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    1. Reflexx_420
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      Hi, I’ve recently been looking on the forums. But I’ve wanted to know. Does becoming a staff member (after being a trainee) link over the the Mineplex server and I build or make sure that everyone is playing the server the best they can. Getting rid of hackers or answering questions someone may have. So my question is. Would I have responsibilities in game as on the forums?
      1. coralines
        Sep 21, 2020
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        Forum moderation is restricted to forum moderators / forum ninjas (sr.mods). To become fm, you need to apply when apps are open, however you have to reach the moderator rank first. As for fn, that is acquired through a promotion with successful activity and standards as fm. Everything is explained in the FAQ though, in the support section (also in this google doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mxXzliwJ2FgZrruutDqIBrxS2uKnPnNBlcRBqdt8UKw ). I would highly recommend getting more comfortable with internal knowledge before applying for staff though, as these topics will be daily questions to answer, and you have to know the answer.
    2. Reflexx_420
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      Hi. I play on Mineplex on my Xbox. I’ve linked my account and received the gift of a imperial create. My question is. Can I be come a mod. Or trial for mod on Xbox and is it free
      1. scarlet
        Sep 20, 2020
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        you can apply at apply.mineplex.com
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