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Thomas A. Anderson
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Thomas A. Anderson
    1. Thomas A. Anderson
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      1. eGirlism
        Aug 14, 2022
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        Moist, dark, and I hope that was only a spider that just crawled across my foot..
    2. Thomas A. Anderson
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      I guess it is time for a small wall update:

      First and foremost, I want to take the time to wish everyone well. I was recently unmuted (alas had to do all the 71 days that were very coldly given to me) so feel free to talk with me in game :)

      Secondly, I wanted to announce rather late that I am in PvP hiatus again this means that I will for the most part avoid PvP and tryharding. I do not know when this hiatus will end but it could easily take over a week until I am back.

      Last but not least, I have made a community where I announce my MPS schedule: You can join here: [link]https://www.mineplex.com/groups/deer-trio-games.437/
    3. Thomas A. Anderson
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      Hello to anyone viewing:

      The Hiatus i mentioned in my previous post is now over. However, I am still in a PvP hiatus which will last until the 25th of July. I will have Approx. 4 days at my main PC where I can PvP again but the Hiatus will recommence after this. Expect very little PvP from me until the end of my mute on August 8.

      In the meantime, feast your eyes on this wondeerful Doc I wrote with the deer trio:
    4. Thomas A. Anderson
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      Sorry if I am Late in saying this but due to real life matters there will be a Small Hiatus in hosting Deer Trio Games that will last at least one more week.

      Nevertheless, the community is still active and we are still looking for members: /com Join RangerDOM

      I am also working on a Deer Trio Games Discord server.
    5. Thomas A. Anderson
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      Starting July 4th *TOMORROW I will begin hosting OP games on my MPS and possibly co-host with other Deer Trio members: We still need to do some testing, but it is safe to say that alongside classical gamemodes I will host the following game variations on my MPS:

      - OP Survival Games
      As the name implies, it is Survival games with strong weapons and armor. However, unlike the classical OPSG, the longer you make it into the game the better stuff you get. Survive as long as possible to get OP stuff.

      - Bounty Hunt Survival Games
      The game starts with a no PvP order for every player, however one of the hosts will randomly state one player that is to be hunted down in the game: The hunted player will get OP stuff to defend himself, while the player who kills the hunted player will get interesting rewards.

      - Ultra Survival Games
      Wholesome version of SG: Players are not allowed to PvP for 15 minutes and may spend that time looting chests, abusing glitches or acting goofy with one another. In the meantime you may be provided with some quirky weapons and items.

      - OP Bridges
      The Mineplex Weekend Brawl OG will be partially revived on my MPS: It is a bridges game with OP stuff like diamonds, enchantment tables and experience bottles. As a team, master the best enchantments to win the game.

      - RangerDOM
      First and foremost, the namesake of the COM: Two teams of rangers are only allowed to capture mid and fight for the position. However, there is a catch: No one is allowed to use melee: The only way you can capture, attack and defend is with your bow. Upon reaching 10k points, all players can return to their main kits and defend the center capture point in a huge final clash.

      Alongside these games, if we have enough players we will play classical gamemodes like SG, DOM, BR, Turf Wars, Micro Battles and Mixed Arcade games.

      More variations to be announced, we always working to come up with them.

      /com join RangerDOM
    6. Thomas A. Anderson
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      Important notice: My bedrock character is no longer "Alqssio", it is now named "Deer Stan"
    7. Thomas A. Anderson
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      The result of me just being transparent and publicly informing people about why I was muted in-game and dangerous manipulative tendencies in DOM is Slander and Harassment? Okay Mineplex Okay...

      Thinking I should have never returned on this server, just based off how it's treating a person who was downright slandered and harassed (and still is being taunted by this user who even gets the right to not be mentioned after all he did) Insane.

      I will kindly take your advice on never posting such content again, in fact might as well consider not posting any content ever again, as I can happily take my content elsewhere where it is more appreciated.

      It really pisses me off beyond limits that I tried to enrich this server with my ideas, with an actual will to help the community and to help Mineplex become a place with a little more life, with as much as one person can do. Yet, I get treated just like a bully while the actual bullies are getting away with it all: Still out there because they know how to abuse Mineplex's completely skewed rules and reports, applied robotically while in reality all they need to do is to be human.

      While I like the Mineplex community (for the most part) and many people in it really do deserve what I have to offer, I feel like this netork cannot sufficiently protect me from people who are malicious: Since I interact with the community often, my chances of being harassed are higher.

      I am sorry but since this network cannot account for my safety online and I cannot defend myself without getting muted or warned, I will likely leave it altogether.
    8. Thomas A. Anderson
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      Comp DOM players are scumbags. They need to realise there is more to a game than simply your stats about it. I have a lot of fun playing DOM because of the process of having a fair fight, the people I meet and the memories i re-live by playing.

      True, I am not the best DOM player and nowhere as good as I was in my prime years: I often die and run into 3v1s just to damage players so my team can do the rest or /kill to save time travelling between capture points
      does that make me a bad player? I don't think so. A bad player is, in my book, one who relies on the misfortune, mistakes and inferiority of others to have a self-esteem.
      I have been playing this game since mid 2015, used to be pretty well known in the game in 2016/2017. Seeing people calling me "not known" and lecturing me on my skill level is hilarious.

      It is also funny they call everone "randoms", whilst in reality they are stuck in their niche community of tryhards withoir ever even interacting or playing with the broader DOM community unless it is to flex. They are amusingly silent whenever they are on their own in the DOM lobby but obnoxiously toxic when in a party with their comp "friends" purposefully unbalancing DOM team skill levels.
    9. Thomas A. Anderson
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      Alright guys, so I got good news and bad news: The good news is that I MAY just get on Mineplex from time to time to play champions. The bad news is that, yes, I am still muted for 68 days and will surely not stick around in the following places: Lobbies, Block Hunt games, Public MPS, Communities and any place where I mainly talk and interact.
      I will also be much less active than before as I said, and won't be able to stick about long either.

      I have decided to return to DOM because the current event has made me motivated to sniff out any toxic person in the game. Don't call me a vigilante, but I wanna report users in the right way this time, and the fact I am muted and can't reply back really helps me with this Lol. Plus i still love champs, who am I kidding? It's a banger and fun game, unless you keep slipping over the sweat of other players :P

      In addition to that I won't be able to host any custom gamemode, so USG and RangerDOM are still disbanded.

      Regards from Neo the Deer stan.
      1. MedicSoldier
        Jun 2, 2022
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        I have seen you a few times into our lobby but always afk
        It is almost sad that you will never expirience my top tier Medic Service
        Farewell Soldier Anderson
      2. Thomas A. Anderson
        Thomas A. Anderson
        Jun 3, 2022
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        @MedicSoldier I will still play, but muted. To answer your question: I was muted because I confronted a toxic player on his behaviour, he manipulated chat and got me muted.
    10. GoldSlayer
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      Sad to see you go
      1. Thomas A. Anderson
        Thomas A. Anderson
        May 31, 2022
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        Don't worry sir, I will not be gone completely, I am still here chilling and hopping around on the Forums :D
    11. Thomas A. Anderson
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      I regret to announce that I am muted because of a completely unjust punishment that left me muted for 71 days for General Harassment.
      (user named catboyjoshua manipulated me to get evidence for a mislead report) An offense that's completely uncalled for a person like myself.

      Because of this I will be retiring from Mineplex until at least August 2022. Until then I will only get on for monthly bonuses and Closed Private MPS with friends.

      I will still be active on the forums.

      Consider the RangerDOM and USG games disbanded until further notice.
      1. Arshaad_73
        May 30, 2022
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        Sadge, As a Champs player Myself that have played it for sooooo many years, I know what it’s like. The thing I learned from these kinds of people is to instantly /ignore them. ‘Cause either way these kinds of people that are harassing or trolling are not worth the energy and time... I know ur a good person, so this is sad to see you go this soon with this reason/ expierence. And since the post you made got closed by mod... I just wanted to say goodluck with everything and hopefully see you back in the future!
      2. Thomas A. Anderson
        Thomas A. Anderson
        May 30, 2022
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        @Arshaad_73 Thank you very much for your kind words and understanding. I have been playing champs since Late 2015 but I had never experienced a game this bad in terms of toxicity: to find myself muted because of a bozo on my favorite game simply just ruined my motivation. I honestly am not a person who allows himself to be slandered and stepped on by an [redacted] without holding his ground and reporting in the meantime. I did not expect however this player was not just rude, but also manipulative to sick levels. Had I known that I would have not engaged, or at least engaged much more carefully in return to get enough evidence to report him.

        Hopefully you catch this player being a nast on DOM when you play so that you can metaphorically also add my name to the report you will submit.

        Nevertheless you have always been a very nice and warm person to speak to, I will gladly accept you as a contact on my Discord and as I said I will still be active on the forums. Feel free to drop a friend request :)
    12. Thomas A. Anderson
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      I have opened a community dedicated to my custom MPS gamemodes. The main games that we will play are Ranger DOM and Ultra Survival Games

      Quick rundown of Ranger DOM: Defend the mid capture point and kill other players as Ranger using only your bow and no sword or axe. at 10k points all players get their kits and melee back but still must only capture and defend the central capture point.

      Quick rundown of USG: Tired of getting killed whilst looting? This won't be a problem in USG: The purpose of the game is to not fight or kill anyone whilst gathering as much loot as possible until the arrival of the deathmatch, which starts approx. 1 minute after the "permanent" supply drop. To win SG: loot before all others do and don't miss chest refills and supply drops. Get the best loot and prepare for the final deathmatch.

      /com join RangerDOM to join the community and get updates when a game is being hosted.
    13. Thomas A. Anderson
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      I regret to inform you I have changed my name to "ThomasAAndeerson" because I lost a bet (again)
    14. Thomas A. Anderson
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      I made a Youtube video, however I cannot advertise it as it is filled with swears.
    15. Thomas A. Anderson
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      I lost a bet, therefore now I am Immortal for one month.
    16. Thomas A. Anderson
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      It's hard to find a normal player with average PvP skill among all these sweat egirl/eboy weirdos nowadays...
    17. Thomas A. Anderson
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      What's a better way to cameo on Mineplex after 3 years than confusing Rebel_Guy in his Survival Games live stream?
    18. Thomas A. Anderson
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      A warm greeting to anyone who stumbled upon this page either deliberately and purposefully or randomly.

      I am a former Mineplex player who was active under the names Al, Alessio, xExtra, Dqbbing and others from January 2015 to approximately April 2017, mainly in the PvP game area and before that the arcade area.

      I occasionally get on Mineplex to relive my teenage days, but don't expect me to be regularily active as I have not been so since 2017.

      As of now, I am an Arch. Engineering student in University with multiple interests in the arts of futuristic Architecture, design, fashion, classical music, storytelling and Philosophy.

      Whichever way you got here, expect activity to be sporadic.

      Past Game names:
      ThomasAAnderson (current)
      And other less permanent names...
    19. BubbleBear1
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      Happy Birthday!!
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    Arch. Engineering student with affinities and skills in the arts of Architecture, design, music, philosophy, futurism and filmmaking.

    Shameless Deer stan

    Mineplex player from January 2015 to July 2017, retired PvP tryhard. Returned in 2022 as a Custom Game and Content Creator.

    Member of the Deer Trio, Co-Founder of Deer Trio Games.​
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