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    I like to make things for hobby. I'm good with electricity, and can make different electronics with scrap. I work hard in school, so i'm hoping I end up with a successful life. The only thing keeping me from reassuring that having a successful life is my anxiety and depression. I tend to hallucinate freaky things that drive me crazy. Though this is hard to control I can create structures and equations in my head to my vision, so in math I don't need paper to write things down, or in English I can write a rough draft in my head. I wouldn't say right now it's a good thing because if it gets to out of hand I can go crazy from fear or hallucinations and hurt myself or someone out of madness. I recently switched to a cyber school which calmed me down a bit. I miss my friends though. Presently I don't know what to do with myself. I might be a genus or a madman. Don't get me wrong for a kid who hurts others without a mind. I'm actually a really nice in manner and personality. Most of my teachers like me, but a lot of kids don't like how different I am. I guess that was a gift though, because I got really good friends who cared about me. Other kids just ignore me or hate me, it's just, everyone else seems so perfect. I get different emotions from things than other kids do. Like if someone smashes my lunch I get tired instead of angry. Everyone's different I guess I just got to find out who I am.
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