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Red Pikmin
    1. Baymax
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    2. Red Pikmin
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      Magnolia Trees are really pretty. It'd look good in our front yard but they get way too big.
    3. Red Pikmin
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      Happy birthday, Self!
    4. Red Pikmin
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      Got an account on here. I mean, I don't know how much I'll use it but okay.
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    Hiya, my name's Red Pikmin but you can just call me Red/Alph (Space calls me Alph). Anyways, I wrote that one fanfic that everyone probably forgot about by now. Also, my main games on Mineplex are Castle Siege (formerly) and Block Hunt (Hunter Main). However, if there are people on I will become a parasite and join their game because I have no friends.
    Kk ty for viewing this. (You like the colors? I do ;) )
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