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Tilgorn ☕
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Tilgorn ☕
Senior Moderator and Aspiring Author
    1. Sickle
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      Happy 1 year CoM batchie wooo
      1. Tilgorn ☕
        Tilgorn ☕
        Jan 18, 2021
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        Oh wow, well done to you too, CoMrade!
    2. 20LeeBrian1
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      You poems are so meaningful and appealing!
      1. Tilgorn ☕
        Tilgorn ☕
        Jan 10, 2021
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        Thanks, I appreciate it!
    3. Tilgorn ☕
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      Poem of the Week ☕ #7

      New Years

      A week or so ago
      It was New Year's day
      A new start, a new seed to grow
      Hoping the year will start in a good way

      A New Years resolution
      Many people make
      Goals of improving or finding solution
      But most soon after break

      So let us begin this year right
      A celebration, cheers!
      We’ll soon navigate through all new heights
      And it begins on this New Years!
    4. Tilgorn ☕
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      Sorry for no poem this week, happy holidays! :)
      1. Tilgorn ☕
        Tilgorn ☕
        Jan 4, 2021
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        Same for this week ^
    5. RainbowUnicornGM
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      Me realizing it's Christmas Day in a few days like:[​IMG]
    6. Tilgorn ☕
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      Poem of the Week ☕ #6


      It was always meant to be
      Be someone you are meant to
      To believe in fate is interesting
      Interesting things happen when you trust
      Trust in the bends of reality
      Reality is sure to be promising
      Promising futures lie ahead
      Ahead of you is a single bridge
      Bridge the gap between your thoughts and your destiny
      Destiny always finds a way
    7. Tilgorn ☕
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      Poem of the Week ☕ #5

      Mineplex in Winter

      Large candy canes hanging about
      In the snow-covered ground
      In the center a christmas tree’s sprout
      With lights that surround

      A large gingerbread home
      A snowman and scarf made of warm fur
      Big Larry encased in a snowglobe’s dome
      And beyond that, an advent calendar

      Patches of ice
      The cold ever bitter
      There is nothing as nice
      As Mineplex in winter
    8. Tilgorn ☕
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      Poem of the Week ☕ #4

      Christmas Lights

      Strung up with passion
      Christmas lights are winter’s fashion
      Enveloping a house roof
      Christmas spirit, there is your proof

      All sorts of colors shining with light
      From afar, a beautiful sight
      A joy to put up, a pain to take down
      Unless you are someone that keeps them year-round

      With a spark of holiday cheer
      It is sure to be a bright ending to the year
    9. Tilgorn ☕
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      Poem of the Week ☕ #3

      Thanksgiving Break

      A brief time to relax
      Thanksgiving feasts to be had
      Giving the pet the leftover scraps
      A time to be glad

      School may be online this year
      Not seeing your friends can be a bore
      There is family we might not be near
      But there is much to be thankful for

      Thankful for the lives we live
      Thankful for the things we own
      Thankful for the love we take and give
      Thankful for how much we’ve grown

      We will be back to our regular lives soon
      But not enjoying this would be a mistake
      So let us take a step back this afternoon
      To enjoy a much needed break
    10. 20LeeBrian1
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      Good to see you, and I like your profile picture! Have a good Thanksgiving week!
      1. Tilgorn ☕
        Tilgorn ☕
        Nov 24, 2020
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        You're always ready to compliment my pictures haha, I appreciate it <3 You have a good Thanksgiving week as well!
    11. mat!
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      who wants to be a millionaire time

      question: why has nobody posted on tilgorn's wall since october?

      1. everyone forgot about him

      2. he purged posts

      3. people don't know what the heck to post on here

      4. any other answer provided by tilgorn himself
      1. Tilgorn ☕
        Tilgorn ☕
        Nov 16, 2020
        Comment Options
        Answer: Not 2. Hopefully 3 :pray:
    12. Arianna ♡
      Post Options
      What did you just say...
      1. Tilgorn ☕
        Tilgorn ☕
        Oct 20, 2020
        Comment Options
        This ortta be a normal sentence
    13. PieOrPi
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      1. Tilgorn ☕
        Tilgorn ☕
        Oct 16, 2020
        Comment Options
        HELLO PYE
    14. richcaroline
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      1. Tilgorn ☕
        Tilgorn ☕
        Oct 15, 2020
        Comment Options
        Heyo Senor Builder!
    15. 20LeeBrian1
      Post Options
      DIdn't see that you changed your profile; anyways, I like yours!
      1. Tilgorn ☕
        Tilgorn ☕
        Oct 13, 2020
        Comment Options
        Thanks! Yeah I changed it a week or two ago. :)
    16. RainbowUnicornGM
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      Spooky scary skeletons
      Send shivers down your spine
    17. ItsFree
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    18. AtlantaTV
      Post Options
      i miss pinging community management and having u lock my threads

      we need to catch up sometime
      1. Tilgorn ☕
        Tilgorn ☕
        Sep 24, 2020
        Comment Options
        Yeah, true.
    19. mat!
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      "imagine going on leave" ~ tripsy in mcc
    20. ItsFree
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      yay tilgorn is back :D
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