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5 People in one Team Glitch & Team Queue Glitch

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by InfuiBoom, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Heyyo! I just thought that a few of these glitches have been going on for some time now.

    The first glitch is that sometimes when I join a full game of Cake Wars, the amount of players in one team is exceeding in 4v4v4v4. It's more like 5v4v4v4. This is actually a big glitch because it happens like 10% when I am in a game of Cake Wars Standard.

    The next glitch is the Team Queue glitch. You know how you can choose what team you are on in Cake Wars? Well, about 25% of the time, for example, once I queue for blue, I somehow get on the green team, then me and my party splits into two different teams. But like I said, this happens 25% of the time, and it's still going on, which I find quite weird.

    Picture of a glitched queue on the RED TEAM

    Posted Sep 1, 2019
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  2. Hey!

    I have noticed the first glitch you mentioned as well. It is definitely annoying and I'm sure the developers will fix this! I'm almost positive this is a first priority issue. As far as the 2nd glitch you mention it is not a guaranteed chance that you will be on the team due to matchmaking. Matchmaking can work weird but if there is a party of 4 sometimes it might just default to the team that you picked or more then 4 players have selected that team and is forced to kick random player/s out of it. If nobody selected that team and there is no parties on then that is a glitch.

    Best Regards,
    Posted Sep 1, 2019
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  3. Thank you for commenting, and yes, even without parties the Team Queue glitch still happens about 25% of the time. I really do hope the coders and developers of Mineplex fix this common issue.

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 1, 2019
  4. With the first glitch, I'm pretty sure that ranked players have the ability to join full games. So a party in a lobby with 16 people can invite a player with a rank from outside the lobby to join causing the 5v4v4v4. Personally, it's not too annoying but one player can make a difference in a game.
    Posted Sep 13, 2019
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