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Trainee, Male, 17, from New Jersey

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Jan 22, 2019 at 7:11 AM
Sep 29, 2018
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Java Minecraft Character

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Bedrock Minecraft Character

    1. z609
      New profile picture, sketched myself with pencil and sharpie :)
      1. Sickle_ likes this.
      2. Sickle_
        Looks cool :P
        Jan 21, 2019 at 4:19 PM
    2. messcat
      ur 54, not 17 you should get that changed
      1. z609
        Your city is England, not Shigetora. You should get that changed
        Jan 19, 2019 at 12:34 PM
      2. messcat
        U don’t get the reference smh
        Jan 19, 2019 at 1:23 PM
      3. orilly
        Smh a jake paul reference
        Jan 20, 2019 at 6:12 AM
        z609 likes this.
    3. z609
      [​IMG] whoa
      1. _Republican likes this.
    4. z609
      Are you guys ready for a new/old hub, and some new server mechanics? ;p
      1. Evence and xHyee like this.
      2. Speedswipe
        Yes. Yes. So much Yes
        Jan 10, 2019
        _Republican, xHyee and z609 like this.
    5. Cheezeburgerfan
      So, are daily blogs gonna be a thing?
      1. z609 likes this.
      2. z609
        Eventually ;-; Hopefully after the holiday season when I get back from vacation. A lot of the stuff I do is quite similar so I stopped doing the blogs for a while. Thanks for the interest :))
        Dec 26, 2018
        _Republican and Cheezeburgerfan like this.
    6. z609
      Sorry for the lack of Daily Blogs! I’ll return to them soon ;)
    7. Mrs
    8. z609
      Daily Blog (Dec 7, 2017): Had some fun playing SurvivalGames, but also napping!! Will probably play more games tomorrow! Also, take a look at the staff lily pad in any of the lobbies :))
      1. xHyee likes this.
    9. Caiym / BasicT
      Caiym / BasicT
      1. z609 likes this.
      2. z609
        Thank you!
        Dec 8, 2018
        Caiym / BasicT likes this.
    10. z609
      (Late) Daily Blog (Dec 6, 2018): The Christmas lobby is out! Spent some time playing around on SG and the lobbies. Happy Holidays! Also, the other day, I made an MPS just to have some fun—would anyone be interested in a weekly MPS on Wednesday nights, winner picks? Comment ideas!
      1. xHyee
        I'd be down :D
        Jan 13, 2019
    11. z609
      Daily Blog (Dec 5, 2018): Played quite a few different games today, including Cake Wars, Super Smash Mobs, and Nano Games! I also hung out in Lobby-1 and played around with @AbsentAccount and @Enigmata :)
      1. Enigmata and AbsentAccount like this.
      2. Enigmata
        That was fun :3
        Dec 6, 2018
        z609 likes this.
      3. z609
        Dec 6, 2018
      4. Enigmata
        Dec 6, 2018
        z609 likes this.
    12. z609
      (Late) Daily Blog (Dec 4, 2018): Hung out in lotssa lobbies and played some Survival Games! :)
    13. z609
      Daily Blog (Dec 3, 2018): Played some Micro Battle, SkyWars, and SSM Teams with smelly @wattywatty14 (jk <3). Pretty fun times!
      1. wattywatty14 likes this.
    14. z609
      Daily Blog (Dec 2, 2018): Thank you to everyone who congratulated me, it’s so very much appreciated. Today was fun and I quite literally played all day from 8AM - 11PM. Playing in lobbies, SG, Mixed Arcade, and trying to hang out in the Event server were all the things that happened today. I look forward to getting online later!
    15. Sickle_
      1. z609 likes this.
    16. BREEZLET
      Congrats on Trainee!
      1. z609 likes this.
    17. dragontiger34
      Congratulations on Trainee! I love the daily blogs you make, you should continue them.
      1. z609 likes this.
    18. z609
      Daily Blog (Dec 1, 2018): Whelp, I’m on the road to trainee! The second half of this day was spent chatting it up with Mr Z, the Tree Buddy (@zdemon98) and running around in Lobby-1. Not too much but honestly am really tired and am going to head off to bed. Gnite y’all, and thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Does anyone find the daily blogs interesting or should I discontinue it? It’s not too difficult to keep up with but I don’t want to be posting these if there’s no interest. Leave a comment :)
      1. zdemon98 likes this.
      2. Cheezeburgerfan
        I enjoy the daily blogs! Congrats on Trainee!
        Dec 2, 2018
        z609 likes this.
    19. HuskieALS
      Congratulations on Trainee!
      1. z609 likes this.
    20. z609
      I leave my profile wall for 5 seconds ;-; xd
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  • About

    Oct 8, 2001 (Age: 17)
    New Jersey
    Average Mineplex Trainee
    My Start
    I've been playing Minecraft (officially) since October 7, 2013. Before this date, I had been playing Minecraft using offline mode accounts (some people might know of my first username, alzeller1). I eventually switched to using my friend's Minecraft account (Ulricthekiller) before eventually getting my own copy of the game, as a birthday present (although, it was purchased a day before my birthday). It's been amazing that I've owned this game for five years. I originally played on (mostly) creative servers before making a creative server of my own. I also uncovered the "minigame" aspect of Minecraft around this time, by discovering Mineplex. I made my own minigames by learning Java and the Bukkit API around January, 2014.

    Java and I
    I have since went on to learn more about Java's Swing library, allowing me to make custom programs with a general Java UI. It has been officially 4 years since I've started learning Java, and I have only gotten better. I am now familiar with concurrent, asynchronous programming by implementing thread-safe operations and methods in a sensible manner that allows for full program functionality without sacrificing stability. The near 5 years of experience with Spigot has also benefited my knowledge of Minecraft's inner workings, and I am now also somewhat familiar with NMS (net.minecraft.server).

    I started on Mineplex in mid- to late-2013, playing Draw My Thing and Survival Games. I applied for Trainee on November 7, 2018; and was accepted on December 1, 2018--starting a day later.

    [​IMG] - Hero since August 28, 2014
    [​IMG] - Titan since April 23, 2016
    [​IMG] - Eternal since June 15, 2017
    [​IMG] - Trainee since December 1, 2018
    My mentor is @HuskieALS - MA is @Twist :)

    Please note that any thoughts or suggestions contained within any of my posts are the sole opinion of myself and are not (in whole or even in part) representative of Mineplex, its community, staff team, leadership team, or the brand itself. If you believe any of my posts are opinion-based, then please take it with a grain of salt. Also note that under no circumstances shall myself, Mineplex, its community, staff team, and/or leadership team be held responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental damages caused by the use of any of my posts. Posts are provided "as-is" and any warranties, including accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed.


    YouTube Channel:


    Mineplex Player since 2013
    Read more about me :)

    Trainee since Dec 1, 2018​
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