player myself, I would really like to see this implemented, as the lack of rewards after playing and winning for an extensive about of time can be disheartening. Giving a reward would be nice and make the game much more enjoyable for people wanting to play for the rewards.

    However, 10% is a big increase, so I think 3-5% would be a good idea. As @james610 also said, a leaderboard would be a cool addition for the more competitive players!
    Posted Feb 21, 2019
  16. Combativeness/xWorpp


    Hey there! I don't think it should be a win streak rewards boost, but maybe an increase for playing x number of games. Like every 10 games, maybe like a 5% increase, then for 20 games in a row a 8% increase, and then it continues along this. I kind of like the idea of a win streak rewards increase for other games too, but since other games are longer. I think a 5% increase for every 5 games won in a row would be good. Have a nice day!
    Posted Feb 21, 2019
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  17. Nicodami


    I kinda agree with what @Combativeness/xWorpp said here. Streaks boosters surely are cool, and could work well in some game modes. However, Nano is already fast paced, and the rewards aren't that bad (especially shards). I have one problem about boosters: hackers. It is so annoying to lose your streak because one of these got rid of your team before you could even do anything... I believe that currently, rewards based on win streaks wouldn't work out to well in games where hackers are mainly found (CW, Nano, Skywars...). I guess these could be tried out in longer games like CW or SKY, but nano doesn't seem to be a good game for adding a win streak bonus, mainly because its fast paces.
    The idea of adding a streak based on the amount of games played sounds better as even if there is a hacker in your game, you wouldn't lose your streak, and you would also have time to call a staff member/report them.
    Posted Feb 21, 2019
  18. Sickle_ // SickleMode

    Sickle_ // SickleMode

    I think that boosted rewards for win streaks would be cool! Currently getting a win streak does nothing, and I think adding a small percentage increase would encourage players to go for a better win streak. For nano and all the other games, I think it would be beneficial to add a rewards increase for win streaks. Thanks for the cool idea!
    Posted Feb 22, 2019
  19. Vocaloiid


    A winstreak booster would be cool for nano. I think it would be kinda complicated to implement however since some nano games are largely luck based (Musical Minekarts for example). You'd just keep loosing the streak around the time those games appear.
    Posted Feb 22, 2019
  20. NothinButNet36


    As a leaderboard player on cakewars this would be fricking awesome on bedrock edition. I sometimes don’t even lose in like 3 days of grinding Cake wars and games last 4-8 minutes for me lol. This would be awesome +1
    Posted Feb 22, 2019

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