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A letter to all Champion players:

Discussion in 'Champions' started by _WatchDog__, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Stop screaming "Block hitting" whenever someone equips Defensive Stance on Knight, when the glitch does not exist in versions after 1.9, while I use 1.12.2.
    - Sincerely, one who is willing to block everyone ever to get some damn peace and quiet, whose ignore list is growing every day.
    This has been your PSA of the day.
    Posted Dec 5, 2018
  2. Person blockhits I do Blizzard c:

    Issue solved
    Posted Dec 6, 2018
    Trunks likes this.
  3. use 1.8 then
    Posted Dec 6, 2018
  4. There is a bug in 1.9+ versions where players can hold block without their movement or ability to attack being restricted at all. You are likely running around ALWAYS taking the 75% reduced damage. That's what people are complaining about.

    Also I see you there with your Tumblr kobold pfp, I know that image lmao
    Posted Dec 12, 2018
    Fall likes this.
  5. Jam

    Yea it's the shield bypass for 1.9+. You can do it by spamming f with the shield whilst blocking or shield dropping to basically glitch the shield into being in a state of always "active" so that way you get full speed. You can do the same thing in SSM and essentially run with moves like Block Toss and Slime Rocket and then from there like auto cancel it into any move you want.

    You can also block cancel in 1.8 it's not that hard either. Neither versions form can be fixed as it's more a vanilla bug rather than a server side one.
    Posted Dec 12, 2018
  6. It's considerably easier to do and more problematic for other features of Champions with 1.9+ involved.
    Posted Dec 13, 2018
  7. While I do agree that many people hacusate without knowing a lot about the game, let alone, not knowing a lot about the server. But I personally play in version 1.8.9 and lots of my friends do as well. Not to say that I can't tell the difference between someone being a legit player and someone abusing glitches and hacks, but many people use 1.8.
    Posted Dec 30, 2018

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