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    1. Craftik_YT
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      Nice profile pic.
      1. SugarySenpai64
        Aug 18, 2020
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        Thank you.
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    Hello, I'm Sugary Senpai, also known as Aimi. I'm a game developer, and for anyone who doesn't want to assume, I'm female (pansexual, meaning I like all genders). I also need some more friends so for anyone who'd like to be my friend, my discord name and tag are below. I'm on discord quite often, so if you'd like to talk with me, send me a message there.

    Things I Like:
    -Food (cheesecake is my favorite)

    Other Profiles:
    Discord: Sugary Senpai#7026
    Youtube: Sugary Senpai
    Roblox: SugarySenpai64
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