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    1. Vocaloiid
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      Black egg horned demon
      1. soulhardy
        Oct 11, 2019
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        Stinky weeaboo
      2. Vocaloiid
        Oct 11, 2019
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    2. Knazamn
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      u resigned :c

      me sadsad now :c
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      2. Knazamn
        Sep 30, 2019
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        will you still plan to play on Mineplex?
      3. Knazamn
        Sep 30, 2019
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        Oh yeah- my little speech:

        Hi. I realized you resigned. I just wanted to say, good luck in the future with any of your goals, and thank you for being a staff member on Mineplex. You surely helped Mineplex grow, and squashed those bugs as a Quality Assurance member. You grew from a Trainee to a Sr.Mod. I hope you reached your goals as a staff member. You certainly helped Mineplex. Don't doubt that you did, cause you certainly did. You were a great staff member, and I give you good luck to your future. Be what you want to be, and live the life you want to live. You were a by all means a great staff member. I hope to see you in the community!
      4. soulhardy
        Sep 30, 2019
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        I’ll still play Minecraft on the weekends mostly since I’m busy with work during the weekdays.
    3. Shqdyy
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      Goodbye soul! Really going to miss you <3 Thanks for everything you did for bedrock!
    4. Evence
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      Soul noo! Thanks for everything you have done for QA and the Mineplex community. I hope to still see you around o7
    5. CipSyrianS
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      Aww @soulhardy gonna miss you! Thank you for your time and dedication to the server!
    6. Reks Nz
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      nuu why you leave me D: was a pleasure working with you, one of the best guys i know. I'm still gonna bug you haha. Hope you're doing well man
    7. ItsFree
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      You were a great person towards Mineplex and a great person all together. We are all sad to see ya go D: Thank you for everything you did!!!
    8. doeo
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    9. PieOrPi
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      Aw no :(
    10. WinteryOsprey38
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      I'm really sad to see you leave the team once again. I loved working with you & I'll miss you a ton! Best of luck in whatever you pursue in the future, thank you for everything batchie <3
    11. Wolfayy
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      Thanks for everything! <3
    12. spikecreates
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      You will be missed! <3
    13. Goudge ✦
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      It was really great getting to know you! Good luck with future endeavours, we'll certainly miss having you on the team. <3
    14. lotix
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      You will be missed, soul ;(
    15. Slipest
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      Good bye ;(
    16. CowHatake
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      Thank you for everything you did for the team <3333
    17. jxcb
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      thank you for everything you've done <3
    18. Shadow The Hedgehog
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      Farewell soulhardy ):
    19. CupAGhost
      1. CupAGhost
        Sep 27, 2019
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        Sad you resigned
  • User Minecraft Info
    About User
    Staff Information
    -Accepted as Bedrock Trainee (10/13/18)
    -Early Promotion to Bedrock Mod (11/24/18)
    -Resigned as Bedrock Mod (3/8/19)
    -Reinstated as Bedrock Mod (6/1/19)
    -Promoted to Sr.Mod (6/1/19)
    -Resigned as Bedrock Sr.Mod (9/24/19)

    Subteam Information

    -Invited to QAT (2/5/19)
    -Promoted to QA (6/1/19)
    -Accepted into RPA (7/5/19)
    -Accepted into MTT (8/13/19)
    -Resigned from QA/T (9/24/19)
    -Resigned from RPA (9/24/19)

    Game Stats Information

    -Level 100 Java (Top 300)
    -7 1k Win Games, 6.8 Million Gems, and 17.8 Million Experience on Java
    -Top 100 in Bomb Lobbers (#65), Bridges (#90), Experience Earned (#47), Holiday Cheer Title (#18), NANO Games (#95), Party Animal Title (#58), Speed UHC (Tied #85-#162), and Treasure Hunter Title (#42)
    -Level 100 Bedrock (#13)
    -Top 100 in Skyfall Teams (#4), Skyfall (#20), Skywars (#18), Survival Games (#21), and Dragons (#72) on Bedrock
    -Level 100 on both Java and Bedrock (#5)
    -Playing Java since October 2013 and Bedrock since June 2018
    “They don’t think it be like it is, but it do.”
    -Oscar Gamble
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