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    1. CatFan105
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      1. Widestsinger
        Aug 4, 2022
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        i'm popular enough for catfan to comment on my wall yay! (also np for the like spam)
    2. BubbleBear1
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      Thank you for the like spam!
      1. Widestsinger
        Aug 3, 2022
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      2. BubbleBear1
        Aug 3, 2022
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        Thank you for more!
    3. DrRentzel
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      level 87 when
      1. Widestsinger
        Jul 21, 2022
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      2. DrRentzel
        Jul 22, 2022
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    4. LostShrimp13
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      ty for the like spam!!
      1. Widestsinger
        Jul 14, 2022
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        np :cool:
    5. Carlos
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      Widest dude
      1. Widestsinger
        Jul 7, 2022
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        carlos dude
    6. xd Lord lol
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      MM GAMER
      1. Widestsinger
        Jun 26, 2022
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    7. Yopi
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      U going for any lbs?
      1. Widestsinger
        Jun 9, 2022
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        Sw and dragons because I’m good at both
    8. Widestsinger
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      I'm about to be level 81 hahaha get rekt
      1. War Robot Dogee
        War Robot Dogee
        Jun 13, 2022
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        i hate u
    9. Widestsinger
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      Naaa bro I’m level 79 now
    10. Yopi
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      What is your profile picture from? It looks super familiar and I think i've seen it before a long time ago
      1. Widestsinger
        May 7, 2022
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        It’s from an old game called sushi cat. Sadly you can’t play all of the sushi cat game (6 of them) but you can play some on kongregate
    11. Widestsinger
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      level 69 (;
      1. Widestsinger
        Jan 7, 2022
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        why cant I like my own posts?...

        asking for a friend
      2. LostShrimp13
        Mar 24, 2022
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        I believe it is so that you can’t like
        spam yourself. Not that likes mean anything.
      3. technoblade9
        Sep 23, 2022
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    the following questions are from a qna I did with spectresai3587 here. Some parts like how many lbs I’m on and level have/will be changed as it’s no longer true. You don’t have to read it but if you want to go ahead.

    1. Who are you?

    Hi, I am WidestSinger982 and I love playing on mineplex because of all the players and the amazing games. I used to main the hive but my friend convinced me to start playing mineplex with him and boy was that a good idea or was that a good idea. I am addicted to mineplex and I am on 10 leaderboards (bomb lobbers, cake wars mega, dragons, mob arena, castle defense 2021, skyfall, skywars, skywars duos, block hunt and snowfight.) I'm going going for as many lbs as I can! I was born in 2009 and am only 13 years old so I’m at the perfect age to play games all day! I am level 100 and on Xbox with a controller so if you even ask for a 1v1 I will say no cuz I don’t wanna get clipped. I never thought I would even play half of the games on the server but they are just so fun how can you not no life them all!

    2. When and how did you start maining Mineplex?

    I first played mineplex in around summer 2020ish but before that for about 5 months I played hive and was in a call with a new soon to be best friend Hunterpro159687. He somehow convinced me to log on mineplex to play mob arena and didn’t think much of it but later I started playing cwd every day with him for months! Eventually he stopped playing mineplex for about 9 months and I started playing dragons, bomb lobbers and skywars and the rest is just not going outside.

    3. What are your primary goals for now?

    My main goals for now is to get on 10 lbs.
    Quiver, Block Hunt, Micro Battles and Skyfall Teams. (if it ever even comes back) as of 25/22 I have 10 lbs :)

    Get 100 pages of friend requests in game.
    I don’t think I need to explain this one

    graduate from school.

    I’m in 7th grade right now and really don’t want to fail because I'm playing to much mineplex lmaoooo.

    4. What is that one game you hate? And the one you love? Why?

    Now this question is kinda funny cuz I don’t really hate any game on mineplex but if I had to pick one game that was lesser then the rest I would pick… master builders Now it was between master builders and turf wars but turf isn’t the worst game cuz I can see how ugly my new death animation or arrow trail is.

    For my favorite game this is a really hard question to answer because I love so many games but if I had to pick one it would be…. Skyfall! Now I really love skyfall and snow fights but sky fall is just more fun in my opinion. All my friends love skyfall, I’m on its leaderboard and it is the game that made me go from only playing as skywars duos once a month and never playing skywars solo with hunter to being on the skywars duos lb and the skywars lb.

    5. Are you proud of what you have achieved on the network?

    Saying I’m proud of what I have achieved on the mineplex network would be the understatement of the year. When I first really got into mineplex I never thought I would get to talk to/meet so many amazing people. I never thought I would get gem hunter 12 or even get on any mineplex leaderboard. But I was wrong, dead wrong. Follow your dreams because you never know when you might be a pro mineplexian.

    epic gamer things that have happened to me involving mineplex. (This part was definitely not stolen by mothy)

    -snowfight lb on 12/??/20
    -got duke on 5/27/21
    -skyfall lb on 12/17/21
    -gem hunter 12 on 5/24/22
    -level 80 on 5/28/2022
    -10k games played on 6/17-19/22
    -dragon lb on 6/20/2022
    -skywars duos lb on 6/29/22
    -bomb lobbers lb on 7/30/22
    -level 90 on 8/5/22
    -1 million gems on 8/9/22
    -mob arena lb on 8/10/22
    -15k games played on 8/12/22
    -Full rave armor on 8/13/22
    -10,000,000 xp on 9/19/22
    -10k wins on 10/8/22
    -level 100 on 10/10/22
    -Mod on speedrun.com for mp on 10/12/22
    -1.5 mill gems on 10/14/22
    -castle defense lb on 10/24/22
    -20k games played on 10/29/22
    -block hunt lb and the youngest person to get -10lbs by like 4ish (at the time) years on 11/25/22
    -15k wins on 1/6/23
    -25k games played on 1/8/23
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