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510bike Minecraft Character Drawing

Discussion in 'Arts & Banner Showcase' started by 510bike, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. I’ve been working with Illustrator for a little bit now so I decided to try drawing my Minecraft skin!
    I could use more practice so if anyone wants a drawing feel free to request one down below with your Minecraft character name. It kinda took a while to do though so I’ll probably only be able to do a couple. But yea we’ll see haha.


    I had to use a few references since I’m not the best at free drawing
    Posted Oct 30, 2020
  2. Nice drawing bike!
    Posted Oct 30, 2020
    510bike likes this.
  3. Looks amazing, are you planning on doing commissions in the future or continuing this?

    10/10 should do one for me, not biased at all :3
    Posted Oct 30, 2020
    510bike likes this.
  4. I adore the colours you used ❤️ Very unique and creative style :)
    Posted Oct 30, 2020
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  5. This looks amazing! I love anime-styled artwork and I think you pulled off this drawing quite nicely. Definitely gives off some Haikyuu vibes.
    Posted Oct 30, 2020
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  6. thank you for all the kind comments!

    I hadn’t even thought about commissions to be honest haha. I think I need more practice first, but maybe if people are interested I’d start them at the beginning of 2021. I’d be less busy then too.
    I’m open to requests right now so I’ll start on yours this week :d
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 31, 2020
  7. ill give it a 5.5/10
    Posted Nov 1, 2020
    510bike likes this.
  8. That's a lovely drawing you have, Bike! I'm so proud that you put a lot of effort into it. Besides that, I do love your anime-style art which appeals to me entirely! :)
    Posted Nov 2, 2020
    510bike likes this.
  9. This is an insanely good drawing, and it looks really professional! It matches your current skin perfectly, and I absolutely love the headband you drew under your hair. I personally think you should open up commissions, and keep up the amazing work!!

    Posted Nov 2, 2020
    510bike likes this.

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