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A Change

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by C2MineCraft, Jun 17, 2022.


Do you think that these are issues that need fixed?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Hello, I am here to say a few things about issues on Mineplex that need to change. Number 1 The owners we have not heard from the owners in forever, they never talk with the community. And as far as I can tell, the owners are very inactive. Number 2 The report system, and Staff request. The forum report system is quite slow, takes at least 2 weeks to get a reply, sometimes even longer. Also, I believe that the report guide should include information on the amount of clips you need for certain hacks. And then there is StaffRequest sometimes staff use it, but most of the time its turns into chaos with someone getting kicked for off topic discussion. This is an issue that really nobody can fix other than the people that are creating off topic discussions. Number 3 The staff and Anti Cheat. I'm not going to go into too much detail here because I don't want to make anyone mad. However, I feel that the staff system needs to be reworked. For example, QA members are the only ones who can ban people who use Reach and Antikb (there's a few other hacks to but those are the most prominent) which I understand if someone is using 3.5-4 block reach, but when someone starts 5 block reaching someone its kind of obvious and I feel like normal staff should be able to ban when they are blatantly reaching. I understand a bit more about antikb because of ping issues. Also, the anti-cheat needs to be revamped if it can't detect when someone is flying and hoping for an entire game is an issue.

    One way we can fix a few of these issues is: Having the Owners get more active with the community or getting new owners. Hiring more developers and anti cheat developers. Re adjusting staff rules and policies. For forum reports put deadlines on when forum reports should be answered weather with an answer or something saying that the report has been seen and is being reviewed.
    Posted Jun 17, 2022
  2. Hello, thanks for taking your time to address your concerns.

    Although it would be ideal to have the owners more active around the place, like we saw during the early stages of Mineplex's lifetime, it isn't necessary but I agree that it would beneficial. It is most likely that the owners do work behind the scenes, but I can't imagine the visible activity of the owners drastically changing. As for staff request, it is a non-official way of reporting players which is why it can become chaotic at times and players being kicked, but players are warned in advance before they are kicked. In my opinion, I believe the way reports are handled are the most optimal here on the forums but I understand the frustration of having to wait upwards of 2 weeks. Obviously the activity of RP members will vary based on other tasks they may be busy with and also activities outside of Mineplex which will partly explain the varying response times. Also the fact some offences require a certain team to punish for which consequently will further delay the response time. We then move onto your point about the requirement for teams like QA to punish for certain things. The reason these responsibilities have been handed to QA (for example) is to make sure nobody is getting falsely punished, as the consequences would be more serious then. Ideally having mandatory training for these things could be the solution but would take up time which not everyone has spare, and the resources for teaching how to punish for said offences. With the anti-cheat, there will be work being done but obviously the changes won't be publicly revealed for obvious reasons. Although it isn't perfect it still does a notable job. The anti-cheat could be made better by the hiring of new developers but that does require time and resources which isn't always easy.

    I totally agree that more developers and anti-cheat improvements would be amazing, with that the ability for normal staff to punish for certain offences with the correct training.
    Posted Jun 17, 2022
  3. This I understand what I mean when things get so blatantly obvious such as 5+ block reach normal staff should be able to recognize and ban for that I understand that anything under 4 can be hard to tell because of ping and other variables and for that QA should be the ones looking into it.

    Everything else you said I agree with even offering a training for people to recognize those hacks would be amazing because I'm sure some staff would be willing to do it. Some people just don't want to go through the QA application process.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 17, 2022
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  4. These are all pretty common concerns, and I'm afraid the owners haven't given a hoot (outside of the money) in years, do they seem to have any plans on altering that other stuff. That's just the way it is, it's a shame.
    Posted Jun 19, 2022
  5. I appreciate your concerns. There should definitely be more people to be trained to deal with hacks that normal staff aren't able to deal with, and I am sure that people are willing to take on the job.
    Posted Jun 20, 2022
  6. Hello @C2MineCraft,

    Thank you for taking the time to bring awareness to these concerns. Though others above have done a great job at explaining and bringing some light to some of your concerns, I would like to also share my own 2 cents on each point you bring up in your original post.

    Yes, it seems that the communication between the Owners and the community is very minimal and we have only seen them here and there, if any at all. Truth is, and while most may not like to hear this, Owners do a LOT behind the scenes and their main priorities may not include communicating directly with the community on a daily basis. Especially with how busy their lives may be outside of Mineplex. It's a business, not just a server. To make sure the business operates and continues is one of the main priorities. I agree a lot with what @Hazzer105 said in their post above. While having more communication from the Owners would be great like the old days, I don't entirely find that it would be necessary, nor do I think it would change anything. Don't get me wrong, it would be beneficial/nice, but as it was summarized in Haz's post, I unfortunately don't find that the activity will change. A lot of work is done behind the scenes and not done directly in-game from an Owner's side of things. To end on this point, there is truthfully a lot of things that we, the community, realistically do not know about because we do not see everything that the Owner's do.

    Unfortunately, reporting on the forums seems to be the best and most reliable form of reporting players on the server. Why? It is required to be answered. Accepted or denied, the report gets evaluated and the Reports Patrol Member determines if the evidence provided is enough to warrant a punishment. While response times can be quite lengthy at times, I ask that you understand that the Staff Members who volunteer their free time to help the server have lives outside of the server too! As an ex-staff member who was on Reports Patrol Assistance, I can confirm that an influx amount of reports could be quite time consuming and draining to go through. Life outside the server a As far as the report guide is concerned, I feel that it provides an adequate amount of detail regarding the guidelines one most follow to create a player report on our website with the highest chances of it being accepted. It should not have to specify how many clips you need for "certain hacks." Hacks are fairly easy to observe, as they give another player a clear unfair advantage over another player. The best general rule of thumb is "there is never too much evidence." Record until you feel that you have an adequate amount of evidence and provide timestamps if the video is lengthy. Simple. - As nice as Staff Request is, a lot of community members make it out to be a mandatory thing for Staff Members. This creates an issue essentially because players feel that it's necessary to troll/go off-topic in the COM chat to force Staff to respond. Staff are not required to take request in Staff Request, especially if they are busy with other things. It has been said it will never be a mandatory area for Staff to focus on, as it is not an official reporting outlet that is mandatory. Unfortunately, there is no course of action that could be taken to completely eliminate those who choose to use the COM for off-topic/troll conversations other than kicking them from the COM.

    Unless I am mistaken, or unless I do not remember correctly, the Quality Assurance team does not ban for reach unless there are logs to support that type of gameplay behavior. Regular Staff do not have access to GWEN logs/other tools that may help determine if a player is reaching or not. We never banned for reach for that reason, and it could also easily be a ping related issue and not necessarily hacks. I'm also pretty sure GWEN handles reach as well. Anti-KB is handled by regular Staff Members, as it is quite obvious when someone is using it and if it is/is not a ping related issue. You're thinking of Modified KB, which is a bit more tedious/tricky to observe. With that being said, I disagree with allowing regular Staff to handle Mod KB bans. It requires extensive attention, lots of evidence and sometimes other tools such as Gwen logs to determine if the gameplay behavior is natural/unnatural. Won't spend a lot of time on talking about the Anti-Cheat, other than it can always be improved. The truth is that an Anti-Cheat will never be perfect, and there is always room for improvement. It has been said GWEN V2 is in the works and I cannot wait to see what it can do when released!

    All of these things would be nice, but not all of them are feasible. Hiring new Devs seems to be a tedious process, as they have to meet specific requirements to become Dev here on Mineplex. To add to that, the decision of adding more Devs is not as simple as it seems. They have to account for 1. the position is a paid position and 2. is the candidate a long-term/qualified enough candidate? - These do not seem be simple decisions, but I may be wrong. More developers and an improved anti-cheat would be great, yes. All of the Staff policies and rules are very straightforward and are easily within business standards. Customer service, representation, and a caring attitude is a must, and that is clearly outlined in Staff Policy. As for Forum Reports, if there are an influx of reports, it is required that the oldest reports be handled first, no questions asked. With that being a rule, I do not feel that a "deadline" should be enforced, as it would create a feeling of burnout for many of the Report Patrol Members. I do feel strongly on reports being handled in a timely manner, but I also feel that IRL circumstances should be considered as well. Staff again, have lives outside of the server and are not able to attend to the game every single day. They answer the reports as soon as they can get to them, and I feel that is reasonable.

    I understand if you do not agree with my post, I just stood on my soapbox for a minute. I have been a Staff Member here several times and I understand how time consuming and demanding the position can be. And don't get me wrong, I did apply solely for the reason of helping the server/community out and loved every second of it, but I also found that life outside of the server does not pause. Staff do their absolute best and deserve more recognition for the amount of hard work and effort they put forth for the server. Okay tedtalk over! Have a great day/night and thanks for bringing these concerns to light.
    Posted Jun 21, 2022
  7. Howdy!

    Thanks for sharing your concerns on Mineplex. Pointing at the questions/problems you have, I've listed all the answers below. We're always open to receiving feedback and hopefully changing these points.

    1) The owners (As for the server owners here on Mineplex, I agree with you that they aren't active in the community itself. However, owners maintain a lot of work behind the network, keeping the server running. It's also infrequent to see an owner in-game and on the forums. That is just a measure the LT- the team has taken. I'd love to see the owners more in the community, but sometimes there isn't always a solution.

    2) The report-system/Staff Request (The forum reports deal with RP members. If your report hasn't been dealt with for a long time, there is a high chance there isn't sufficient evidence or a reason for punishing. Most of the time, you'll get a message if your report has been dealt with, but that isn't always the case because many reports come through daily. Patient and a sufficient evidence cartridge is the best advice I can get you. For the in-game Staff Request, most of the time, many users are reporting a possible suspected user. Unfortunately, many users also use the Staff Request community as a chat feature that isn't topic-related. If they keep showing this behaviour in Staff Request, our (Co) Leaders will kick them from the community. The staff members are consistently scanning for troublemakers in our SR community to keep it as clean as possible.

    3) The staff and Anti Cheat (I can't tell you all the working features/information behind the Staff team, The only thing I can say to you is for some punishments, for example, modified KB, a specialized staff member has to take a look at it (Sr.Mod --> QA in this case) A 'regular' moderator can make mistakes when punishing for some offences, which can result to a sour look on Mineplex. To prevent this, we have a system dealing with particularly broken offences. Focusing on the Anti Cheat, I have to agree with your point. Sometimes GWEN is removing players in-game if they are lagging or glitching. That is a development issue I can't change, and I am sure the whole moderating team is too. GWEN is certainly not wrong, but there is always space for improvement.

    The staff team is consistently looking for the best here in the community. Also, if you have a good suggestion for our community, feel free to post it on the 'General Idea discussion' thread.

    Have a wonderful day! -Splen-
    Posted Jun 21, 2022
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  8. Yes, I agree with this from what I heard from someone is that Reach clips are never considered. I meant modded KB and yeah it is a lot harder to tell thats why I didn't expand on in and said that I understand the Modded/Anti kb system of reports can only be banned by members with knowledge in the subject.
    I agree with a lot of what you say, and I thank you for your import on the matters.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 21, 2022
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  9. My question is, how is it legal for you to continue to let people buy boosters for money, when you know that the experience system is broken and you can go multiple games without getting any XP registering for your account. This has been broken for 2? years, and the staff has acknowledged this multiple times as being an issue. How do you take money from kids, and not fix this.
    Posted Jun 22, 2022
  10. I'm confused as to what you mean here? XP Boosters can't be bought anymore breaks MC EULA. and as far as I can tell there not available on the store, and the boosters you can by affect everyone. As for the XP registering thing I don't know much about that I've never experienced it.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 22, 2022
  11. The staff already acknowledged the XP thing. And it happens nearly every other game, even if you stay and collect your XP, there's a VERY high chance that it does not register and you lose that XP after a game.
    You can absolutely buy XP boosters, they're the 'network amplifiers' which would be semantics at that point. I, alone, have lost hundreds of thousands of XP from this. And I'm sure most people don't pay attention to their running total.
    Posted Jun 22, 2022
  12. This might only be a bedrock thing I've never noticed this on Java
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 22, 2022

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