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10 second rule and such

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by LegoNick1208, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. Ok so why do you have a post cooldown between posts? There is not a risk of spam, almost nobody even has a forums account compared to the small player count. Its just annoying. Why does it say that my post is short so i should leave a like? My "Short post" is 150 characters AND is CONTRADICTING what the post said, as there are no dislikes/reactions liking it wont get my point across, and this is the only scenario that i ever get this pop up box. Is its only purpose to annoy forum users and waste time?
    Posted Jun 14, 2021
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  2. I assume that this message is there in order to promote constructive criticism and make sure that players explain the reasoning behind certain comments.
    Another reason could be to prevent blatant post boosting and motivate users to write more quality, thoughtful posts.
    Despite the fact that the playerbase might not be enormous, spam is still a factor and needs to be prevented. Having said that, I would agree that the cooldown can be reduced, perhaps halved at best, but some sort of an anti-spam feature is required on the forums for sure.
    Posted Jun 14, 2021
  3. eh true i guess, its just really annoying when writing posts like this
    Edit: it happened on this one as well
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 14, 2021
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  4. There is definitely a risk of spam, there are a lot of forum registered users and many new people keep registering. I agree with you on the fact that there are a very small number of people active on the forums or posting even every once in a while in comparison to the number of people in-game, but the threat of bots or compromised accounts spamming is definitely real and we should prevent it as much as we can. The cooldown does not exist for Sr.Moderators+, though, and I'm open to discussing removing the cooldown for lower than that or maybe even for Immortals or other high perks. But definitely not for everybody.

    It's to promote more constructive criticism as well as detailed responses, 99% of the time even if you do not agree with an idea I guarantee you can write more than one sentence on your reasoning - usually what I do is explain why it wouldn't work in a bit more detail and offer a suggestion of my own. You do not have to do this, though, it's just highly encouraged. I'm not too bogged on the warning as it's just an automatic alert and you can easily skip past it. It has caught me a few times so I tried to be more elaborate.

    I'm pretty sure this isn't even enabled in every section, either, just the ones where it would apply - so ideas and feedback, for example, and I'm sure you could understand why. Even if there was a dislike button, it's still good to encourage more of a discussion rather than leaving your thoughts in the form of a +/-1 which ultimately does not show anything other than support, it doesn't even bump the thread. Discussion is good, getting involved is good.
    Posted Jun 14, 2021
  5. how about no cooldowns on wall posts? Spamming on wall posts wouldnt be as big of a deal, and I think on walls whoever wall it is can just delete it
    Also maybe just to lower the risk even more only disable the cooldown for comments so it could be deleted all at once
    And it doesn't even need to be 3ntirely removed, maybe just like halved to 15 seconds
    Posted Jun 14, 2021

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