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    1. WhoCutTheCheese
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      Goodbye peeps

      Though most do not know me, I am officially throwing in the towel.
      I put hope into Mineplex for this year and thought things could turn around, and then I heard that Timmi's contract got terminated. And like that, I knew the paths the owners had chosen.
      I had heard that 2/3 paths ahead for Mineplex were to hire new developers, but after hearing news of Timmi's contract getting terminated, I knew right then that the owners had chosen to leave the server to rot.

      I first joined in 2019, I didn't join to enjoy the server though, I joined to cheat because I used to be on the bandwagon of Mineplex haters. But, in 2020 I met my long-time friends who showed me the greatness of Mineplex, and I absolutely fell in love with the server and its community, the strong community that stuck with Mineplex through thick and thin. I wanted to be a part of that, and despite taking long breaks from the server I got really dedicated recently, I had really hoped that things would get turned around.
      I stand corrected. There is absolutely no way they are going to terminate the most talented and dedicated developers I have ever seen just to hire more.
      Mineplex is dead, no one can think they'll hire more after today. I will stand looking in on the declining player base as so many have until it shuts down. From the largest server on Minecraft to less than 500 concurrent players, it's sad.
    2. WhoCutTheCheese
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      Mineplex's game modes are great, and the most unique I've ever seen, if the owners cared I'd stick around. But seeing that they're just going to let the server rot, I've decided to not keep my hope in an obviously hopeless situation. I can handle the low player counts and fewer updates, but this obvious lack of care from the owners leaves me to think, what's the point? What's the point of being dedicated to a community that doesn't get any love? I leave a little hope that someday Mineplex will come back, but now, I'm going to live my life.

      I love Mineplex, and I love all of you. And on this somber note, I say my final farewell to Mineplex like so many have in the past. I absolutely wish I could have been there during the peaks, and I put so much hope into Mineplex so I could be there when it peaked again, but that will never happen.
      I'm glad I got to experience what I did.

      - WhoCutTheCheese
      1. TheArrowsShadow
        Jan 15, 2023
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        Thread Locked // Better Suited as a Wall Post

        In all honestly though it was fun bullying ya as a trainee and as a DM member. Take care mate o7
      2. Widestsinger
        Jan 22, 2023 at 11:12 PM
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        Btw bye :(
    3. WhoCutTheCheese
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      The among us potion at 3am
      1. Widestsinger
        Jan 10, 2023
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        Bro that is sussss as hell
    4. Widestsinger
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      Thought you was level 100….
      1. WhoCutTheCheese
        Dec 17, 2022
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        Nope, I only started playing in 2019, and I only got serious in like January.
    5. 20LeeBrian1
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    6. WhoCutTheCheese
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      Welcome to my profile gamers
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    I'm WhoCutTheCheese, I enjoy playing SSM and Mineplex as a whole.
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