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Add a shop (but not an OP shop)

Discussion in 'SkyBlock Beta' started by SugarySenpai64, Aug 17, 2020.


Would you like to see something like this in the game?

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  1. Add a shop to skyblock but don't sell all the items in the game and make it more like trading than selling/buying. A lot of servers kill the simplicity of skyblock by making all the shops sell lots of items for a fairly cheap price. If a shop is added, I think it should be more simple, like a trading system, and not OP so it doesn't kill the simplicity and difficulty of skyblock. For example, you can trade 64 logs for a dirt block, or 64 oak saplings to get a birch sapling. The main point of this shop would be mostly to sell you items that would otherwise be unobtainable, not to make the game super easy. Plus it would be a good way for players to get sand, since sand wasn't included in the starter chest or island. And make sure to not add spawners, they're pretty OP and you can already get monsters from darkrooms (once spawning is enabled). Spawn eggs are fine, though, since you can't normally get animals. So, in summary, the point of the shop is to keep the simplicity and difficulty of the skyblock gamemode while still making unobtainable items available.
    Some examples of trades:
    -64 saplings -> 1 new sapling*
    *oak -> birch -> spruce -> dark oak -> acacia -> jungle
    -64 leaves (any type) + dirt -> grass block
    -64 cobblestone -> 64 diorite, andesite, or granite
    -water bucket + dirt -> clay block
    -64 wheat seeds -> beetroot seeds, carrot, or potato.
    -16 brown mushrooms + 16 red mushrooms + 1 dirt -> mycelium
    -1 diamond -> 1 emerald*
    *not sure why you'd need emeralds but you can obtain them now.
    -4 diamonds + 1 wool = sheep spawn egg
    -other animal spawn egg recipes
    -64 cobblestone -> 1 gravel
    -gravel -> sand

    Please vote if you'd like to see this or something similar in the game.
    Posted Aug 17, 2020

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