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Accept BTC Payments

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by Manu!, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. So crypto is a new era, Mineplex should start accepting payments for items in BTC, this means mineplex is less vulnerable to Chargebacks and it means people like me can pay for ranks in BTC
    Posted Oct 16, 2020
  2. I think this is a great idea. Crypto currency is slowly becoming popular and a lot of people are using it. Though, I’m pretty sure Mineplex would have to go through new stages and allow you to use BTC or something like that, I’m not competent sure. But, this is still a really good idea.
    Posted Oct 16, 2020
  3. In general, accessibility is essential for a successful operation. However, the training and maintenance required to open up different payment avenues such as cryptocurrency is probably not worth the cost at the moment considering the majority of owners of Bitcoin are either investors or people engaging in illicit activities outside the realm of a block game. However if Mineplex ran some polls of preferential payment services this point may be deemed invalid.
    Posted Oct 16, 2020
  4. Hey, this is definitely interesting and would provide a nice alternative payment option for people who may have BTC. However, there are obvious problems with allowing BTC as a payment option - it's a fairly inconsistent currency in the way that it's nowhere near as stable as other payment options such as PayPal and PaymentWall. If LT supported this idea then it could be feasible but it could detract customers from purchasing goods with "real money" which in some ways is more reliable. You make a good point about the addition of BTC protecting Mineplex from chargebacks though. Please note that my points above are my personal opinion and in no way a reflection of the views of the leadership team. It will be interesting to see what people think of this, thanks for the idea :)
    Posted Oct 16, 2020
  5. While this is an interesting idea, I'm not sure if it is entirely feasible.

    First off, bitcoin is never constant. One bitcoin about a month ago was worth $10.2k, now it is at $11.3k. We wouldn't be able to have one base price if we accepted bitcoin, our prices would always be fluctuating.
    To even be able to accept bitcoin on a website, there are many plugin prerequisites that need to be added to the html. There are a lot more steps involved than paymentwall or paypal.
    While bitcoin is frequently described as a safe payment method, it's not quite as safe as people may think. Plus, bitcoin transactions aren't regulated at all. Seems a bit too risky for Mineplex.

    Good suggestion though, especially since cryptocurrency is really growing.
    Posted Oct 17, 2020
  6. I for one love this idea. Bitcoin is a pretty cool thing imo, and I'd love to see this implemented.
    Posted Oct 17, 2020

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