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    1. SenpaiEternally
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      "Sarah.. do you know what that could mean?", asked Storm. "Cold... She's a darker version of me.", replied Sarah. "I've only ever just heard of her, I never believed that she even existed. pons must know her location, or worse yet, already have her on her side." "Let's continue to pon's castle then," said AU Lisa. After traveling for around a day, our heroes finally started to see a castle in the distance. "That must be it!", exclaimed Senpai. As Senpai ran up to the castle in excitement, he was suddenly stopped by Coco. "Wait Senpai, we need a plan. We can't just run up there without one." Senpai shook his head in agreement. "What should we do then? We hardly know what to even expect from the castle." "Maybe we should send in a scout, to look over the area", suggested Strykr. "I could go look it over, just to see what to expect." "This seems like the best idea we have," replied Senpai. "We need to know our enemy before we can attack." Everyone agreed. As Strykr started to sneak down to the castle, he noticed a guard by the castle gates. It seemed to resemble John____, but he couldn't really tell. He drew his sword just to be safe, and carefully moved forward. He looked around the outside of the castle, looking for any potential threats. After seeing what he needed to see, he started to move forward back to the rest of the group. Suddenly, he was stabbed! A shadowy figure managed to stab him in the back with a knife. A few hours later, Strykr awoke in a dark room as a figure approached him. "So you're the one who thought you could sneak around my castle," said the figure. The voice was of pons. "Luckily, my friend over here caught you. Come out, Kali." Another figure walked in, that of Kali. "Kali, this is one of the people who helped kill your love, John. Have fun with him." With those words, pons walked out of the room leaving Strykr with Kali.
    2. SenpaiEternally
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      Note: just to avoid confusion, this part is a prequel telling how AU pons allied with Kali. AU pons had just received word from John____ that the enemy had found a way to recruit the other dimension versions of themselves, so she decided that she would need to find a way to combat this. She created her own version of a 'portal gun' that would take her to somewhere where she could find an ally. After going through the portal, she had found herself in front of a small house. Peeking through the windows, she saw a man and a woman. By opening the window just a smidge, she could overhear some of their conversation, most notably the woman's name. 'Kali'. Although never really dabling in other dimensional affairs until now, AU pons still had an astute knowledge of the other dimensions. She had heard of Kali, and how she was almost like an alternate Sarah, though much different in many ways. She decided that Kali would be perfect for her team, and came up with a plan to use her. She kidnapped John at night and trapped him in the dungeon of her castle, then when morning came she told Kali a lie of him being kidnapped and killed by other dimensional figures, and Kali, having no other choice, believed her. She went along with pons into her own dimension and joined her as an ally. With that out of the way, pons decided that there was one more person that would be good as an ally, herself. She opened up a portal to another dimension and found her own self, wandering in the snow.
    3. SenpaiEternally
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      It was cold and dark in the other dimension. Our heroes were lost in it the night's grasp, and decided to light a campfire to take a break. As Strykr and Senpai started work on the fire, the rest talked about what is to come. "What should we do when we get to pon's castle anyways?" asked Lisa. "That's what we hoped you would know the answer to," replied AU Angela. Suddenly, a light became clear in the distance. It grew closer and closer before it revealed itself. "Strykr"!? shouted everyone in unison. "Not just me fools, but John____ and Sly as well. You thought you could be so smart by going into another dimension huh? Well, let's just say we're one step ahead. Now, it's time to finish what we should have finished long ago!" Both AU and regular Angela and Lisa took out their bows, as Sarah took our her knife and Senpai and Strykr took our their sword. Storm used his magic to summon a lightning storm, and coco drew out a sword. Suddenly noticing the difference in numbers, the enemy jumped back in surprise. "Seems like it would actually be in our best interests to quickly retreat," said AU Strykr. "Don't worry though, this doesn't mean we've given up, hardly. See you soon, fools. The enemy had disappeared in an instant, and our heroes we're left confused. "Why would they even come in the first place if they knew that there was so many of us?", asked Coco. "I don't have a clue", replied Senpai. A light was in the distance, in the place where the enemy had been. It was on the ground, and seemed to look like a letter. Sarah walked up to it and picked it up. "What's that Sarah," asked Storm. "A letter," replied Sarah. "Well, what does it say?" "Winter falls upon the land, to kill the warm heat at hand. Heroes fight for the throne, to bring back the world of which they've known. Yet in the battle a girl will stand, to fight them for this great land. But few have still been told, that her name is 'Cold'.
    4. SenpaiEternally
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      After a crippling defeat, pons left the wasteland that was her home in search of something, anything, that could help her defeat her enemies. Suddenly, a portal opened, and pons walked out. "Do you want to get revenge?", asked AU pons. "W-what?", stammered pons in confusion. "W-who are you?" "I'm you, but from a dimension where I was victorious," replied AU pons. "I see", replied pons. "Well then, I guess my best option would be to agree." "I thank you for agreeing then, and you won't regret it," replied AU pons. AU pons then grabbed the hand of pons, and jumped into the portal. After they went through, a castle lie in front of them. It was in what seemed to be a true winter wonderland. The castle was that of AU pon's, and AU pons took pons into the castle to plan an attack on the enemy. "This is John____, Sly, and Strykr", said AU pons as she passed by them. "I know that the john, sly, and strykr of your dimension left you, to either fight for the enemy or go on their own journey." "Yes, that is correct," replied pons. "How did you even create that portal?" "What kind of technology did you use?" "Well, I have this 'portal gun', that was originally created by Lisa when she escaped the Potato War. I stole it from her when I defeated her," replied AU pons. "However, being the genius that she is, she created another one. I know this because I have recently gotten word that they have contacted the enemies in your dimension, in order to defeat me. They do not know that I have teamed up with you though. " "Well, thats great then," replied pons. "Oh yeah, one more thing," replied AU pons. "There's someone you should meet. 'Just letting you know, I've manipulated her into thinking that her 'special someone' has been killed by the enemy. When in reality, I've trapped him far into the dungeons of this castle." As the pons walked, they saw a young girl standing. "I would like you to meet...Kali."
    5. SenpaiEternally
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      "You see, in your dimension, you defeated pons!", exclaimed the girl resembling Lisa. "However, in our alternate dimension, we lost. She has now named herself to be the grand empress of the world!" "If you're me, then why do you look.. raw?", asked Lisa. "I wasn't always this way," she replied. "The last surviving raw potato cursed me and angela with this raw potato form! In your universe, you defeated him and never looked back. He tried to defeat pons, but she beat him. Even with him dead, we must still remain raw potatoes. Curses last forever." "Well then," said Strykr. "How do you suppose we could even defeat pons?" "I don't know," replied AU Lisa. " That's why we came to find you." "I see," replied Sarah quietly. "Also, in your dimension, Strykr was with pons but joined the fight of the good, as with Sly.," said AU Lisa. "However, he still remains evil along with Sly and John____ in our dimension." "S-so you are telling me I am going to have to fight myself?!?!," exclaimed Strykr. "We could still, maybe, bring him over to the side of good," replied AU Lisa. "Well then, I guess there really is no reason to be wasting time now is there?", said Angela. "Let's head into that portal and defeat pons, once again!" Everyone else cheered in unison, and then jumped straight into the portal. On this wintry, cold night, their adventure began. However, much farther away, lie another portal. A mysterious figure walked towards it, and one figure walked out of it and began speaking. "Hello." "Want to get revenge?" The other figure was confused at first, but then saw their face. A face of evil, manipulation, conquering. They saw their face. The face... of pons.
    6. SenpaiEternally
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      Before I begin this wintry tale, I would just like to explain some things. First off, this story does technically take place in the same universe as the other story, though it is acting like pons has already been defeated. Also, Storm never really made an appearance in the original story, (he did make a little one, at the end though I guess) but in this story, he is with everyone else, as is Strykr. Alright, Let's Begin! It was a cold winter night. The Potato House lay out in the freezing snow, yet there was warmth of wintry joy inside. The Potato Sisters were making gingerbread cookies for the group, with everyone else tuning in to the news to see the Announcer, Micheal. "I hope you are all enjoying this cold night," he said. "It's absolutely freezing out there, but I'm sure everyone is still making the most out of it. We've also been hearing reports of some sort of an an interdimensional portal being opened over by the old Potato House, but it's probably just some sort of weird rumor." "What?!?", everyone yelled in complete unison. "Well, we've got to go check that out!", yelled Senpai. "Yeah, come on everyone!" replied Storm. Coco looked up blankly from her notebook and nodded in silence. With that, everyone agreed to go at least see what it could even be, if it exists at all. Bringing some of the gingerbread cookies with them, they set out into the cold night to try and find this portal. They saw something strange in the distance, a glowing purple circle of sorts. "This must be it!," exclaimed Angela. When they approached the portal, they saw a group of individuals standing beside it. "W-who are they," Senpai said in a mild fear. As they got closer, they noticed that the people were.. them! A girl resembling Lisa walked up and said but one thing. "We need your help."
    7. SenpaiEternally
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      A New Beginning...
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