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    1. Hubble
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      ded wol
    2. _Prof_
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      Hope all is well with the battle against COVID-19, take care!
    3. PieOrPi
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      Missing you, man ;-;
    4. Krystal The Fox
      Post Options
      Thanks for everything
    5. KingCalvin1
      Post Options
      missing you dude :.c
    6. Knazamn
      Post Options
      . . .
      did you..?
      *starts crying non-stop*
      1. z609
        Dec 21, 2019
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        I’ll be back eventually. Either as a mod or trainee. Not sure when but eventually <3
      2. Knazamn
        Dec 21, 2019
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        hopefully by then I am a Trainee :D
    7. z609
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      Hi all, I hope you're all doing well but I just want to let it be known that I will be stepping down as a moderator on Mineplex. I just haven't had the most amount of time recently and my position would be much better in the hands of someone else. Love you all. If you'd like add me on Discord at z609#3753 :)
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      2. Klobby
        Dec 9, 2019
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        You'll be missed. Farewell. Good luck with the future :)
      3. Sickle
        Dec 9, 2019
        Comment Options
        I'm gonna miss your whole batch :'(
      4. _Prof_
        Feb 11, 2020
        Comment Options
        Late but I hope you return:)
    8. Cheezeburgerfan
      Post Options
      Happy Birthday!
    9. PieOrPi
      Post Options
      Sad to see you resign from MA, but thank you for being a part of my staff journey these past 3 and a half months and processing my very first SR. I appreciate your best efforts being given to allow your mentees to prosper despite being busy. I wish you luck in your future endeavors and hope to stay in touch :)
    10. Knazamn
      Post Options
      ish dat a freal mod?
    11. z609
      Post Options
      Will be returning Monday Jul 1, 2019 - keep your eyes peeled on that date! :)
    12. wanderer
      Post Options
      1. z609
        Jun 9, 2019
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    13. z609
      Post Options
      [​IMG] bought twins1384 Eternal :)
    14. z609
      Post Options
      MA - May 11, 2019 :))
    15. Enigmq
      Post Options
      Ooo MA?? Congrats!
    16. Jadguar
      Post Options
      Congrats on MA!! :D
    17. Cheezeburgerfan
      Post Options
      Congrats on MA!
    18. ScrompLord
      Post Options
      Congratz on MA!! :D
    19. Tours
      Post Options
      Hey, question about the video - what mod were you using to display WASD? I forgot which one it is and I'd like to know. Thanks!
      1. z609
        May 13, 2019
        Comment Options
        Hm It's an add-on or something in LabyMod but I can't exactly remember what it was -- If you want you can probably google search it :)
      2. Tours
        May 13, 2019
        Comment Options
        Okay for sure, thank you :)
    20. z609
      Post Options
      RP - May 5, 2019 :)
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    About User
    My Batch Buds

    My Start
    I've been playing Minecraft (officially) since October 7, 2013. Before this date, I had been playing Minecraft using offline mode accounts (some people might know of my first username, alzeller1). I eventually switched to using my friend's Minecraft account (Ulricthekiller) before eventually getting my own copy of the game, as a birthday present (although, it was purchased a day before my birthday). It's been amazing that I've owned this game for five years. I originally played on (mostly) creative servers before making a creative server of my own. I also uncovered the "minigame" aspect of Minecraft around this time, by discovering Mineplex. I made my own minigames by learning Java and the Bukkit API around January, 2014.

    Java and I
    I have since went on to learn more about Java's Swing library, allowing me to make custom programs with a general Java UI. It has been officially 4 years since I've started learning Java, and I have only gotten better. I am now familiar with concurrent, asynchronous programming by implementing thread-safe operations and methods in a sensible manner that allows for full program functionality without sacrificing stability. The near 5 years of experience with Spigot has also benefited my knowledge of Minecraft's inner workings, and I am now also somewhat familiar with NMS (net.minecraft.server).

    I started on Mineplex in mid- to late-2013, playing Draw My Thing and Survival Games. I applied for Trainee on November 7, 2018; and was accepted on December 1, 2018--starting a day later.

    [​IMG] - Hero since August 28, 2014
    [​IMG] - Titan since April 23, 2016
    [​IMG] - Eternal since June 15, 2017
    [​IMG] - Trainee since December 1, 2018
    [​IMG] - Mod since February 2, 2019
    Resigned from Moderator on December 9, 2019

    My mentor was @HuskieALS - MA was originally @Twist (I'm a Cub!)
    When I was an MA, I assisted @zdemon98 and my supervisor was @Dulciloquy
    My interviewers were @FireStar891 and @anuenue :)
    My first interviewer was Crescent </3

    [​IMG] - Reports Patrol from May 5, 2019-???
    [​IMG] - Mentoring Assistant from May 11, 2019-???​

    Please note that any thoughts or suggestions contained within any of my posts are the sole opinion of myself and are not (in whole or even in part) representative of Mineplex, its community, staff team, leadership team, or the brand itself. If you believe any of my posts are opinion-based, then please take it with a grain of salt. Also note that under no circumstances shall myself, Mineplex, its community, staff team, and/or leadership team be held responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental damages caused by the use of any of my posts. Posts are provided "as-is" and any warranties, including accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed.
    If you have any questions, please message me on the Mineplex Website, NOT Discord.

    Mineplex Player since 2013
    Read more about me :)

    Trainee since Dec 1, 2018
    RP since May 5, 2019​
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