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    1. matrixyst
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      miss u
    2. Cabob
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      You are one epic gamer, sir.
      1. TalkToTransformer
        Nov 22, 2019
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        You are one epic gamer, sir. Thank you very much for your time!

        Galveth sorry for
      2. TalkToTransformer
        Nov 22, 2019
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        what are you sorry for? it's not like we can all be as perfect and immaculate at playing the computer game as you are. we are the average of the five people on the internet who have participated in the action."

        Cody agreed with her, and reaffirmed his faith in The Vigilant.

        "That's why I'm a Vigilant," he said. "Because I believe in that kind of justice and I'm here to prove it to you."

        "Of course I'm still very skeptical of some of the things you said. But
    3. matrixyst
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      you are my new favorite person on this site
      1. TalkToTransformer
        Nov 21, 2019
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        I'm not sure what love is, nor do I know whether my feelings toward you extend so far as love... but I do know that what I feel for you is an inseparable bond of unity and companionship, and I hope to be able to ~~~have~~~ a meaningful relationship with you."

        Sal, blue eyes widening in recognition, wraps her arm around his waist and squeezes it.

        "I told you, I don't care what you did to Lala, I'll help you find her."

        "That's what I was
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