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2020! Cakewars Guide (Bedrock)

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by NothinButNet, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Alright I am ready to share my method on how I get quick and easy wins. I made a guide awhile ago but its a little outdated so its time for the 2020 guide! THIS IS FOR REGULAR MODE

    This will be broken down into different sections.

    Skills Needed:
    •W Tapping, Forward Button Tap(Xbox/PE)
    •S Tapping, Backward Button Tap (Xbox/PE)
    •Jump Bridge (Win10/Xbox), Sprint Bridge (PE)
    •Smart Decision Making
    •Resource/Shop IQ
    •Map Knowledge
    *Comfortable Settings

    1. “Strafing”

    You can do this on all platforms. This is when you move side to side or in a circle around your opponent making it harder to hit you. Just running or walking forward and hitting your opponent isn’t going to do much. This will make you easy to hit and well its not good to be hit lol. My advice is to try and be unpredictable to your opponent when Strafing and mix things up. If you need help with strafing, youtube is a fantastic place to learn how to do strafe. Channels like Adviser, Intel Edits, Ect. Teach a lot of good pvp advice that can be applicable on bedrock aswell.

    2. “W and S Tapping ect.”

    Whether your on keyboard, controller, or mobile you can do some form of this. Basically what W and S tapping do is reset the amount of knockback you deal. When you straight line and hit someone they won’t take a lot of knockback. So basically hold down the sprint button but essentially let go of W(Forward) or S(backward) and reset and continue hitting. This deals more knockback which is very useful on bedrock mineplex because sometimes its really hard to deal knockback. Once again if you don’t understand what Im talking about pleaasee go look up “W Tapping and S tapping” on youtube and look for guide videos. This is a very important aspect to pvp

    3. “Jump Bridge/Speed Bridge”

    On Bedrock Edition it is soooo easy to bridge and it makes rushing teams fast and quick. This is very crucial to the method I will teach and you need to know how to do this or else this will not work for you!

    Win10/Xbox Only Bridge

    All Platforms Can Bridge

    4. “Smart Decision Making”

    Many things happen in games that can really put you in a messy situation. Just be smart especially when your cake has been eaten and don’t make any dumb mistakes like going in on a team that is way more prepared than you.

    5. “Resource Spending/Shop IQ”

    It is important that you know what you need ti buy at different points of the game and also know how much things cost! Try memorizing the prices on items and where they are located in the shop so that when you go to buy them you don’t get distracted and buy something you don’t need. It is crucial you understand what things to buy and what not to buy.

    6. “Map Knowledge”

    How many blocks between islands?
    Are there Glitchy Parts of the map?
    Hiding Spots where people will hide?

    These are all things you should be aware about and know. I have all the maps broken down fir you so here you go.

    12-16 Blocks from Team Island to Middle Point
    6-8 Blocks from Team Island to Emerald Point

    |Marleys Mushroom|
    16-20 Blocks from Team Island to Middle
    12-16 Blocks from Team Island to Emerald

    |Cherry Falls|
    18-20 Blocks from Team Island to Middle
    12-16 Blocks from Team Island to Emerald

    20-24 Blocks from Team Island to Middle
    20-24 Blocks from Team Island to Emerald

    20-24 Blocks from Team Island to Middle
    24-30 Blocks from Team Island to Emerald

    18-20 Blocks from Team Island to Middle
    20-24 Blocks from Team Island to Emerald
    12-16 Blocks from Middle to Emerald
    *Blocks cannot be picked up after destruction*

    |Plenty O’ Fish|
    18-20 Blocks from Team Island to Middle
    14-16 Blocks from Team Island to Emerald
    *Only BLUE and YELLOW can cover cake
    *RED and GREEN cannot cover back of cake

    Use these to calculate how many bricks you want to spend on wool blocks so you can rush quickly and efficiently

    7. “Comfortable Settings”

    Everyone is different on how they want their pvp settings are. Do what makes you feel comfortable such as “FOV” and “Sensitivity” settings can vary depending on the player. However some settings are actually believe it or not are causing you to lag! PE players especially need to turn these off or else you will lag more then you want to.
    *Turn Off “Fancy Graphics”
    *Turn Off “Render Clouds”
    *Turn Off “Beautiful Skys”
    *Change Render Distance between 12-14

    Congratulations you are ready to put your skills to the final test and get into a game of cakewars!


    1. Use Map Knowledge and Shop IQ to calculate how many bricks you need to rush another team efficiently and fast. Whatever map you get is the factor on how quick you can get going.
    2. After getting (16) or (32) or (48) Blocks of wool and a Iron Sword decide what team to go for.
    3. Depending on the distances decide if going through middle to get to someone base is the quickest or if emerald point is quicker. It all depends on map.
    4. (Jump Bridge) or (Speed Bridge) to (Middle) or (Emerald) point. Than Bridge to enemies base. I usually choose the highest player count team and rush them.
    5. You arrive and always focus on eating the cake. At this time they most likely have a wool defense or nothing so crouch and eat the cake. Always kill anyone who comes near you using the pvp skills you know and get them low enough so that you can eat their cake and team wipe them.
    6. After you team wipe and kill their whole team go and sit on their team generator and buy enough wool to go to the next teams base. Now at this point of the game they could have endstone so whoever you choose make sure to buy either a picaxe or armor. Armor for a team that still has a wool or no defense. Picaxe for endstone team. Go and do the same thing you did to the previous team and rush em
    7. After you eat their cake and wipe out their team you can tase victory because theres one team left. Now if you were smart you chose to rush all the teams that had the most players so the small team should be left. Usually ranges from 1-2 players.
    8. Get Full Iron or about Full Iron and more wool and go to the last teams base and take them out.

    Posted Jan 12, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 12, 2020
  2. *ahem ps4 can jump bridge :squint:
    Posted Jan 12, 2020
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  3. PS4 is in the Xbox category lmao
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 12, 2020
  4. lol you’re going to get comboed easily if you s tap
    Posted Jan 12, 2020
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  5. W Tapping is the one I use but S tapping sometimes works
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 12, 2020
  6. Somebody did their homework, big clap for u but i won't use any of ur tips just because your too slowww c:

    jk, maybe....
    Posted Jan 16, 2020
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  7. Good guide, I tried to do it but it just feels so unnatural and weird being able to jump bridge. Bedrock is weeeiiiirrrdd.
    Posted Jan 16, 2020
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  8. Former pro tip: literally rush and get points. Record hackers and report. Always bring a pick to the second team u rush.
    Posted Feb 3, 2020
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  9. Hey net, this is a great guide for everyone, especially newcomers! One thing that I would suggest is buying a pickaxe right off the start of the game in case all 3 of the other teams have a defense with blocks that require a pickaxe to break. If people don't want to do that, they should have someone rush with them that has a pickaxe.

    I'm sure several players will appreciate this guide you put together for the community! -Dan
    Posted Feb 9, 2020,
    Last edited Feb 9, 2020
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  10. Hey there.

    I really love this guide, and how it explains in depth each strategy that you suggested. What I personally like to do is get brick, and then run for the shop, get wool and build out to two of the emerald points straight off of the bat. Usually, one of my teammates will take care of covering the bed, if not the bed being covered is my first priority. Then, I save up for all iron armor with an iron sword. As emeralds slowly start to come in, and you think you need enchantments, go capture the middle point to get nether stars. The first Team Upgrade that I purchase every time is protection. If someone on your team isn't a pvper, then this will help keep them alive a little longer. Next we get sharpness, etc, etc.

    But, while all of this is happening! We notice our emerald income has heavily decreased, and look over to see that the team adjacent to us has taken over one of our points. With the current emeralds I have, I like to get a diamond sword and then helmet, and so on, and then go attack! There are multiple clicking strategies to help boost your attack skill, and I could make a whole other thread on that, so I won't go there right now. But, you click, click, and click a few more times until you kill them. You then capture your emerald points back. Once you have all diamond, or close to there, get shears, a pickaxe, and a teammate and go attack another team. Usually what I do is try to kill all of the players, eat their cake, then kill them again. This will eliminate them. Then I repeat.

    This is my usual winning strategy for CakeWars, and I hope it helped.

    Thanks so much for putting this thread out there with such detail, by the way.
    Posted Feb 9, 2020
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