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Add a cooldown on team requests

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by Steven190, May 11, 2020.


Should this be implemented

  1. Yes

    3 vote(s)
  2. No (please explain)

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  1. In team games, such as skyfall teams and sg teams, there should be a cooldown on team requests, i hate getting spammed with requests that just flood your chat, i'm forced to use the bat morph to stay on top of a tree in hopes that I don't get spammed with requests. Perhaps it could be a 10-20 second cooldown.
    Posted May 11, 2020
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  2. Hey there!
    I have to say, fair point. There should be a timer for team requests. I couldn’t imagine how many requests YT’s and staff members receive when they join survival games teams. I would like this implemented. Nice idea
    Posted May 11, 2020
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  3. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing this added.
    While team requests can be ignored, I can understand how they may be annoying during waiting time if a user spams it. It isn’t necessary, and if a player sincerely wants to make a team request to someone, they really only need to do it one time. I think a 15 second cooldown would be perfect. That way, just in-case someone needs to send a second team request for whatever reason, they are able to before the game starts. But it’ll also prevent people from being spammed.
    Nice idea overall!
    Posted May 11, 2020
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  4. Hello!

    I believe that we should implement this. The spams are annoying. Also, the player will have hard time seeing messages (I am not sure if this is correct) if there are too many spams. If that idea is implemented, then the player who is receiving team requests will take time to choose the player to team up with, or alternatively deny all team requests.

    Like @510bike stated about the time, 15 seconds can be an ideal because a player needs time as well to think and avoid getting too bothered.
    Posted May 12, 2020
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  5. Hi there!

    I definitely think this would be a simple, but needed change. There might be some issues while doing this because what if you meant to team Player A, but instead accidentally teamed Player B.

    Mineplex makes it so you're only allowed to team players after the voting time is out, which then only leaves you 15 seconds to take a pick on who you want to team. If you accidentally team the wrong person, you won't be able to try again (if the cool-down is 15 seconds) because the game will have already started.
    Posted May 12, 2020
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  6. Hi there!

    I don't really see a reason why this shouldn't be added, seems like a great idea!

    Honestly it is quite annoying to log on and be spammed by somebody with like 1000 team request when 1-3 is simply enough. I also like this idea as if someone is trying to team with there friend they will click there name, and if they're spamming there friend and someone comes by on accident they may click on that person and end up being teamed with that person completely by mistake which is quite frustrating as this has happened to me quite a couple of times.

    The cooldown time doesn't need to be something that is extremely long maybe something like 2-4 seconds would quite honestly be enough and I don't see an issue with this instead of having no cooldown and having the message pop up in your chat 20 thousand times. Overall great idea and would love to see this being added! +1 Hope to see this implemented soon!

    Good luck on the rest of your suggestions!
    Posted May 14, 2020
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