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Achievement guide - CW

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by Klobko, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Klobko


    Achievement guide which explains how to obtain every achievement in CW (in both duos and standard)

    -Cake Dinners-
    win 100 games of cake wars

    Not much to say about this one. The best way to obtain it is to get a party of four (or two depending on which gamemode youre better at) friends and normally play the game.

    -Cake Slayer-
    kill 1000 players in cake wars

    Like Cake Dinners, not much to say about this one. You might want to use Fighter kit so you get few hearts back when you kill someone (useful in 2v1 situations)

    -Big appetite-
    take 500 bites of cake in cake wars

    Duos mode is better for this then standard since you have 7 possible cakes to eat (compared to 3 in standard). You just want to rush the islands as fast as possible.

    eat a whole cake

    Simple enough, i dont think i need to explain this one.

    -This game has cakes?-
    survive 10 minutes without a cake

    Keep joining games and play with random players. Eventually, youre cake will get eaten. Once that happends you will want to get on some high building (middle is good choice) and then hope that no one will come after you.

    -Cold Baked Killer-
    get 10 First bloods

    The best way is to use archer and get bow as soon as possible, then try to be a first play to get kill and shoot any players who will be building bridge to a beacon. Repeat this process until you got the achievement.

    eat a cake within the first minute of the game

    Duos are probably better for this achievement then standard. Be a fighter and have your friend be a builder and rush to the enemy island thats next to you.

    -You call that a challange-
    win a game without dying

    You want to be extremly careful on this one. Few ways that you can do to help the team is to build cake defense and buy upgrades for your team. Dont go and capture beacons on your alone, its not worth the risk.

    -Team player-
    Purchase all team upgrades within one game

    This one really depends on how the game will play out. If the game will be short then its unlikely you will get this. Have someone from your team to be still at middle so no one can capture it back. there are 6 upgrades. with each having 2 tiers.

    -Love not War-
    Win a game without killing a player

    You call that a challange but easier. You can now safely capture beacons and die how many times you want. One thing to note is that hitting players will not cancel this achievement so you can help your team by hitting enemy players few times (make sure to not hit them when they are low. its possible they will die and you will not get achievement).

    -Last crumb-
    Win a game with only one bite of your cake left

    Its harder to get your cake to only one bite left then surviving with only one bite left. Eventually, after few games. you will be in situation where your cake has only one bite left. Protect the cake by all means at this point and try to win (best tip is to let someone eat your cake and then stop them once last bite is left)

    -Gotta go fast-
    win a game within 10 minutes

    Some games are short and others can take up to 20 minutes. You should get this one easily if your team is good at the game.

    -Last Laugh-
    get the final bite on every cake within a game

    This achievement is almost impossible on Duos so you will need to do it in Standard. Have a good team to rush quickly to other enemy teams. You need to get final bite on EVERY cake. if enemy team gets final bite on others enemy team cake, the achievement wont count and you will need to do it again. This will take lot of tries so be ready keep trying over and over.

    -I <3 Capture Points-
    own all beacons for your team in one game

    There are 5 beacons. 1 middle beacon (nether star) and 4 emerald beacons. you will need to own all of these are same time. If your team will rush quickly to these islands before others can. You will be able to easily capture all 5 beacons at once

    -Get Good-
    kill a player while falling from a great height. Then save yourself from dying

    This is probably the hardest achievement in game. But it can be easily obtained using a trick. You will want to eat all other team cakes and then have only 1 enemy player left alive. Make this player fall into the void (the last damage player will get must be from you) after the player is falling into the void. Jump after them. Once they die the game will end and you will not die (What simply happends is that you will "save" yourself from death after killing a player)

    -The Floor is Lava-
    win a game of cake wars while after the first 30 seconds of the game, only stand on player placed blocks

    Standard is good for this but its possible in Duos. After game starts you will want to build a small box and put yourself in, then stay in the box until game ends (you could be archer and shoot people from tower if you want to help your team). You could move to places by simply moving on blocks you placed but its very risky. Once your team wins and you have not stepped on a single map block you will get the achievement.


    The rewards for completing all achievements is Frosting kit which gets snowballs that can be thrown at other players to slow them down (or just knock them out of bridges)

    I hope this guide helped you getting these achievements. Thank you for reading (Hopefully the grammar errors arent so bad)
    Posted Feb 8, 2019
    PapiKirito, Jaekub and Mitchy like this.
  2. ZTB


    Thank you! This guide is very helpful, I’m trying to get the kit but having trouble with some of the harder achievements.
    Posted Feb 8, 2019
  3. Jaekub


    I was thinking about making a guide but this one is written the same way I would have written it. Great job! I already have Frosting and I have to say this guide is very accurate. I got the Get Good Achievement from knocking someone into the void in the middle of a game, jumped in after them, then pearled up, and got the achievement. Frosting is very much worth it.
    Posted Feb 10, 2019
  4. Tomeroo


    Thanks for this! The achievements don't look to hard. The only one I'd say is very difficult is 'The floor is lava'. I've tried this one but I keep dying although your guide is very helpful. Thanks,
    - Tomeroo
    Posted Feb 10, 2019
  5. Klobko


    O well, thats another possible way to get this achievement but it still requires timing, which the method i mentioned doesnt. But its still easier then most other methods so i guess youre right
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 10, 2019
  6. Overdog


    Interesting guide! Glad you made it, you can help many other players. I have Frosting in the bag though. Couldn't help me. /shrug
    Posted Feb 12, 2019 at 6:20 PM
  7. xSlowWifi



    A really handy guide on how to get all of the cake wars achievements, I know when cake wars first came out I had a bit of trouble getting some of the achievements but I referred to a guide and that helped me out.

    With this guide, I quite like how you've added a simple explanation on the easiest way to get the achievement.

    Two things I feel you could do add to the post is the reward and have the achievements in spoilers, for example like this:

    15000 Gem Reward

    win 100 games of cake wars

    Not much to say about this one. The best way to obtain it is to get a party of four (or two depending on which gamemode youre better at) friends and normally play the game.

    Amazing guide, thank you for sharing :)

    - Wifi​
    Posted Feb 14, 2019 at 9:42 PM

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