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♦️Mineplex Turf Wars Guide♦️

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by PVRKI, Aug 6, 2019.


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  1. [​IMG]

    Hey All!
    After getting over 100 wins in turf wars I have decided to show the community what I have learned, tips and tricks, videos, and help on getting better. DISCLAIMER anything that I say is not a "you have to do this" type of thing, this is all just my opinion for things that work for me and they might not for everyone. This thread will be divided into 2 sections, strategies and tips and tricks. Enough talking! Lets get into this.


    This is a strategy that I recommend for the new players, because its easy and also protective. It is not the best for your team though depending on how good you are. The strategy is staying in the back or building a very safe fort and protecting yourself over getting kills. Your main objective is to only go for kills if its safe. If you are new to turf wars or you are not the best with the bow then I recommend to play like this. It will get you started off and will help you progress and learn more with the bow. Easy to do, not that effective, but a good overall strategy for new players.

    This is one of my favorite strategies to do because it is very difficult to counter but yet it is very effective if you master it. This involves a specific type of built structure. As shown in the spoiler you will be in your crouched position and will be using the name tags around you or your third person view to determine where to shoot your arrow when you jump. Make sure you are behind a two block high structure so it is very difficult for someone to shoot you. It is possible for someone to kill you if they get lucky and hit you the second you jump, or if they have the high ground, and it is possible to line up with your bow. If the opponent is not highly skilled it would talk them a second to line up. Most the of time the player stands still which is the perfect time to shoot them. You can go into third person to look over the edge and see where players are and if they are moving or just look at the name tags through the wall to see. This strategy is pretty effective if you get it down, but can be tricky if the players have a lot of wool everywhere, but it is a little hard to pick up and master.


    This probably one of the hardest strategies to learn and pull off, there are so many different things that can happen and that you can do. Firstly, it is very risky because you have to run right to the edge of your turf. The thing about touching the other teams turf is that it sends you flying back in the air, this is good because it gives you a very unpredictable moving pattern for opponents when you run up, and that you have the higher ground on the opponent. You can just normally run up to the turf and get flung back or you can strategically run up with a block behind you to either be sent straight up or fling to the side instead of behind. This will keep you close and keep pressure on them and will not make you have to run all the way back. You have to play very aggressive and play very unpredictable and never stand still.This is very dangerous, hard to pull off, but super effective if used in the right hands.


    Tips- I think the biggest tip I can give any player is to just get good and learn the bow to the best of your ability. The best way to do this is to just experiment and to practice, practice, practice. Anytime I have found someone who is really good with the bow more than 90% of the time if you check the leader board they are in the top 10. It is all really just practice but I recommend trying out different things that work for you. You could like flicking better than tracking or more aggressive up close bow fights or farther away, you just have to figure out.
    Also, it is also very effective to learn your opponents and then choose how you want to play from there. Sometimes you will get a very bad enemy team, if this happens you might want to play aggressive and finish the game fast. If they are a good team you will want to play cautious and only peek out if you have to.
    Classes: I really recommend the Marksman class, this will give you the most arrows and the most wool and it is a one shot kill. The Infiltrator class is only good for situations where you are about to win and there is not much turf left or not many players, but that is just my opinion. The Shredder class is a type of class where only a couple people should be playing on a team if you are grouped up. They are really good for destroying large amounts of wool and is very good at clean the area up. It is not a one shot kill but it shoots multiple arrows out giving you a higher chance at hitting your target.
    Never Stand Still! Make sure you are always moving and never stand still for more than 3 seconds, they will get you fast and will target people who stand still and look like an easy target.

    Tricks- The best trick I could tell you is to always be looking at name tags, these are your main source for searching for people. Following the tags with your cross hair to make sure you are aiming right is important so you know that you are lined up before you shoot. Another trick is to memorize the cross hair placement for certain areas. If you are trying to kill someone out of their spawn make sure you shoot an arrow and see if it lands where you want it. If it does that use that point as a reference for any time you see someone coming out and shoot from that point.


    Thank you so much for reading my thread, it took along time to make and format. I hope I could help some people out with some strategies or just general information. If you have any questions about anything go ahead and PM me. Thanks again!

    Posted Aug 6, 2019
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  2. Nice thread, that can get people started in playing better, there are a few more strategies not mentioned that are very affective. But this can get players to understand the different ways of playing and can figure out other methods from it.
    Posted Aug 6, 2019
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  3. Holaaa!

    I overall love this guide and the tips you gave. This was super helpful for me as I’m trying to get back into turf wars. This guide is amazing and will be really helpful to new players trying to get into turf wars. I can’t to try these tips out.

    Posted Aug 7, 2019
  4. Nice guide! This will definitely help me out in turf wars.
    Posted Aug 7, 2019
  5. Very, very nice PARKI! Definitely a good start for new Turf War players, especially with the spoilers. You are very correct, practice, practice, practice is the name of the game for Turf... it will only make you better. I agree with taking a passive role in the beginning that is allows you to get a feel for the game, the bow and arrows and how players play, especially those on the opposite team. There is really no need for aggressive game play by going out in front without any barrier, this will only result in your death and will disappoint your teammates who are looking to win ... at some point when you have became a good strong player being in front works but isn't always your best game play... so it is always evaluate each game to determine how it is best for you to play.

    My suggestions on practicing, besides of course playing Turf Wars is to use your Minecraft world as a place to practice with being in survival and trying to live through the night. Another is setting up a 64 block shooting gallery, with each 10 blocks another color so you know if you shot to 20 or 40 or past the 64 block. I set up a bullseye at the end of the 64 block line and in the center I place a 2 block black wook block that is the person, upper body and head shot is in the top block so aim for it... you a guaranteed to get better and better the more you can observer where and how you shoot and the arrows trajectory. Another, I have started doing with much success is I kill the flying bats... such fun... or even more is to spawn the vector. Just some out of game ideas for practice or if you have friends in your world, play for a while practicing trying to shoot each other while moving, now you have human targets.

    But enjoy the game... don't get so serious as to rage quit! Be willing to learn from others and be willing to ask for help or hints from the good players or the top Turf War leaderboard players ... they should give hint of help verses criticism... if you get criticism from them report them or even post... they should help not hinder. Good luck to all and great game play PARKI ... :sigils:
    Posted Aug 7, 2019
  6. I absolutely love this guide!

    First of all, I want to commend you for taking the extra effort of creating awesome graphics and videos for the guide. This must have been quite a bit of work, but it certainly payed off nicely.

    As someone who is decent at turf wars myself, I completely agree with your strategies and tips. Personally, I always use the Marksman class, as well as the crouch jumping strategy. I find that this works best for me, as I am quite good at pre-aiming and hitting my shots when I jump. I think I need to keep practicing the edge jumping strategy if I want to master that as well.

    Overall, this is a super awesome guide that I'm sure will help many players improve their turf wars skills. Thanks for making it!
    Posted Aug 7, 2019
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  7. This is so cool! Glad you put this up for others!
    Posted Aug 16, 2019
  8. Heyo!
    As a pretty bad turf wars player myself, I definitely need these tips and tricks. I didn't even know about some of the things on this thread, and it is really well formated. One thing I'd suggest would be easy ways to unlock the achievements or something relevant to that. I look forward to any upcoming guides from you, and keep up the good work!
    Posted Aug 16, 2019
  9. Thanks a lot for the tips! I really suck at Turf wars, these tips will surely help me. I'm learning a lot of mistakes I make, and all the good things I should be doing in Turf wars. Thanks again, I look forward to any other guides you make.
    Posted Aug 16, 2019
  10. A big thing is learning the arrows flight as others mentioned, knowing when it drops at what distance help dramatically in kills.
    Another key is crouch, if they don’t see your name tag then less likely you are going to get noticed, of course your arrows are seen , so moving from one side to the other of a small wall helps.

    Learn to shoot at players without seeing them, meaning stand back a few blocks from the wall and aim at the nametags, which is aiming higher than the name tag, but that’s because of arrow drop, the further away they are the higher you have to aim, and knowing the drop rate of the arrow helps you judge the shot one shot instead of many shots at the same person
    Posted Aug 17, 2019
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  11. Hey buddy!

    This is an amazing, detailed, and well-structured guide for Turf Wars. I do play Turf Wars in my spare time, so I am aware of most of the strategies, tips and tricks mentioned but I did learn a few things from the tips and tricks section. I think that this guide will definitely benefit lots of players, whether it be new Turf Wars players, or even people new to Minecraft. Really great work, good dedication to helping others out. :)
    Posted Aug 24, 2019
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  12. Hey there!

    I must say, great job on the thread! This must've taken you a bit on time to put together. It's really informative and your writing ability is really good. It's really easy to read through the guide, and the video demonstrations are awesome as well, and a good way of demonstrating how to do something. I have used the Edge Jump Strategy before and it's really difficult to do unless you've been doing it for a while. It gives you a good boost in the air and I really only did it to land some cool trick-shots. I don't play Turf Wars often, but when I do, it's really fun. Especially when I'm playing with or against friends. I usually only play Turf Wars in MPS's, but other than that, it's a great game. Thank you for making this guide!

    Have a great rest of your day!


    Posted Aug 25, 2019
  13. I will have to admit, I am not very good at turf wars but this is very enriching to read. I will try to use these tactics to get better at it! Very informative and Awesome job!
    Posted Aug 25, 2019
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