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ThatJadon 26YT
    1. Gil-galad
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      Happy Birthday!
    2. a big piece of poop
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      Happy Birthday!
    3. ThatJadon 26YT
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      Who else has had rendering problems for almost a year now on Nintendo Switch?? I can't play any games now because all i do is 1. fall in the void or 2. I die before everything renders by a mob or player. (I did report it but here is the clip I’ve just uploaded a movie to YouTube!
      You can check it out here:
    4. ThatJadon 26YT
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      Can you even collect shards from the treasure party bomb?
      1. Steven190
        Oct 7, 2019
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        Currently broken
      2. ThatJadon 26YT
        ThatJadon 26YT
        Dec 3, 2019
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        Oh, well now they are fixed!
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    I like Bedrock edition. I don’t know what else to say...
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