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1v1 Super Smash Mobs

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by CowHatake, Jan 4, 2020.


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  2. No

  3. Yes, but with some tweaks and changes

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  1. 1v1 Super Smash Mobs

    The main idea with this thread is to have a version of Super Smash Mobs where instead of having it be 1v1v1v1 it would just be you versus one other player. I believe that there is a large enough player base in the SSM community in order to make this a thing.

    Using an Elo system we can calculate the skill levels of players and therefore give accurate match up's. By doing this we don't give higher ranked players too easy players to go against and vise versa. If you win than your Elo will go up and if you lose than it will go down. The system will match you up with the closest ranked player in Elo and put you in a match with them, a twist on this to make sure that a player isn't waiting for ages or to make sure that they will be placed in a proper lobby. Is to mark all games where a player is below 2 lives and match players with the closest Elo in those games as well as the players in the queue. This way the player doesn't have to wait long for the other person's game to finish and they can be ranked with the closest player. If the player leaves after this process than they will go through the same process again until a match is found.

    Another alternative to Elo:
    We could also use a system of ranking kind of like Rocket League. Where we place players in tiers based on their skill at SSM. Using this system we can match players in the same (or closest if no one is online) tier as them. This way more players more players will be in a tier together so it can have more matches, while the players might not be as close in terms of skill the players will be relatively close and matches will be found quicker.

    A topic that is highly debated in the SSM community is whether or not Smash Crystals should be removed. I believe that in the lobby there should be an option to vote whether or not you want Smash Crystals on or not. If one player votes yes and one player votes no than the system will randomly pick one of the two. If no players vote than it will automatically be set to on. On top of this, smash crystals will not be as much of an issue due to the fact that games will end quicker and not have as much of a chance to spawn.

    If you are in a party you will automatically be queued together. Although you will not obtain any Elo if you are in a party with the other player.

    - Reach either ____ amount of Elo (or reach ____ tier)
    (Use the same achievements from 1v1v1v1 SSM unless other ideas are thought of)

    Kits: Use the same kits as normal SSM

    Overall, I think that the idea has some potential but there may need to be some tweaks before it goes into action. There wouldn't have to be much coding that goes into it either as the general idea of the game is already laid out in the original version of Super Smash Mobs.​
    Posted Jan 4, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 5, 2020
  2. YES, I would love a pot/uhc duel with elo system as well. If you are in a party, will you be qued up with each other? If so, I’m assuming it won’t count towards elo points.
    Posted Jan 4, 2020
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  3. I will add a section about parties into the post, thanks for the idea :)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 4, 2020
  4. I was actually thinking of posting about a 1v1 SSM mode with rankings, You’ve said everything I would’ve said and much more! I would love to see this added, it would really be a ton of fun, SSM is already a fun game but a 1v1 mode seems like it would be even more fun, and to top it off the elo adds incentive to play and be one of the best. +1
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  5. I remember replying to a very similar thread in the past, so I found a link to that post: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/ssm-1v1-mode.85588/#post-295792

    In this post, he suggests a similar idea where there is a competitive 1v1 mode for players in SSM. This thread was generally poorly received for a couple of reasons, which I’ll try to break down here for you, and I’ll also try to provide my own insight.

    1. It splits up the SSM community. Although this statement seems overused everywhere, to an extent it is true. With the few players we have in this community it would be hard to pull of a new game mode for the same game, especially considering that it would be the third game. If this game was added, I feel like it would have the potential to be a highly popular game and might steal a lot of the players from 1v1v1v1 and 2v2v2v2. Although at the end of the day this likely would not be the biggest issue, it’s still something we have to consider when looking at new potential games.

    2. SSM kits are kind of unbalanced, which would make this impossible to pull off. Like also said in this thread, there’s a lot of different kits in SSM which makes it generally harder to keep them all balanced. That being said, anyone could use a kit that’s a bit over-powered at the moment and completely clean someone. I’ve seen in 1v1s in MPSs that all it takes to win an SSM 1v1 is one unbalanced kit. Unfortunately, there’s lots of changes that need to be made before the kits in this game are balanced enough to make all 1v1 matches fair, and I think this is a genuine reason to hold off on this gamemode.

    3. There’s already a way to 1v1 someone in SSM! I know I’m mostly missing the point of your thread here, which is to add a competitive, stats-tacking version of SSM where people can 1v1, but to me it seems a bit redundant to add this when another option for 1v1ing is widely available. This isn’t as big an issue as the others and shouldn’t be a reason to keep the game out of Mineplex, but it still is an issue I see.

    I do like your idea though. You’ve clearly put a lot of effort into this idea and I commend you for it. In an ideal world, I would like to see this game being added to Mineplex. In a broader sense it’s a great game and would be a great fit, but logistically speaking it has some issues that might prevent it from working properly or working at all.

    I really do like your idea of voting for Smash Crystals. It is a controversial topic and I think letting it come down to the players is a great way to decide whether or not to use it in the game. I think your proposed voting system would work great for this.

    Overall, I like your idea but I see some logistical issues that prevent them from working properly. Good idea! +0
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  6. I think that It should be a gladiator tournament system where 2 people fight and 2 other people fight and the winners fight eachother. This will make it so mineplex wont have to make too many extra servers.
    I think the games will go quicker too because passive play is discouraged in a 1v1 situation, since there are no other players who can save one of the players.
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  7. For this to be implemented, smash crystals need to be removed entirely. There is no place for such a broken ridiculous unbalanced luck based item in a competitive gamemode. I'm actually starting to warm up to the idea of a 1v1 like this though. Smash mobs is an unique game that isn't found anywhere else on minecraft servers and a competitive version could be a big draw.
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
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  8. Heyo!
    As @saltyfishhy stated, with all of those points, I don't see this necessarily being that important, as for now!
    The reason being, simply because we can do /mps for Legend+ Ranks and if this were implemented, I'd suggest that you could only do it in MPS, referring back to @saltyfishhy 's post, giving all points, also adding on that you could upload your scores to the scoreboard, but then I guess you could party up and then blatantly win or lose.
    Sorry but I'll be giving this suggestion a -1 simply because of all the points @saltyfishhy stated. I hope you could see where I came from, in giving this opinion.
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  9. I was planing on purposing this idea in a few days. I tend to find myself either playing against people who either are still learning double jump mechanics or know how to triple jump consistently and destroy everyone. I always find it enjoyable to play against people who at my same skill level and slightly above. This is how I would implement the system so the least amount of dev work is needed.

    Instead of creating a network of game servers to run the mode, which would require a network server to dictate who is sent to where to 1v1. Instead, we could use clans style 80 player server and just have multiple maps in the server.

    My proposal for the ELO system:
    Winning allows players to gain various amounts of points depending on the player they battle against.
    All players start with 0 points. (cant be negative)
    The rating system is hidden by default, so newer players don't get discouraged by the lower score. A /prefs setting will allow you to see you and your opponents ratting.

    Winning against someone with higher ELO: 5+ points (-5 for losing)
    Winning against someone with the same ELO: 3+ points (-3 for losing)
    Winning against someone with lower ELO: 1+ points (1- for losing)

    There are two matchmaking queues. (reasoning for this is in the last line of this section)
    When the player first joins and chooses to 1v1, they will be put into one of the two queues randomly.
    Each one will wait until 30 seconds have passed to send players to 1v1s.
    If the player count is odd in any of the queues, the timer will say "any second now" and wait for one more player.
    When both players finish there match, the first player to leave and queue for another one will be put randomly into one of the two queues again.
    If the other player chose to play again as well, they will be put into the queue that the other player is not in, this way you cant boost or drain your ELO due to the same person twice in a row.

    Choosing to 1v1 Someone in Particular:
    /party with a party of 2 players will instantly put the two against one another, and ELO can not be changed.
    This part is exactly how CowHatake purposed it to be.

    Why is this mode a good idea (in my opinion):
    I think it would help the game mode attract new players as new players would have the option to 1v1 new players before going into a 1v1v1v1 or 2v2v2.
    It allows pros to easily set up matchups without needing an MPS or having to take over a game lobby.
    It would not split the player base enough to cause problems, as both of the original modes can run at the same time with only 10 players, while the new mode would only need 2.

    Technical Info:
    If all Mineplex servers are the same, pool... (both hub, MPS and games servers can be spawned and respawned as any of the three types) then another sever can be spawned to run the mode if the player count is close to going over 80.
    In addition, if the player counts are going low, then the server with the longest run time will send all players after there 1v1s back to the main lobby to go to another other server. Once all players have left, the server will close.

    If the server structure is not like this, then clans style dedicated server or servers can be used.

    1+ from me.
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  10. Replying to Saltyfishyys post.

    You started off saying that adding a 1v1 game mode would split up the SSM community, while that is true I think that it’s irrelevant, even if half the people playing 1v1v1v1 leave there will still be 6-15 games of SSM running at all time, so it wouldn’t really be that bad of a thing, and considering that the 1v1 version of SSM would be much more competitive, it means a lot more of the tryhardy players that do play SSM actively would be trying to climb the 1v1 ladder, I don’t really see this affecting the SSM player base in a bad way at all.

    You also said that this wouldn’t work because some SSM kits are unbalanced which is also true but ultimately... also irrelevant Good SSM kits Bad SSM kits, it really doesn’t matter, as someone who has mained over half of the SSM kits at one point in time or another I can really say that while a lot of the SSM kits need do deserve to be buffed/nerfed/reworked all the kits in SSM are playable and work in their own unique ways there are a lot of underrated kits, I can only think of a few kits that wouldn’t be able to survive in the 1v1 version of SSM these kits would probably be Sheep (only because it’s smash and wooly rocket are broken and it’s probably only a B tier even if both of this things were fixed” Chicken, Wither skeleton, And maybe even magma cube considering magma cube gets more damage when getting kills which would be harder to do in a 1v1 mode. I don’t really see this being a problem.

    You also said there’s already a way to 1v1 in SSM, Well in this competitive version of SSM you can get Elo giving a lot more incentive to play other than just beating your friend over and over again in a mps, you need incentive to face players your level, if you went into a lobby and asked someone with 1000 SSM wins to fight you in a Mps, they probably wouldn’t care, and not everyone is Legend rank.

    Overall, I like your idea but there are a few logistical issues that would prevent your post from getting a like from me -3
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  11. Dude, I already asked for this weeks ago and staff rejected the idea, I though it would've been a good idea too but.
    Posted Jan 17, 2020
  12. Because this is an idea of a preexisting game on the server, I'm going to be moving this to Game Alterations as it's better suited there.

    Thread Moved: New Game Ideas ↠ Game Alterations

    I'm actually not much of an SSM player myself, so I wouldn't be able to provide much insight or a valid opinion on this thread. I do have to say, however, that the reason why most ideas / games that have to do with "solo" get denied is for the following reasons.
    • Division of the community for that game
    • There's already 2 modes (1v1v1v1 / to2)
    • Development time/resources better suited elsewhere
    I actually found a message from @Tilgorn in a different thread (specifically, a competitive/ranked Cake Wars thread, but it fits in this scenario as you suggested the same thing but for SSM) in which they speaks about why it wouldn't work on the server. You can view the reply in the spoiler below.

    If you'd like to see some other denied threads that have suggested an idea similar to yours, I will leave the links below.
    (Two of them are Cake Wars threads and not SSM, but they do a good job in explaining why solo mode / ELO's just won't work for the network at the moment.)
    Posted Feb 5, 2020
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