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TheSilentWind Crystal
    1. TheSilentWind Crystal
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      It doesn't matter if you don't see the change from the people you tried to positively impact right now, because they may remember your words later on and be positively impacted in the future.
    2. Skittol
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      Pardner howdy there o/
      1. TheSilentWind Crystal
        TheSilentWind Crystal
        Sep 15, 2018
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        Hey, honey! I'm home <3
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    Toxicity is present anywhere in life. Whether it is in a game or in the real world. Sometimes, toxicity is caused by a misunderstanding/the heat of the moment. Other times, it may be because one may think they are better than other people for defeating them in some way.

    Let's be real, guys, you did not start out as a pro. What is the point of degrading a new player? You do not grow or learn anything from that. You should find new players as an opportunity to make new friends or learn something new. They may not be good at the thing you are good at, but I am sure they have their unique strengths and skills too. Who knows? Maybe you'll end up getting carried by them someday.

    Furthermore, I get that it is hard to hold back the heat of the moment sometimes. While it isn't your fault to feel angry, you should try to acknowledge that getting irrationally angry does not accomplish anything. Think about what you say before you say it. Is it true? Is it kind, and is it NECESSARY? If you want to get mad, maybe don't take it out on other people. I suggest saying something like "Smh".

    We are not hopeless. We have come so far in this world and are acknowledging a lot of issues in the world. It isn't an excuse to call this server or Minecraft as "just a block game". It is a community of different people. Together, we make up this community, we should unite against toxicity, and we speak out when we see it. It isn't exactly your fault if you are/were toxic without knowledge, but you should put in the effort to change that or acknowledge your mistakes when you learn. #UniteAgainstToxicity.
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