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Mineplex General Rules

We want to offer everybody a safe environment where they are able to have fun, meet new people, share their opinions, and be respected on the network. The focus of our rules is to ensure a positive and accepting environment for all our users.

In order to achieve this we enforce a set of rules focused on the following:

1. Keep your account secure
Account security is your responsibility, you should never share your account to anyone for any reason. Make sure to always have a strong and unique password for all of your accounts. Do not use accounts that you did not purchase from https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/
2. Do not spam
Do not participate in “spammy” or “trolling” behaviour that is inherently disruptful to Mineplex or other users.
3. Treat other users with respect
Do not participate in or encourage rudeness, abuse, discrimination/racism, or harassment of other users. All members of our community have a right to be respected and partake in an enjoyable experience. Do not continue to try and interact with users after they have made clear they do not want to continue talking to you anymore.
4. Do not use inappropriate language and/or create inappropriate content
We want to offer users of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to interact with all users on the network without being exposed to inappropriate content. This includes profanity, slurs, abbreviations, or any other content that is not appropriate for children of all ages.
5. Do not make threats or recommendations of violence or malicious activity towards Mineplex or other users, or partake in such activities
Malicious threats or wishes of harm of any kind towards any user are not permitted, even as a “joke”.
6. Do not abuse our platform to advertise external servers, websites, or services
We explicitly filter links and IPs to services that may not be advertised on our platform. Do not attempt to circumvent our filters or actively promote/redirect users to check out content outside our approved platforms. You may find a list of our approved links here.
7. Do not attempt to use our platforms for the purposes of engaging in any sort of transactions or scamming
Do not attempt to use our platform(s) for the purposes of engaging in the exchange of any goods/items outside of approved giveaway purposes. Any attempt to scam users is not permitted.
8. Do not infringe on anyone’s intellectual property
Plagiarising content without permission and/or giving appropriate credit is not permitted.
9. Play fairly, don’t cheat
Do not use any type of modification to the Minecraft client that allows you to have an advantage over others are not permitted. This can include hacking, unapproved modifications, etc. Additionally, do not use any flaws in the way a map is designed, bugs that you find in mechanics of the server/client, exploit means of gaining statistics, etc.

These rules are not a complete comprehensive list of all of the rules we have on the network but are more general guidelines that if you follow, you should not be met with punishment. If you would like to see more comprehensive guidelines you are able to check any of the tabs above for those.

The rules exist at the discretion of the Mineplex Developers, Support Agents, Administrators, Managers, Leaders and Owners and may be changed without notice at any time.
Punishments may be enforced outside these specific clearly defined categories if deemed necessary at the direction of the aforementioned Mineplex representatives.

Website Rules

This page is meant to be an exhaustive list of all the website "warnings" one may receive from our staff when found to be breaking the rules on any area of the website.

In general, if following the General Mineplex rules, knowing the specifics of the forum warnings is not necessary. This page is made available to allow you to reference the specifics of a warning you may have been issued.

If you find an user violating the rules, please make sure you are logged in to an account and then use the “Report” feature.

Excessive Bumping 1 Warning Point

Only the original poster of a Forum thread is allowed to directly or indirectly “bump” (post a message on the thread to get it back in the recent post lists for other users) their thread a maximum of two times within a period of 30 days from the last post on their thread.

An original poster may “update” their thread with new contents without it counting as a “bump” in the Arts And Banners and Build Showcase only.

Other users may not directly “bump” threads that do not belong to them.

Necro Posting 1 Warning Point

You may not respond to threads on outdated topics that have not been responded to in over 30 days.

This does not apply to stickied threads, Announcements, Help, Giveaway, Guide, Recruitment, Ideas Section threads.

Another exception applies when contributing to a general idea/suggestion thread by contributing more suggestions or ideas. This exception does not stand if you are commenting merely to say you agree with the idea.

Reverse Staff Action 2 Warning Points

If any content you post on the website is removed by a Mineplex staff member, and/or “locked” (as applicable to a thread) in a definitive way with the outlined intention to specifically end the discussion, you may not recreate and repost the content without explicit approval from the Forum Staff, even if the content is altered.

In the case of suggestions or ideas, if your thread is not locked with the definitive reasoning to end the discussion, you may change or rewrite your idea in a new way adding new aspects and repost it.

Creating Spam/Troll Application 2 Warning Points

You may not spam Applications or create Troll applications.

Spamming 2 Warning Points

You may not spam (send irrelevant or unsolicited messages) anywhere on the Mineplex website. This includes, but is not limited to; hashtags, images, videos and random messages.

You may not excessively attempt to enforce the Website Rules in the place of Mineplex Staff. If you notice a rule breaker on the forum, please use the report feature to report their content.

Your forum messages should always contribute to the discussions of the threads you respond to. You may not excessively post short, unhelpful messages to multiple forum threads within a small time frame. Make sure to follow the forum Guidelines when contributing on the Forums!

Trolling 2 Warning Points

You may not make Forum Posts with the intention of confusing or tricking players, spoiling recent movies/books, or showcasing the trolling of staff. You may also not pretend to be staff.

General Rudeness 2 Warning Points

You may not intentionally be rude to other players, put them down, directly or indirectly insult them or call them names.

Excessive amounts of generally unnecessary (potentially undirected) hateful/negative remarks or comments are also prohibited.

Inappropriate Content 3 Warning Points

Do not post content generally inappropriate for a family friendly audience.
  • You may not create Forum Posts/Threads, Profile Posts or Group posts containing sexual language or references, profane languages, attempt to circumvent/bypass the profanity filter, post videos, images or memes not appropriate for a younger audience (containing explicit language, sexual references, promoting violence or prejudice, etc.).
  • You may not post links to videos that contain content from other Minecraft servers.
  • You may not post download links to any content, including but not limited to illegal distributions of software/games/music.
  • You may not attempt to circumvent/bypass the links filter to post links not explicitly approved by us. Posting content that is not necessarily malicious or harmful, but is not on the approved links list will result in this punishment. If you have found a link that you believe would positively contribute to the Mineplex community by being whitelisted, please contact Mineplex Forum Staff before posting it.
  • You may not start or participate in "riots".

Abusive Behaviour 4 Warning Points

You may not be excessively rude/abusive towards other website users.

Light Advertisement 4 Warning Points

You may not create forum threads that are centred around the discussion of other servers.

You may also advertise your art related shop only on your User Profile, in Groups, and if mutually agreed upon in Private Messages.

Plagiarism 4 Warning Points

You may not copy/steal someone else’s work (artwork, idea, thread, etc.) and implicitly or explicitly claim it as your own, without giving any credit.

Slander / Harassment 4 Warning Points

You may not continue unwarranted, potentially rude and/or inappropriate behaviour towards another user after being told to stop, or attempt to target and harass users in any other way.

You may not attempt to slander and/or spread hateful rumours concerning members of the Mineplex staff team or the community.

Discrimination 6 Warning Points

You may not implicitly or explicitly discriminate against a specific person or against a group of people. This is including, but not limited to; their religion, race, gender, sexuality, political view, age, disability or physical features.

Unapproved Transactions Website Ban

You may not attempt to trade / sell / buy items with/from other users through our website.
You may not make any transactions with real life currencies.

Note: Giveaways for artwork or items purchasable in the Mineplex Store (link it) are permitted.

Advertisement Website Ban

You may not advertise other servers or websites not explicitly approved/whitelisted by Mineplex.

You may however advertise your Mineplex-related Video Content/Platforms (Youtube, Twitch) on our website.

You may also private message your friends to tell them server IPs if it is mutually agreed upon. Unsolicited server IP advertisement messages can be reported.

Severely Inappropriate Content Website Ban

You may not upload or set an Avatar, Username, Banner, Signature, Profile description, Group Icon, Banner or Group Description that directly promotes violence or contains content that is offensive, discriminatory or sexual in nature.

You may not post Screamers/ or Pornographic content (directly or links to it) on any area of the website.

Giveaway Rules Violation Website Ban

You must follow the Giveaway Rules. If there is an issue with your giveaway (you did not follow the giveaway rules as specified here) and you did not give out the prizes as specified in your giveaway thread, our staff will first investigate the issue and contact you about the situation to try and resolve it. If you fail to do this, you will be banned.

If you are found to be creating fake giveaways, you will be banned.

Malicious threats / Activities Website Ban

You may not make malicious threats towards Mineplex servers, staff or other users, such as Death, DDoS or Dox threats.
You may not distribute malicious files or links to malicious content.
You may not reveal “Dox” the personal information (such as phone numbers, addresses, or personal photos or videos) of other users.
You may not attempt to exploit any bugs or issues with any of our (web) services.

Spam Bot Website Ban

Spam Bots will be banned instantly.

Website Ban / Network Ban

Forum bans may be applied at the discretion of Mineplex Developers, Support Agents, Administrators, Managers, Leaders or Owners if deemed necessary.

Users found bypassing a previous Website Ban to participate on the Website again will be banned on new accounts.

Users who have been “Network Banned” will also be banned from our Web Services.

Thread lock/archive reasons:

  • The OP has deleted the original post.
  • The OP or staff member has requested a thread lock.
  • The thread has been necro-posted on.
  • The question/concern has been addressed.
  • The OP breaks major forums rules; archive if OP is banned from that thread or if the thread is not fit for public viewing.
  • The thread has turned into a flamewar.
  • The thread contains hate on staff/community member/Mineplex written in a way that is not constructive or in a positive manner.
  • Threads that are about "I quit" or "I'm leaving".
  • Threads that are directly attacking or criticising staff including but not limited to calling staff corrupt.
  • Threads which are not titled appropriately (click-bait).
  • Threads which are in violation of the forums guidelines.
  • Threads containing topics that have been brought up and discussed repeatedly.
  • Any other threads that the forums staff deemed unnecessary or unfit for public viewing.
  • Threads that do not encourage (constructive, healthy) discussion within the community (as determined by the Forum Moderation team).

If you are found to be infracting a rule you will either be issued a “Forum Warning” accompanied by one or more “Warning Points”, or be banned instantly by being issued 8 warning points depending on the severity of the infraction.

The “Warning Points” issued will vary from 1 Warning Point to 8 Warning Points. Warning points are active for 30 days after they are issued, after which they expire. Accumulating a total of 8 warning points will lead to a permanent ban from the Forums.

In case of further questions, you may identify and contact Mineplex Forum staff with questions regarding the rules by having these tags:

Forum Ninja Tag Forum Mod Badge

You can find a full list of them here.

Be kind to everyone

Do not call people names or try to bring someone down. If you think someone has done something wrong, you are allowed to say what they did and why you think it's wrong in a positive and kind manner. Be the type of person you would want to encounter here. If you wouldn't want to be on the receiving-end of a comment, then don't say it.

Do not make pointless threads/posts

If the post/thread that you are about to write won't contribute in a positive way to the community but would only bring hate, then don't waste your time on it. Instead, try to contribute to the positive changes which you'd like to see happen.

Title threads appropriately

The title of your thread should be a summary of the content of it. Any thread that has a misleading title will result in a thread lock. If you have feedback on something you don't like, don't bring hate to the title. Instead of "The New Update Sucks!!", title it something like "Feedback on recent changes".

Do not generalize

If a Trainee does something bad and you want to report it, say "a Trainee named John54 is abusing their power". Do not say "Mineplex staff are abusing their power". This is extremely offensive to the hard working staff that follow the rules. If you encounter abusive staff members, submit proof through a Support Ticket so that we can make sure the situation is dealt with. This applies to all negative generalization.

Be constructive and positive

Your goal should always be to make Mineplex a better place. If you have some feedback/criticism, you MUST think about how the problem could be solved, and post some suggestions on what you think we could do. All criticism MUST be accompanied by constructive suggestions on how it could be fixed/improved. Keep in mind that criticizing an idea is not the same as attacking someone's person. You can be honest and say you don't agree with someone's idea, but just make sure that you're actually offering criticism and not falling into "ad hominem".

Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. Constructive criticism should not defame anyone or hurt anyone's feelings.

Do not spread hate

If you don't like something that has happened, please post it in a mature fashion. Do not make threads trying to convince other people of how terrible something/someone is. Do not write long paragraphs about how much you hate something/someone. Your goal should be getting problems solved in a fashion which is as efficient as possible. It shouldn't be to see how much attention you can get, or how many people you can get to rally behind your cause. Please help us in creating an atmosphere where problems can be dealt with quickly, efficiently, and without added drama or hostility.

Do not be involved in drama

Drama will likely happen every once in a while. And when that happens, people tend to join in on the discussion and give their opinions on the subject. Don't! It's simply none of your business to be involved in those dramas and it is likely to bring you punishments too. When you notice something is not right, simply send a Private Message to one of the forums staff or admins. Let the staff resolve the issue.

Discord Rules

Please visit #read-me on the Mineplex Discord for rules.

Approved Links (For Mineplex Website)

  • Official Websites: Minecraft, Mojang, Optifine, Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia, AMD and more
  • Official Games related: Nintendo, XBox, PlayStation, Pokemon, Overwatch and more
  • Search Engines and Sub-Services (e.g. Google Docs): Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • Image Sharing: imgur, gyazo, prntscr, puush, and more
  • Official Download Websites: Anti-Virus related, Approved Mods, TeamSpeak, Discord, Fraps, OBS, XSplit, Mirillis Action, Overwolf
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  • Stream Services: Twitch, Mixer (must be Mineplex related streams if posted on the forums)
  • General Websites: dictionary related, wikipedia/wikia, planetminecraft, and any educational related website
  • Miscellaneous: namemc.com, frozor.io, strawpoll.me
  • All contents must be appropriate and in accordance with the Mineplex Website Rules. If you are unsure of something, ask a forums staff first.

  • It is important to note that unapproved links will in most cases be filtered on the forum automatically. You may not bypass this filter or attempt to circumvent it in any way (e.g. by using a redirect through an allowed website). Attempting to do so will lead to appropriately severe punishment for attempting to circumvent the rules.

    If you believe a link that should be allowed on the Forum is being filtered, contact a Forum Manager or Forum Management Assistant.

Unapproved Links (For Mineplex Website)

  • Any website with the purpose for scamming or phishing
  • Any website with pornographic content
  • Any shock website such as screamer
  • Any website that offers free or paid Minecraft accounts, capes other than official shops
  • Any IP logger website
  • Any website that contains illegal downloads, downloads that aren't approved, or illegal contents such as DOX
  • Any shortened URL. (Require forums staff approval first or don't shorten it)
  • Discord invite links not explicitly approved by us within the main forums. (These are allowed through private messaging or on personal profiles).
  • If an approved link contains inappropriate contents, it will be considered as unapproved link and user will be punished accordingly. If you are unsure of something, ask a forums staff first.

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