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Official Reporting Guide

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by Mineplex, Mar 19, 2017.

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  1. Official Reporting Guide
    This thread goes over everything you need to know to correctly and efficiently submit Reports on our forums, that will have the highest chance of being accepted. Feel free to skip to a specific section if you need help with a specific issue or question!

    [Latest Update 11 April 2019]

    Reports Format

    The "Reports Format" is automatically set upon creating a new report. You must follow and fill in this Format correctly when creating your report and providing evidence as requested. There are certain requirements to follow for the evidence as well:

    The Offender
    (The player you are reporting)
    The offender's name must be completely visible in the evidence or we will have to deny the report, also, make sure that you have spelt the offender's username correctly.
    Including the name in the actual report is a requirement. Including it in the video-description or saying "Name is in screenshot" will not do the job.

    The Offence
    (The rule they are breaking)
    The offences include all of these.

    All of these conditions must be met on the evidence in order for us to accept it:

    General Requirements:
    • Offender's IGN must be visible;
    • Your hotbar and the scoreboard must be clearly visible;
    • Evidence must not be greater than two weeks old;
    • We recommend you do not submit evidence that you haven't collected yourself. Doing so puts you at risk to be punished for client modifications and hacked clients;
    • If reporting a player for a Severity 1 offence, the rule breaking in the report must be excessive.
    (Something that would warrant a player a warning in-game will not necessarily be sufficient for a punishment in a report.)

    For Screenshots:
    • Must not be cropped (or be in F1 mode);
    • Must NOT be a download;
    • Evidence must show the chat, inventory and the scoreboard.
    For Video:
    • Evidence of Hacking offences MUST be a video, recorded using a proper video capture software (Ex. Bandicam, Fraps, etc.), and may NOT be recorded using external devices (phones, tablets, cameras, etc);
    • Evidence of gameplay offences is preferably video;
    • Must NOT be a download;
    • Must not be sped up/slowed down during clear instances of rule breaking (you may however speed up or crop out bits of irrelevant video);
    • If your video evidence is over 3 minutes long, you must provide time-stamps;
    • Evidence must not be recorded using the "Replay" Mod or Virtual Reality modifications;
    • The Evidence cannot be recorded in F1 or first person spectator mode entirely (if you go out of F1/Spectator mode during the video, it's fine).
    For Chatsnap:
    • If you are a Legend+ Ranked Player you may use /Chatsnap in your Chat Offence report(s), which will result in faster response times;
    • If Chatsnap is broken/glitched, you can resort to using Screenshots instead.
    Members of the Reports Patrol team reserve the right to deny your report if it does not meet any of the requirements above. However, if absolutely necessary exceptions can be made, at the discretion of Reports Team Members, Mentors and Reports Team Manager (FairestLordHarry).

    Also, please note that reports submitted by newer users (or those that need to go through specific teams, such as Rules Committee or Quality Assurance) may need to go through additional reviewing before receiving a response. This may cause the response on that report to be delayed. Please be patient and we guarantee we will get back to your report ASAP, and it will be handled appropriately.

    Contact FairestLordHarry, a Reports Patrol member or a Reports Patrol Assistance Member if you have further questions.


    Chat Offence Reports

    Legend+ ranked players may want to refer to The Chatsnap introduction thread instead for this section, which makes reporting chat offences much easier and the response times to their reports much faster for them!

    Otherwise, when gathering evidence for chat offences, the first thing you should do when you see an offender is press F2. This will take a screenshot of that moment within Minecraft. You can then find this screenshot in your .Minecraft folder, which can be found in different ways on different computers.

    To get to the .minecraft folder, select "Run" in your start menu, which can be found by clicking the windows logo on Windows 7 & Right clicking the windows logo on Windows 8. Type %appdata%\.minecraft\, then click Run. It'll open your minecraft folder.

    For those of you who are fan of video tutorials:
    Windows 7

    Windows 8

    Windows 10

    For a Mac you will need to go to Finder which you can find in Launchpad then click Shift+Cmd+G Then type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft then click "go".
    Video tutorial

    After locating your .Minecraft folder, find your "screenshots" folder, and scroll down, and you will see your most recent screenshots with a timestamp as the title. Find your evidence and right click it and CTRL + C to copy it. Once you have said evidence you will need to upload it to an Image Hosting service.

    Here is a list of image hosting services we recommend using:​

    Once you have a link to your evidence, you can place it in the appropriate order in your report.

    If you are a Legend+ ranked player, please make use of /chatsnap when reporting Chat Offences!
    Check out this thread explaining how to use it for reference.


    Gameplay Offence Reports

    When gathering evidence for Gameplay Offences you can choose to either provide screenshot or video evidence, although important to note is that video evidence is heavily preferred within the Reports Team and will overall always give you a higher chance of having your report accepted.
    If you however believe a screenshot will be sufficient for your report, you may use that in your report. In some cases this is definitely the case, such as Map Exploit where you are able to tell the player's IGN from the screenshot.

    How to make a screenshot is explained above, under "Chat Offences". Please check that out if you want to know how to create a screenshot.

    Please note that the only Gameplay Offence that needs video evidence is Teaming and Cross-Teaming.
    If you wish to report a Gameplay offence with a video, read in to "Hacking Offences"


    Hacking Offence Reports

    When reporting a Hacker, we always require video evidence, even if you think your screenshots are enough to get a player punished. We will not accept screenshot evidence. You can record players Hacking by using Free Recording Software.

    Here is our list of software we recommend:
    Windows 10's built in recording software - How to use: http://www.howtogeek.com/219947

    Bandicam - Download: https://www.bandicam.com/
    Fraps - Download: http://www.fraps.com/
    OBS - Download: https://obsproject.com/
    Overwolf - Download: http://www.overwolf.com/index.html
    Nvidia Shadowplay - Download: http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/share
    Action! - Download: https://mirillis.com/en/products/action.html

    Once you have recorded your evidence you can upload it straight away.

    However we recommend you use video editing software to cut to the places where the Hacker (Or Gameplay offender) can be seen, to make your report easier and faster to get through for us.

    To do this you can use very simple, and very free software like Movie Maker which was made by Microsoft, usually built-in in Windows systems and is completely safe to use.
    Once you have your evidence (Edited Or Not) it is highly recommended you use Youtube.com to upload your video, because you can embed it using the Forum Editor that way.

    How to upload to Youtube:
    When uploading your video click:

    Set your privacy to "Unlisted" Or "Public", but do NOT set it to Private. This means we cannot view it.

    Select the video from your computer & let it upload. After completion, select "Publish" or "Done" and you will be provided with a link to your video.

    You are absolutely free to use other, non-youtube sites as well. Though we definitely recommend Youtube over anything else.

    Please try to not edit the speed of the video (making it faster or slower) as this is unnecessary. If needed we can speed it up or slow it down ourselves. Slowing videos down or speeding them up yourself makes the evidence harder for us to review.

    Checking Your Own Reports

    When you successfully submit a report, you will receive a message on the Reports page stating your Report has been submitted, and receive a message in your inbox from our Reports info bot stating your report has been submitted and will be reviewed shortly.

    To view the report itself, you will need to go to follow these steps:
    1) Go to http://www.mineplex.com/forums and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
    2) Under "Application Hub", open the hub by clicking the "Eye" icon and click the first link that says "Reports".
    3) You will now see your personal pending Reports list!​

    - Pending Reports will be listed under "Reports".
    - Processed Reports can be found back in "Reports Archive", and the Report will have either a red "Rejected" tag or a green "Accepted" tag depending on what the staff member decided on the report.

    You are able to view the exact response to the report, which players were punished, why the report was rejected and what happened to it, by clicking on the title like any normal thread. We hugely recommend you do so.

    When your report is processed by a staff member, you will receive an Alert stating what happened to what report, which you can click to be directed to the report itself to see the message the staff member provided for their decision on the report. If you disagree with their decision, please try private messaging the staff member yourself. If after talking to the staff member you still disagree with their decision and would like to have it re-evaluated, please contact FairestLordHarry directly providing a link to your report.

    Feel free to contact an RP member if you have any further questions, and Happy Reporting!​
    Posted Mar 19, 2017,
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