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    1. romvnly
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      i am happy my reports were dealt with
    2. romvnly
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      mineplex is infested with cheaters
    Not following anybody.
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    I am a software developer utilizing JS.

    I have created successful Minecraft servers before, without any kind of panel like noobs need.

    I am opinionated, however, I am always willing to listen.

    Very chill. Been playing Mineplex for years, and just now got an RTX laptop that can record with ease. I've passed numerous applications in the past whether it's different games such as ROBLOX before for some of the biggest Star Wars groups to be ranked a high rank. I also have management skills.

    I'm gonna be straight with you guys here. I came here because I needed to report 12 hackers. I stayed for the chill community and mods. Supposedly they need more mods. I'm happy to help out with the forums and such. I'm really trying my hardest to adapt to the forums. The only thing keeping me sane with using the forums is the fact I use web Discord so it doesn't feel so bad. It's definitely a learning curve for sure.

    For PC reasons, if anyone is worried about my Homelander profile picture, don't. It's a meme, plus Anthony Star is king.
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