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Block Hunt


Available to play on Mineplex Java

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Join either the Hunters or the Hiders in this hide and seek based minigame! The Hunters will be forced to work together to find the Hiders hidden around the map as various blocks and animals! While they start off severely outnumbered, any Hider eliminated by a Hunter will be converted onto the Hunters' team! Finding as many hidden players as quickly as possible is key to winning for the Hunters. However, the Hiders aren't defenseless, they are armed with an axe and a bow, so hiders can launch their own counter-attack. While their weapons are weaker than those of the Hunters, the more damage they do with their bow, the stronger their axe will become! So hide or fight, the choice is yours!

Name Price Description
Swapper Hider Free This is one of the default kits that is given to all players. You can change form an unlimited number of times.
Leaper Hunter Free This is one of the default kits that is given to all players. Right-Click with your axe to Leap.
Instant Hider 2000 Gems You can change to a solid state almost instantly.
Shocking Hider 5000 Gems Your attacks wiill shock and stun any Hunter you hit.
TNT Hunter 2000 Gems You receive 1 TNT every 15 seconds to a maximum of 2. Click with TNT to throw it.
Radar Hunter 5000 Gems You start with a Compass. Hold the compass to use Radar Scanner. Ticks get faster when you are near a Hider!
Infestor Hider Achievement You change state by infesting other blocks.

Achievement Name Objective
The Blockiest Block Win 50 games of Block Hunt
Hunter Killer Kill 10 Hunters in a single game
Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow 50 times in a single game
Hunter of the Year Kill 7 Hiders in a single game
Bad Hider Win as Hider without disguising

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