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    1. Samysrski
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      Back on the Mineplex Cake Wars Duos grind
      100 wins in 3 weeks ⁉️
      If any of y'all wanna play, just let me know :p
    2. Samysrski
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    3. Cepheus
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      your profile is so underrated, you have a high Mineplex level, you make nice posts, you take time to make long wall posts about cake wars, you've posted videos here, it's all very awesome yet nobody comments on it and says how epic it is :(
    4. Samysrski
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      Just a little suggestion for Cake Wars!

      Hello! :)

      This post is just a little suggestion for Cake Wars item purshasing system on Bedrock Edition.

      So as we all know, to purchase items on Cake Wars, we have to interact with the villagers to see the list of the items we can buy.

      To buy an item, you have to move your cursor/joystick down to the item you wanna buy and click it. Once you bought your item, you get back to the first item. (In the brick shop for example, you'll go back to the wool.

      Well you see, this can be a pretty annoying feature sometimes. To buy arrows for example. It's very annoying to go back EVERY time to the arrows to buy a couple of them (and they are at the end of the list too lol)

      So the thing I'm suggesting is:

      When you buy an item from a shop, instead of going back to the first item, can we make it that the item that has been bought lately is selected?

      It would solve the arrow buying problems.

      Anyways, that's it! Bye :)
    5. Samysrski
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      Finally! I've been rushing Cake Wars Duos leaderboard for a while now, and I've recently passed the 100 wins! I'm so happy :)
      I made a video on it! Check it out if you have the time, I've spent A LOT of time on it, so watching it would help me out so much :)


    6. Samysrski
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      This is my first post on the Mineplex forum, and I don't know why I haven't posted for this long since I play A LOT of Mineplex '^^

      Anyways, let me introduce myself!

      IGN: Samysrski
      Minecraft Edition: Bedrock
      Console: PlayStation 4, and I use a classic PlayStation4 controller
      Main Game on Mineplex: Cakewars Duos. I want to be on the leaderboard, but y'know, playing with randoms ain't the best and we all know it '^^ Contact me via the Mineplex forum (here) or in the official Mineplex Discord server! (You'll probably find me easily) (currently at 82 wins)

      That's it! :)


      Now for my first post, I wanted to do something chill and quick, so I decided to record a Skywars Solo game of mine. It's not my main game, so I aplogize for the skill :(
      I still think I did a good job though :)
      Here's the video! Thank you for reading the post, and enjoy :)

      (oh and i'm french btw, that might explain my bad english and the name of the items)
    7. Samysrski
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      Okay I noticed this bug on a Cake Wars Duos map recently and I decided to post it here. I think the issue's that since you cannot place blocks on a point (emerald or central), you also cannnot place a block in one of the blocks that are in proximity of the point. Which is really annoying when you want to bridge. I don't know if I made myself clear, but anyway, here's the clip:

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    :mineplex: ----------_ LEVEL 60 REACHED _----------:mineplex:

    I am Samysr, but you can call me Samy :)
    I am a boy who lives in France.
    I am a Bedrock Edition Mineplex player who mainly plays Cake Wars Duos. The objective is to hit the leaderboard, so believe in me! One day you'll maybe see me on the leaderboard...
    I have a YouTube channel where I sometimes share my gameplay and my grind, so if you are interested you can always check the videos out!
    I have a Discord which I use to talk in the Mineplex official server to talk to new people and just have fun :)
    I work as a French Translator for Mineplex (TT Subteam) ‍
    That's it for me! Hope we can get along and be friends :) Leave a message on my wall before going! It would be much appreciated ❤
    ✴ Cake Wars Duos Wins: 406 ✴

    -ily <3-
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