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In Discussion Ability to Toggle In-Game Particle Effects

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Jaekub, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Ever play Cake Wars, and you hide in someone's cake to chip away at obsidian with an iron pickaxe and get spotted because you have a Particle Effect enabled? Me too. I have a solution for this:

    1. Type /prefs
    2. [New] Click Toggle In-Game Particle Effects
    3. [New] There will be a list of games that appear that always have your enabled Particle Effects showing (Cake Wars, Survival Games, SSM, etc.). Click on the Lime Dye to disable your Particle Effect for that game.

    This is so players that want their particles shown in-game can have them enabled, but players that don't have them enabled can disable them for any game they want. Their particles will still show in lobbies and game that they want them enabled.

    Let me know what you think in the comments!
    Posted Feb 11, 2019
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  2. Posted Feb 11, 2019
  3. ok
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 11, 2019
  4. I actually think that this is a pretty good idea. Sometimes players accidentally leave their particles on all the time and having the ability to disable particles for a specific game (such as Cake Wars or Block Hunt) would be extremely useful. I'm no developer so I'm not sure if it's possible to do so, but if it is I wouldn't mind it being added. I personally would use the feature if it were added.

    I've never seen something like this been suggested before so I'd be interested to see what other people's say is on this. I know that some people want to have particles enabled so I think that it's a great option for people who don't want it, and for those that do want their particles, they don't have to disable it for the game that they're playing. Overall, nice idea and thanks for suggesting it!
    Posted Feb 11, 2019
  5. Hey there!

    I do agree of having to toggle the particles on and off in any specific games. It can be interesting that I can choose whether I can turn on the particles or not during the game that I am currently playing on. This suggestion has not mentioned it before in the past I think, so I think that it will be a great idea to add another feature. Although, I do not mind if I have it on/off, so I think I am okay with it. Overall, that is a great idea that you have, and keep up the great work!
    Posted Feb 11, 2019
  6. I really agree with this due to an fact it actually annoying with a invisible NPC blocking you when you try to mine to the cake down in CW, it might be useful to actually help with combat too (I guess)..
    Posted Feb 12, 2019
  7. I can see this being very useful for scenarios such as the one you mentioned. Im all for this idea and I hope to see it implemented :)
    Posted Feb 12, 2019
  8. Hello,
    I completely agree that you should be able to toggle particle effects in game. There are some games where having any particle effect, let alone the bigger, more noticeable ones, can be a big disadvantage to you. For this reason, I rarely enable particle effects just so I don't enter a game with them on by accident. I would love this feature, as I can use my particle effects in lobbies without having to worry about having a disadvantage in games. Big +1, great idea!
    Posted Feb 14, 2019
  9. Hey!

    I definitely agree with this! I constantly see players that have particles on in game and it does get annoying. This makes sense to add into /prefs. Personally, I used to have particles on in game and I would always forget to turn them off and it would affect my gameplay and enjoyment. If this was made a preference, it would help players turn off particles while in game and just make life easier for every player. Great idea!
    Posted Feb 15, 2019
  10. Pretty neat idea! There are certainly games wherein having particles enabled is just a nuisance and will just hinder gameplay, so it'd be great to have an option in /prefs to disable particles. This has been discussed in Ideas before, but I don't think the idea to include the gamemode selection was ever brought up. I'm glad you could think of ways to innovate a simple idea and make it more user-friendly, since perhaps I could just want particles disabled for Cake Wars but enabled for any other game.

    I'd also suggest that maybe there could be a message in chat that says "Click here to disable particles for [insert game]!" or something along those lines before the game starts. By clicking the message, it would automatically disable particles for that certain game without having to manually going to /prefs to disable it yourself. It would be a good way to advertise this new feature and remind players to turn off their particles.

    +1, hopefully we'll see something like this on the network soon! :)
    Posted Feb 15, 2019
  11. Hello there,

    I personally think that this is an excellent idea. I find myself running into this problem often especially in Cake Wars. The annoyance of particles can cause a huge disadvantage in combat and overall make the experience less satisfactory.
    Posted Feb 15, 2019

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