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A very late introduction

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by TooMuchXMas4You, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Heyo :)

    I realized that I've never created an introduction (on Xenferno) to who I am, what I do, or why I am here, so I decided why not! I know, silly me. Anyways, I'm going to start my introduction now, enjoy.

    Scratching the surface

    So for those of you who don't know I am, my name is TooMuchXMas4You (or I go by XMas, TooMuch, or just whatever you'd like to call me). I am a Mineplex Trainee here on the Network, and I am very excited to be on the staff team. Besides that, I have been playing on Mineplex since either 2013 or 2014, can't remember honestly. I have bought every single Java rank, from Ultra to Eternal, and for some reason skipped Ultra to Legend, then went back for Hero. I have been apart of the community for a while, so I'm super excited to be making a bigger impact here on the Mineplex community. Outside of Mineplex, I love to play soccer and tennis (no official teams or anything), and I also love to play the piano (been playing for over 4 years now). Within school, I personally love writing/typing, and am hoping to end up in college classes next year for English. I'm pretty decent at Math, but other than that I get by basically everything else. As a future career, I'd love to become a court transcriptionist, or just anything that has to do with typing. Well that sums up the basics, I'll be going deeper into my life throughout this thread, so enjoy again!

    Mineplex & Minecraft

    Okay, I've already talked about this a little bit, but I never went into great detail. Besides for my position right now, I've done a lot of things for and with the community in the past as well. I used to be on the Community Mentoring Program, which was a lot of fun and definitely helped me get to where I am today. The people there are very nice, and it was overall a very fun experience. The only official sub team I've been on before would be Map Testing, which was also a blast. For anybody who doesn't know, the Map Testing team goes and tests maps before release to make sure they give a quality experience to the community, and this sub team was overall very fun as well. In the future I am hoping to expand my horizons more with the community, but for now I am just sticking to my roles right now. My favorite game here on Mineplex currently would have to be Cake Wars, but I practically enjoy every game mode besides Speed Builders and Minestrike. My all time favorite game mode would have to be Type Wars, but I guess I'm just a fan of war games. I've had over 100 in-game days played, and over 16,000 games. I've been here for a while, so if you have any questions, I am usually always willing to help!

    As for Bedrock, I love to play Mob Arena, Cake Wars, and Survival with my family. We have a Nintendo Switch, PC, XBox 1, and an IPad, so overall we can have 3 accounts playing (since my Nintendo Switch and PC both are linked to the same account). We don't play very often, but when we are on it is always a fun time. I am trying to get them to enjoy Mineplex more, but Fortnite is brainwashing them! No, on a serious note, I'm not the biggest fan of Bedrock alone, but it is a lot better with friends and family. I'm not much of an expert here on this platform, but I know the basics and my way around. I am also looking into purchasing a rank for Bedrock as well, so that's about all I'd have to say for Bedrock.

    Besides for the Mineplex community, I just love playing Minecraft in general. 1.14 has proven itself to be a very satisfying experience, especially with friends. Not only has it offered a lot of new objectives and just a whole new playing experience since the past few updates. If you don't see me online, it's most likely because I'm putting a raid on my friends village on realms (not really). Apart from getting scammed by villagers, I also love to build. I was actually a builder for an old server I used to play on, but that's besides the point. I've made a lot of Cake Wars maps before in the past (none are on Mineplex, heads up), but it was a lot of fun making them and it was also very fun to play them with my friends. While I'm not the best, it's always fun to just relax and build a nice little house every once and a while.

    Hobbies and Other Cool Things because I Am Good At Creating Titles

    I've mentioned at the start some of the few hobbies I have physically, but I do enjoy to do some other things besides running out of breath and breaking a sweat. Some other games I like to play are Call of Duty, practically any Mario series, Pokemon, and honestly just most Nintendo games. I have owned a Wii, DS, 3DS, WiiU, and Nintendo Switch. The only one I don't own currently is the DS, but honestly it wasn't providing the same experience it did back when it was the biggest and newest thing going around the media. I recently cracked my WiiU screen by I believe dropping my phone on it, but it was late at night and I couldn't honestly remember the details. I actually have Pokemon Sword and Animal Crossing New Horizons pre-ordered, but those won't be here for a minute - a very long minute. I broke my Nintendo Switch a few months ago by dropping it down the stairs (don't even ask how, I am a very clumsy person), but I ended up repairing it for $100. For Call of Duty, I like the Zombies aspect of the game, opposed to dying over and over again by people who have been playing for over a decade. While the storyline and features make no sense, it's always fun to play with my family as well.

    For those of you who don't know, I have a giant Nerf wall at my house. I have only bought one or two Nerf guns, but my family has bought a lot and have been able to create a giant Nerf wall out of it (which you can check out HERE). We love to play Nerf Wars, where basically we just shoot each other with our Nerf guns, test our accuracy, range, and more. We've shot each other in the eyes a lot of times, and I can say from experience it is not very fun. You know what they said; it's Nerf or nothing! (Sorry for the cringe, let's move on)

    Since I put "Other Cool Things" under this one, I'll talk a bit about myself. I am a 14 year old male, and I am shorter than 5 feet. I have reading glasses, but they're for 0.5 magnification so I barely wear them unless I'm at the back of the class and I am feeling a bit tired that day. I grew up in California, but since I was 9 have been living in Oregon. I've been to two different Elementary Schools, two different Middle Schools, and one High School (so far, I'm only a Freshman and my family plans on moving next year so, could be two). I have skipped - let me rephrase. I have missed the last day of school for 4 years now, and it started back when I had a really bad allergic reaction in 5th grade. Since then, it has usually been due to an optional day or travel reasoning, but just an interesting little fact about me. I'm kind of getting of topic, so let's change that shall we. I am an uncle, and my mother is a grandmother. I have a 7 year old nephew, and I have a lot of family. I am mainly Irish, but I am part Mexican due to my Mom's side of the family. I have a disease called Celiac Disease (you can Google it if you'd like), but it basically means I can't eat gluten, so that's always fun. I love baking and reading, so those are some other hobbies I have. My favorite color is Red, and my favorite letter is 5 (please don't roast me, this is a joke).

    Academics and stuff

    So basically for most of my life I've been somewhat ahead in most of my grades and classes. I had the option of skipping 3rd grade, which I thought was cool at the time, but my mother said otherwise. Looking back at it, I definitely am glad she decided to do this since she wanted me to have a childhood. Instead of doing this, I was given an alternative of just having a mixed class, so I would learn 3rd and 4th grade at the same time. It was somewhat difficult, but I had managed to go to 4th grade with already knowing 4th grade. I got the short end of the stick along with two of my other peers, so basically we had 4th grade again while everybody else had a 4/5th mix. Well, by the time year 5 game around we had all gotten 5th grade, so this honestly wasn't worth much. I had transferred schools during 5th grade, so it was really awkward for me. Going from 100 degrees to snow, it definitely is a weird change. Nevertheless, I moved on to Middle School which probably has led me to where I am today. In my 6th grade year, I joined a program in my Math class which basically our Teacher offered whenever we had free time in class to teach us 7th grade math, so by the end of 6th grade I had landed myself into 7/8th compacted math. When the time actually came for me to attend that class, things didn't go so well at the start. I was forced to start pushing myself more, but by the end of the year I managed to conclude my GPA with above 3.5, so that's always good. During my 8th grade year however, I moved once again. The school I went to was really bad, so I honestly didn't learn too much. The only good things that happened were my Math and English classes, since I had been placed into Algebra 1 and I was given harder assignments in English class. I struggled in Algebra a little bit, but overall got the basic concepts. I am an excellent English person (as you can tell from that flawless sentence), so I really enjoy to do so. Tacking that on with my 100-150 WPM average usually, this creates an opportunity for some really quality work to be produced. With that being said, we're here to now. I am a Freshman this year, so it is my first year of High School. Things are going pretty well, I ended up getting into Geometry 1-2 with a bunch of other Sophomores and a few Freshmen, and ended up receiving a High School credit due to my Algebra class. I am working on trying to teach myself more Spanish, and overall become a better writer. That's all I really have to say about this part.

    Conclusion and Extra! Extra! Extra! (it's from a news show I watch)

    I guess you could say I have a pretty interesting life, but I guess you could also say you skipped to the end of this introduction and didn't read the daunting paragraphs I have typed within the past hour - which honestly, I don't blame you. If you've somehow stuck till the end, congratulations to you. Anyway, here are some extra things I'd like to add about my life.

    I have no "full" siblings, however I have one half brother (27), one step sister (20), and 3 step brothers (8, 9, and 13). We've gotten along pretty well, and it's been a blast to have these people around me for the past two years of my life. They've helped me get through a lot, and overall are very great people. I practically used to be an only child, so when I was able to "inherit" some new siblings, life took a turn for the better. I have one dog, one cat, and one fish (Zeus, RemingtonCrumcakeBakedAlaska, and Smully). I've had some fish in the past before, but they got eaten by a crab, which then another crab at that crab, which then ended up dying due to starvation. Other than that, I've had no pets since I am allergic to cats (and walnuts). I didn't have a phone till 7th grade, which I rocked a flip-phone all the way up to 8th grade. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 since I apparently am getting hand-me-downs, but I don't mind too much. I know 12+ time zones, my roman numerals up to a million, and currently have a fly on my computer screen.

    So, what have we learned today? To sum this up, I am basically just an average teenage boy, with only a few exceptions (or maybe a lot, who knows). I try to make my threads very enjoyable to read, funny, and overall very sesquipedalianis (which if you didn't know means I like to overuse big words I find on Google, but I kind of just made my own word there), so hopefully you did enjoy reading about my introduction. I'm not really new, so this is partly an introduction and partly me wanting to make a thread, but either way, hopefully you enjoyed reading this :)
    Posted Sep 25, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 26, 2019
  2. Hey!

    Better late than never when it comes to introducing yourself. Anyways, i'm Animal and I don't think i've ever seen you around in game. From what you've said in your introduction thread, there's a lot about you that's pretty interesting, like your 5 step siblings and your time spent on both the bedrock and java servers. You seem like a pretty nice and genuine guy from what you have said and I hope to talk to you on discord or in-game on day. Thanks for the post!
    Posted Sep 26, 2019
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  3. Hey, @TooMuchXMas4You I've seen you around the forums for a while now and it's great to see that you've finally introduced yourself. I'm TheProTroller, not really sure but you might have seen me around the forums. As you mentioned in the conclusion I didn't really read your whole introduction because of its the biggest introduction I've ever seen in my life, good job!
    Posted Sep 26, 2019
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  4. XMas, I finally finished reading through this entire post like I promised I would. It's has so much interesting moments and neat quirks about your life. Honestly I can relate to a lot of this stuff like moving schools a lot and being pushed to do better. I am very glad to have met you and to have you as my batch buddy. I first saw you active on Discord and from there we now have our own private chat on Discord! I hope to continue talking to you on Discord, and i'll always be there to support you when you need it man! Also, congrats on writing such a long post(Become English Major like me!). Talk to you soon!
    Posted Sep 27, 2019
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  5. Hey Xmas! I've managed to read your entire introduction and I must say, I definitely feel like I know a lot more about you now. I personally enjoy it when staff members make introduction threads too - because it's not something that's exclusive to community members, it also gives people a good idea of your personality! Anyway, onto your introduction.

    I feel like we definitely share a lot of the same interests. I definitely wouldn't mind getting a job involving typing in the future, as I also have a fairly above average WPM. I feel like my work is much better quality and the ideas really flow when I'm typing, but unfortunately I had to sit my final exams on paper. Still, I managed to get a A in English but I think if I were to have used a computer I could have possibly gotten an A*. Nevertheless, I think it's great that you've actively helped the community in the past, it shows the passion and dedication you have towards making the server a more enjoyable place.

    I also really like to build! It's something that I've only recently picked up an interest in but sometimes I just love taking a break from PvP game-modes and letting my imagination flow. I've been playing Master Builders a lot more and have been having a really fun time, I would love to possibly work on making a map for Mineplex in the future.

    Trust me, you're not alone with your technology breaking streak. My family also has a history of this. I had my iPhone 6s+ for a few months and then put it in my car door, obviously I didn't realise that it was too big and didn't fit so when I opened the door it fell straight out onto the pavement and shattered. My Dad also somehow (please don't ask how) managed to drop his phone down the toilet and completely ruin it.

    Zombies was also my favourite part of Call of Duty back when I used to play Black Ops 3 on my Xbox one! I purchased the season pass and would play Zombies literally everyday with my friends. In the end I managed to reach third or fourth prestige but I stopped playing when they released the fourth map I believe. Obviously World at War is also another absolute classic, since it was the first version to introduce zombies and sparked one of the best game modes that everybody enjoys. I'm interested actually, what is your favourite Call of Duty game and favourite zombies map? I personally liked Shadows of Evil on Black Ops 3.

    Yet again, we share another similarity. I am also an uncle, I have a 6 year old niece and a nephew who is less than a year old. Honestly it's weird when I see people say they had the chance to skip a grade because I'm not sure if that is something that happens over here in England, and if it does, it is very rare. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you're excelling in most of your subjects :)

    Honestly, I'm sure you didn't want to have to read a reply as long as this, but I felt as if I owed it to you to put some effort into it since you put a lot of effort into your introduction. I hope that you do well on your trial because I would love to see you promoted to Mod! Best of luck!
    Posted Sep 27, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 27, 2019
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  6. Well, consider this as your staff introduction to the community then haha. I primarily remember you as the guy who made the really comprehensive Cake Wars guide, and just from that and this introduction one could say that you're a very friendly and hardworking person, so you probably won't have issues with getting to know the community as a staff member. What else to say, hope you've enjoyed your time so far as a trainee - see you around.
    Posted Sep 27, 2019
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