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A total of sixteen players spread out to multiple arenas will fight each other in one-on-one battles. Players are equipped with a sword, bow, and fishing rod. Your sword, amount of arrows, and quality of armor get better as you progress through the arenas. You have no special abilities, so you have to rely solely on what you have in your hotbar and plain PvP! If you don't fight fast enough, a poison will set in that will hurt both players the same amount, so make sure you have done more damage by the time it finishes you both off! To win, you have to beat your opponent in every arena in the match.

Achievement Name Objective
Hardened Gladiator Win 50 games of Gladiators
Battle Bred Win 100 games of Gladiators
Brawler Kill 3 Gladiators with your bare hands
Precision Don't miss a single arrow in a game of Gladiators (Minimum 3)
Swift Kill Earn 15 first bloods in Gladiators

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