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  1. Competition Awards

    1. Map Master

      Winner of the Map Submission competition.

  2. Staff Awards

    1. Staff Of The Month

      Awarded monthly to Senior Moderators who perform excellently on their Subteam.

    2. Mod Of The Month

      Awarded monthly to Moderators who perform excellently as a Moderator as well as on any potential other subteams.

  3. Sr.Mod Subteams

    1. Reports Patrol Assistant

      Senior Moderators who assist the Reports Patrol team in handling player reports submitted through https://www.mineplex.com/reports.

  4. Mod+ Subteams

    1. Rules Committee

      Staff members responsible for the Mineplex Game and Discord rules. They maintain and update the rules on a regular basis and help other staff members out with rule related questions internally.

    2. Clans Management Assistant

      Moderators who assist the Clans Management team in dealing with Clans and Clans-Related Moderation duties.

    3. Forum Moderator

      Forum Moderators moderate the forums and create a better environment for the forums in general.

    4. Mentoring Assistant

      Moderators in charge of assisting Staff Management members.

    5. Recruitment Assistant

      Moderators who assist the Mineplex Recruitment team in the Recruitment of new Moderation Team members.

    6. Reports Patrol Clans

      Clans Management and Clans Management Assistance members who can process reports submitted in the Clans Section of www.mineplex.com/clansreport.

    7. Stream Team

      Moderators who help Moderate Youtubers' and Streamers' games.

    8. Content Creator Council

      Moderators in charge of managing the users accepted into the “Content Creator” project.

  5. Trainee+ Subteams

    1. Media Team

      Trainees and Moderators who handle anything related to Mineplex Art, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Social Media, etc. for various parts of the Server.

    2. Reports Patrol

      Trainees and Moderators who assist the community with handling player reports that are submitted through https://www.mineplex.com/reports.

  6. Builder Subteams

    1. Mineplex Marketplace Team

      Members who create content for the Minecraft Marketplace under the Mineplex Team.

    2. Builder Apps Team

      This team is the masters. These guys make sure only the best will make it on the Mineplex Build Team, and help you get there if you aren't quite up to par!

    3. Map Submissions Team

      This team goes over an analyses community submitted maps and edits them to work with our games. From putting down spawn points, to removing annoying towers in the middle of your map, these members are the heart of making sure your map gets on Mineplex!

    4. Map Issues Team

      This team goes through maps themselves and community submitted bugs to remove map related bugs. This can be holes in maps or completely unbalanced maps that got past QA. Small bugs usually skip past QA for a fast turnaround.

  7. Community Team

    1. Event Assistance

      Users who assist with the event hosting & management on Mineplex.

    2. Game Insights

      Users experienced in certain game(s), who help give input on game changes and updates.

    3. Ideas Team

      Users who search for, discuss, and critique various ideas created by the community.

    4. Newsletter Program

      The Newsletter team is dedicated to creating monthly newsletters for the community. The team will be responsible for researching, brainstorming, developing, and creating articles that are both engaging, and professional for the Newsletter.

    5. Map Testing Team

      This team tests the maps created by the Build Team and the community to ensure they're up to standard before being pushed to the server. You may apply for it here.

    6. Quality Assurance Testing

      Community Members and Moderators who assist the Quality Assurance team in testing games and features.

    7. Translations Team

      Users who help us translate and proof read various things for Mineplex.