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    1. Saigul2
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    2. Paladise
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      Do you own a pet duck o_O
      1. Saigul2
        Oct 15, 2020
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        oof. no
    3. Saigul2
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      This is a little late but I've recently got level 100 (around 2 weeks ago). Thank you all for playing with me and helping me reach this accomplishment! Though it is very unlikely, my next goal is to become staff on the server. Again, thanks to everyone and have a great day!
      1. scarlet
        Jul 8, 2020
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        good luck!
      2. Paladise
        Aug 7, 2020
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        Good luck!
    4. ISleptOnMyKeyboard
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      Happy bday (late) and grats on 100
    5. scarlet
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      happy birthday :)
    6. Saigul2
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      I've recently earned level 80 on Mineplex Java Edition! I thank all you guys for playing with me. It took a lot of work (over 3 years!) to get this far! My next milestone is level 100. Probably another 2 years or so lol!
      1. coralines
        Dec 7, 2018
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        Best of luck!
    7. Saigul2
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      Hey! I'm Sam and I live in the United States! I'm 16 years old (currently in 9th grade) and I love beaches, palm trees, riding my bike, animals, pizza, track-and-field, and tennis! If you run into me in-game don't be scared to say hello or even friend me! I am hoping to become a better person and be a better sport on Mineplex. I am also hoping to join the staff team to put forth my ideas and improve the server little at a time! My birthday is on April 28. I love bundt cakes as well. -Sam (A.K.A. Saigul)
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    Hi! I'm Sam and I am 17 years old! I love Minecraft and meeting new people! I also love writing and enjoy riding my bike. I live in the United States. My birthday is April 28! I hope to join the Mineplex staff team to be more helpful!
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