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A plan to make Assassin a good kit.

Discussion in 'Survival Games' started by Aaron., Mar 13, 2021.

  1. Assassin:

    Passive: Stealth
    - While out of combat, your nametag is invisible and you cannot be tracked by other players.

    Passive: Backstab
    - Deal +2 damage and no knockback to opponents from behind.

    Passive: Tracker
    - Receive a special tracking compass when the game begins.
    This compass is going to be better than the current Assassin's Compass.

    For a while now I'd been debating on what ability would be best for this kit but after thinking about it I've decided that Assassin doesn't need an ability. Assassin has always been a kit where you kill your players through sneak-attacks but the reason why Assassin is bad is because of how difficult it is to get a sneak-attack. Combining the fact that your name tag is very visible (Through walls) and that you can be tracked by a compass, that makes it very difficult to sneak up on anybody, especially when you consider how open most SG maps are. Thinking about all of those things, I came up with the conclusion that it would be best if Assassin traded its Fall Damage Protection passive for Stealth so that players would have a much easier time sneaking up on other players. I understand that players may be concerned about losing the fall damage perk but at the end of the day, Stealth is more important for the kit than reducing damage from falling. Other than that, Assassin will also be receiving two significant buffs which are Backstab not dealing any knockback (Allowing for more hits) and an improved tracking compass which will point to the nearest player updating in real-time (Instead of every 8s which is how it is currently). This is the plan I'm proposing and most likely what will happen with the kit. Assassin may seem underpowered but if you ask me, having the freedom of being able to travel wherever without being tracked or seen will certainly be very valuable for both the casual and competitive community.

    Let me know how you all feel about this.
    Posted Mar 13, 2021
  2. This could be a very good kit in public games, but without having an active ability, this kit will never be a "top tier". In final fight you absolutely lose the utility of all passives, which can make the difference when playing against someone who knows how to use his kit in 1v1, which is what happens when you play competitive tourneys.
    So in conclusion, these buffs could make assassin a mid tier kit, in comp it could work as a kit to get placement points, not much more than that...
    Posted Mar 14, 2021

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